“I came across your website & you saved my life”

Ani and his kids

Ani and his kids

Ani feared he would not live long enough to raise his kids. He had “the whole package” according to his doctor: Type 2 diabetes and just about every kind of risk factor for a heart attack, despite being only 43 years old.

His doctors just wanted to add ever more medication. But Ani went searching frantically online for a cure, as he wanted to live. And then he came across this website.

What happened next – in just a few weeks – surprised both Ani and his doctor:

The Email

Greetings from India!

My name is Aniruddha Bhaduri (Ani for short), 43 year-old male living in New Delhi. I have been suffering from type 2 diabetes since 2004, along with GERD, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high cholesterols with low HDL; (my doctor says “the whole package”).

For the last 10 years I underwent continuous oral medications and my doctor (endocrinologist) repeatedly insisted in the last 3 years that I start taking insulin shots which I refused. Also, my dietician for diabetes management advised me with a food chart to follow, which had so much of carbs in it, like rice, roti, dahl, biscuits, oats, etc. I was taking the following medicines everyday:

1 tab Rabeprazole 20 mg
1 tab Glizid-M (Gliclazide 80 mg and Metformin 500 mg) in the morning
1 tab Galvus MET (Vildagliptin 50 / Metformin 500) after dinner
1 tab Telmisartan 20 mg after breakfast

My doctor also prescribed Tonact-TG (10 mg Atorvastatin / Fenofibrate 160 mg), which I stopped taking 6 months back after I read about the negative effects of Statin drugs.

I had been monitoring my blood sugar irregularly and on the 22th of Jan 2015 on a sudden random check after dinner (2 hours) found it to be very high at 353 mg/dl. The levels showed high too during random checks for the next 4 days. I really got alarmed and went for a blood test on 3rd of March at a lab for FBS, PP, HbA1c and Lipids. The results were as follows:

Health markers in March 2015

Health markers in March 2015

Looking at the TG/HDL ratio, I panicked. I feared for my life, I have 2 kids (a daughter of 7 years and a son of 1 year) and felt that I may die of heart attack anytime now and won’t be able to raise them.

However, I did not go to my doctor then, as I knew that she would insist me to take insulin shots immediately, and this was something I did not want to do. I started to look up the internet and searched frantically for a cure for diabetes, as I want to live. AND THEN I CAME ACROSS YOUR WEBSITE & YOU SAVED MY LIFE.

I learned about LCHF and studied vividly and watched almost all the videos I came across and told my wife that “carb” was the hidden evil in my food and not fat that we feared. I set off immediately on a Low Carb and High Fat diet and did my grocery shopping for March 2015 accordingly. I strictly followed the diet being guided all through by your advice on your website. I have been measuring my blood sugar levels almost regularly and it came down from that high level to an average of 97 mg/dl.

At the end of one month, on 4th of April 2015, my blood pressure was normal and I repeated all my blood tests and the results were a pleasant surprise:

Health markers in April 2015

Health markers in April 2015

Just one month’s LCHF diet was a huge success to reduce diabetes! I was so happy after 10 long years. Though I know that I have miles to go, but this gave me a great motivation and I now aim to eliminate diabetes. I had trusted your guidance and I was not let down.

Well, I did another blood test for LFT & KFT the next day and fixed an appointment with my doctor for the 7th of April, 2015.

My endocrinologist was very surprised at my sudden improvement. However, I did not disclose to her about the LCHF magic, as I felt she would not understand and rather admonish me for consuming fat. Still, she looked at my markers and said “All looks good. Are you starving, as you lost weight?”

She, however, reduced and changed my blood sugar medicines and said she would further reduce it if my results were still improving after the next 4 months. However, she scolded me for not taking Statins as my LDL was up and said that I must take Rosutec (Rosuvastatin 10 mg) as my arteries are getting scales! Well, I am not listening to her on statins even now, nevertheless.

This is the whole story so far. I was feeling helpless because everyone told me that diabetes is a progressive (towards death) disease with organ failures, but they were so wrong.

I wish to follow LCHF for the rest of my life, even if it is a bit expensive in India. My wife says that she will also follow this diet just to stay healthy and also for the kids. I have stopped giving them “Paediasure” and “Cerelac” and started giving them real food.

My test results along with copy of my prescriptions are attached for your observation. My family photos are attached.

I once again thank you for saving my life. You have actually done a revolution in this world and will save millions of lives from untimely death in the process. I earnestly feel that you certainly deserve the Nobel Prize for your service to mankind. My heartfelt congratulations and best of wishes to you!

Kindly keep in touch.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,


Lab tests 150303 / Lab tests 150404 / Blood sugar records


Congratulations on your fantastic success, Ani!

