The keto diet: “My plan is to keep on doing it for the rest of my life”


Before and after

In spite of careful treatment by a physician, Asif’s type 2 diabetes was getting worse. He recognized that he needed to do something about it urgently.

Thankfully, a couple of occurences sparked his interest in the keto diet. Could it be a solution when everything else had failed?

The email

It all started when I visited doctor during last week of January 2017 to discuss my diabetes-control progress, a blood sample was taken and the HbA1c result showed a number of 8.34% (68 mmol/mol), I was already on medication so these were the words of doctor while looking at the report “The treatment is not working, I need to change the medication.”

I went into shock for a few seconds thinking I have been taking the meds as per his prescription and now he tells me that treatment is not working, the only word that caught my attention that time was “CHANGE”. I took the new meds he prescribed from the pharmacy and came back home, started thinking about my diabetic parents and their retrogression from taking meds to injecting insulin over last 20 years, I was already seeing my near future taking the same route, started googling for diabetes reversal and came across a YouTube video of yours where you were explaining the benefits of eating fat and giving up bread.

I had some idea as I already 10 years back did Atkins to get into shape for my wedding. The week after I watched your video I met a close friend of mine. I was meeting him after a gap of two months and was shocked to see the amount of fat he had shredded, in fact I had to ask him if he has been sick lately or something. He told me that he has signed up with online nutritionist who help him with KETO diet plans, my doctor’s word “CHANGE” and your YouTube video message was already motivating me to take the first step and after seeing this friend I didn’t waste a single minute.

I signed up too with this online nutritionist, this company is called SQUATS, it’s an Indian-based company who offers such services online and great promoter of a low-carb diet.

Anyways, I started my journey on the 2nd of February, my weight was 101 kg (223 lbs), I was diabetic since 2013, hypertensive for almost 10 years, was on medication for both type 2 diabetes and hypertension, the nutritionist put me on two weeks DETOX plan followed by a very-structured KETO Plan, I started going to the gym four times per week, stopped taking both meds as I was monitoring it on a daily basis at home and was seeing the progress already.

Signed up on your page to make my meals interesting and learn more about KETO, intermittent fasting and diabetes reversal. Fast forward four months, I went to doctor, did my HbA1c and the report was showing 5.3% (34 mmol/mol), yes I said to myself, this thing is working, no meds whatsoever – just strict adherence to the diet plan, training and results will follow.

Right now I am 84 kg (185 lbs), BF% has been reduced from 39% to 27%, I am going to be 41 years old in October and this thing is nowhere close to be over. My plan is to keep on doing it for the rest of my life, for now the target is to bring down the BF% to 20% in next 2 months.

Thank you, Dr. Andreas, for inspiring me, thank you for speaking the truth, thank you for doing this for a cause bigger than just making money.

Best regards,


Congratulations, Asif to your fantastic success!

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