“All this is possible while enjoying bacon and eggs”

Before and after

Before and after

Tash had attempted to starve herself throughout her adult life in efforts to lose weight. Regardless, her weight just kept increasing. She even ended up with a diagnosis of prediabetes, despite only being 30 years old!

Desperate to find a solution, she came across Dr. Jason Fung and Diet Doctor.

Soon she started doing the exact opposite of what every doctor had told her before. This is what happened:

The E-mail

My story is like so many others. I have always suffered from being overweight. I’ve starved myself most of my adult life on calorie-restricted diets, and exercised myself into multiple injuries as my body broke down under stress. And every time I got depressingly heavier. What goes down, must come up; especially when you’ve fought your body! I was an avid carb and sugar lover; at least now I can understand why.

A diagnosis of prediabetes before Christmas saw me on the road to pharmaceuticals, at 30! I was given my options, ultimately; I was told I needed to lose weight to get my sugar under control. The side effects of the drugs that were offered scared me so much! After a little research, I came across Dr. Jason Fung’s work, which led me to Diet Doctor.

To say these changed my life forever is an understatement. I’m nearly 4 months in, and I have just tipped the scale of a loss of 50 lbs (23 kg)! I had my bloods repeated two months in to low-carb and IF, and my blood sugars had dropped from 11 mmol/l (198 mg/dl), to the 4’s (72 mg/dl); my HbA1c came back at 5%; my insulin – it started at 38, and dropped to 9 in two MONTHS (under 5 is optimal, over 15 is terrible)! I am absolutely amazed that all this is possible while enjoying bacon and eggs, and a cheesecake with friends on a Saturday night!

All of this, with no exercise. I decided to spend those months focussing solely on nutrition and some meditation. I’ve not counted calories, or macros; that’s why this can be a forever way of eating. It’s meant that I can eat to hunger, eat until full, and not feel at all deprived! I don’t have to obsess over numbers, something I never thought I’d EVER be able to do! No willpower required, that exhaustible resource that will never win out over our biology. The liberation! All by doing the opposite of what every doctor has told me to do.

That’s the difference with this WOE, it’s completely adaptable to my life, I’m not counting down the ’12-week challenge’ to get back to normal eating, this IS normal eating!

My weight loss has slowed in the past month, it was never my main priority though, reversing my blood sugars was; the weight is a by-product. I’m still in the obese BMI category, so I have no doubt more weight will come off over time, as my body heals. At this point, I’m so overjoyed that I’ve reversed those factors that saw me heading to reliance on Pharma, and an early grave.

Dietdoctor is an amazing resource in the LCHF community, thank you Andreas, for having such a straightforward, accessible way to gain this information! People like Dr Jason Fung, Dr Ted Naiman, Gary Taubes, Dr Sarah Hallberg to name a few, have radically changed the direction of my, and my family’s life. I’m forever grateful for their wealth of knowledge!



Congratulations on the truly great results, Tash!

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