I wish you all luck, and if you want to send in another report in a few months time that would be fantastic. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to hear how you do in the future.

Regarding a Nobel Prize there’s not much chance, as I’m only spreading other people’s ideas. In fact these ideas have been working for hundreds of years already. But thanks anyway!

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  1. Dan
    It's regrettable that mainstream advice is the opposite of what will really help millions with Type 2 diabetes. Your family are lucky you found Andreas.

    When all you numbers are stable, you're off the medication and you know beyond any doubt you're in a better place than you would've been (I don't doubt it by the way) then you must tell your physician regardless of their immediate conclusions.

    It's also sad that western greed for pharmaceutical profit has blinded even spiritual India to these false conclusions in the name of money!

  2. Mislam
    What kind of LCHF foods are available in south Asia because I dont see any cheese butter commercially in India, bangladesh or if its available then may be in few big cities. Then what will be the option for rural areas people specially in Bangladesh. I wanted to give these tips but my aunt said these LCHF foods are not available there.
    Can you please suggest if any ?
    Reply: #4
  3. Jim
    @Mislam, I don't really know the cuisine of Bangladesh, but you don't need milk products to do LCHF. There are no special LCHF foods - everything is fine, as long as it's low in carbs, high in fat and preferably not much processed.

    You can eat *all* kinds of meat - but prefer the fatty parts. Eggs and fish are fine. Don't eat much lean meat! Always make sure you get at least as much (ideally: twice as much) fat as you get lean protein.

    There is no upper limit of fat consumption, but don't overconsume protein. Protein is not for energy, but to satisfy the body's need in building material for enzymes, muscle and other tissues. About 1 gram of protein (~4 grams of meat) per kilogram body mass and day is plenty.

    Alls kinds of non-starchy vegetables are fine. Starchy ones (like root vegetables) only in moderation. Don't eat sweet fruits or tubers (potatoes etc.).

    Coconut oil, butter/ghee, lard/tallow and virgin olive oil is fine. Those are fats are ideal to satisfy your energy needs. Most nuts are fine, but take care of your omega 3/6 ratio. Omega 3s are found in the fat (and eggs and milk) of fish and grass fed animals. Grain fed animals obviously are omega 3 deficient themselves...

    Some seeds like flaxseed and chia also contribute plant omega 3s. Mustard oil probably is not too bad also, just like rapeseed oil - as long as they are unrefined (chemical extraction is bad). Sesame and peanut oil is too high in omega 6.

  4. Lori Miller
    I'd think paneer, ghee, coconut products, chicken and fish would be readily available in Bangladesh. Fresh green vegetables, too. Since you're in a rural area, do you have a place where you can raise chickens for meat and eggs and grow a garden?
  5. Gail
    Thank you for sharing your story Ani, you are such an inspiration, your family must be very proud of you. I'm impressed with the short time it took to see suc h amazing results.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing your next results in a few months time.

    All the best,

    Reply: #20
  6. Forrest Fleming
    "I earnestly feel that you certainly deserve the Nobel Prize for your service to mankind."

    godamn! Andreas, you and all of the other wonderful individuals who support this way of life are truly amazing.

  7. Cindy C
    Hi Ani,

    Are insects available there? Can you raise crickets? Do the doctors there do much checking for Rickets/vitamin D deficiency? In some countries, and cultures, the high cereals in the diet, the dress, avoiding the sun, the high amount of fluoride in the water can cause a lack of D, and calcium. Compounding the problem for some is moving to the UK and other countries where there is a lack of sun exposure. Those countries are having a major increase in diabetes as well.



  8. Michelle
    What a great story. I would be interested to read how they are changing the recipes, I love cauliflower rice but I would like to see how they roll in India.

    Keep up the good work, your wife might even have a cook book there!

  9. Sarah
    It's great to know fellow Indians also adopting this. I have been trying to do this since over a year. But in a country where vegetarianism (read "eating mostly rice, roti, potatoes, pulses") is a way of life, it is hard to find people who don't get shocked seeing what I eat. And many (esp those who did not know me earlier or about the 10kgs I lost over the last year) even point out that this kind of eating habit is the reason why I'm fat :) I'm stuck at a plateau now and still have 8-10kgs more to lose. Trying out IF to restart the weight loss.
    Reply: #10
  10. BobM
    Sarah, I also stalled and am trying IF (fasting two days per week, not eating until I get home after work on each of those days). It has helped, and I find I do not make up the calories on the days I do eat. I tried IF in the hope it would make me less insulin resistant. Unfortunately, I do not know whether I'm changing my insulin resistance or just eating fewer calories.

