“Now, here I am eights months later and 63 pounds lighter”


Before and after

Keep reading if you want to know how Ashley lost 63 lbs (29 kg) and reversed her type 2 diabetes in only eight months!


I started a LCHF diet after visiting Diet Doctor’s website. I began in May 2016 right after Mother’s Day. My starting weight was 240 lbs (109 kg)… Today I weigh in at 177 lbs (80 kg)!!!

Living a low-carb life really came easy to me. In the first 10 days I dropped 13 lbs (6 kg). I honestly thought something was going wrong! This actually was my biggest motivation to continue. I saw such quick results so I just keep doing it. I don’t do any exercise, although I have been contemplating starting.

Now, here I am eight months later and 63 lbs lighter (29 kg). I am no longer diabetic, so no more shots for me! I have been featured in my work’s monthly newsletter because of the dramatic difference. I’ve heard about a lot of people losing large amounts of weight on low-carb diets and I finally became one of them. I’ve become a “success story”… and I’m just a regular, normal, down home person.

I have no dietician or exercise trainer, or any other extraordinary help. It came very easy to me to give up rice, potatoes, pasta, and bread. I eat very small amounts of those things now, like pizza, cereal and Mexican food but I don’t go to the extreme. So this is my story and if I can do it so can you – just sayin’, LOL!



What a fantastic success story Ashley! Congratulations!

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  1. Alan
    Congratulations Ashley, that's an amazing achievement. You look happy and much healthier :-)
  2. Cathy
    Good For YOU! You look wonderful. That is an amazing accomplishment.
  3. vanessa
    Wow!!! way to go Ashley, you look great i'm so happy to hear that you've been able to
    discontinue Insulin. keep up the great work. Vanessa

    PS. can you please email me, you and i have the same body type
    and i need a pep talk on hitting your macros. I'm so confused about the amount of
    protein i should be eating. thanks. vcwsharp@aol.com

  4. Tamarah
    Go Ashley !!! great transformation !

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