    Another thing I've done is eat less protein and more fat. For instance, I've cut the number of eggs I eat at a sitting from three to two. If I need more calories, I drink a "bullet proof" coffee or tea, which is where you add butter and coconut oil to the coffee or tea and mix it in a mixer.

    I'm still exercising three times per week, an hour at a time.

    My wife has tried IF with me, but it's much harder for her. She's around worse food all day long with the kids and her monthly cycle seems to affect her ability to fast.

    Even in the US, people who are on high fat diets are looked at as pariahs. When I add fat to my tea at work, people cannot believe I'm doing it. It's also difficult to find a lot of fat. Meat is trimmed of fat (and now comes without bones). I've taken to buying 1/2 cows or pigs grown at a local farm. I get all the fat and the heart, livers, etc.

    Replies: #13, #14
  11. Alan
    Nice work Aniruddha! It sure helps to have dietdoctor as well as critical thinking skills.

    Ronesh Sinha, MD wrote a LCHF book for a South Asian audience:

    My wife is from India and we eat Indian food frequently. I eat and cook mostly Indian vegetable dishes (garden greens lately made into saag) and meats (venison, fish, lamb, bison, etc) spiced. I think Indian spices are phenomenally tasty. We fry in homemade ghee from grass fed cow butter. Other fats include: coconut oil and cream, butter, cream, avocado, olive oil (eaten raw), cheese (not much paneer but I eat cheese frequently).

  12. Alan
    We also make homemade yogurt every week from a grass fed cow. The cream is thick and yellow now that the cow is eating diverse greens.
  13. Zepp
    I wouldnt cut the eggs, rather increse them.. if you want more fat to protein ratio!

    Eggs are typical 63E% fat, whitout ading any butter or majo!


    Its better to get the fat frome eggs+butter/majo, then you get a lot of nutrients to.

  14. Lori Miller
    Re: women and intermittent fasting. According to what I've read, there's been little research on this. But anecdotally, some women do have a hard time with it and a bad reaction to it (myself included). And even Islam doesn't require women to fast during Ramadan on their period. Your wife might try reducing dairy, since some dairy spikes insulin.
  15. Frances Lilian
    Superb! (thank you for sharing Ani). The grin on your daughter's face says so much...
    Reply: #22
  16. Subra
    Hi Anirud,

    Congratulations! Nice to see another fellow Indian following LCHF lifestyle and is successful controlling blood sugar. I have been following LCHF since January 2015 after I was diagnosed pre-diabetic (HbA1c of 5.9). I have not run HbA1c test in the last 4 months after following LCHF though Accucheck gives a very good fasting blood sugar rating of mostly lower than 100 but higher post meal blood sugar reading of 130-180. I eat about 30-40 gms of carb at lunch and sometimes at dinner too. Breakfast is 2-3 eggs with plenty of oil and lard and sometimes with bone/fish broth. Occasionally I am fasting for 16-20 hours with just one black coffee, 1 Tsp of coconut oil and one cup of bone broth. Was doing exercise through cycling long distances but recently switched to resistance after I lost weight and lean body mass in cycling.

    Yes, following LCHF diet in India is very difficult as family, friends and colleagues advise against fat, oil, meat and eggs. But they reluctantly approve my lifestyle after having seen reduction of my body weight by 10Kg and waist fat by 4 inches within 3 months of following LCHF. My wife is still worried that my Cholesterol could be high because my oil intake is very high. I consume at least 3 litres or almost a gallon oil every month, which is equivalent to a supply of 1000 calories a day. She has been insisting me to take another blood test.

    During the first 8 weeks, I reduced at 1 Kg (2.2lb) every week and then it plateaued to just 1Kg a month for the next two months. Now I am focusing on restoring my muscles by daily resistance exercise. I could see the reduction of both subcutaneous fat and visceral fat and growth of muscles, keeping the weight constant at 69-70Kg (152-154lb). I am waiting to take next blood test after I restart my bicycling exercises.

  17. Sarah
    Yes BobM, IF seems to be helping. But I do tend to fall off the diet on weekends when dining with family. I guess I was eating too much protein earlier. After IF for 22-24 hrs twice a week, my stomach seems to have shrunk and I can't eat as much as I ate before. I also began dousing all my food in coconut oil. Actually, if you remove the wheat, rice, potatoes from staple Indian diet, there are lots of delicious LCHF-friendly dishes in Indian cuisine. However, I'm open to experimentation and do try to include other cuisines as well to our daily fare esp if they are LCHF friendly. I like bullet-proof coffee with a spoonful of ghee instead of the coconut oil :) Not sure if it can be still be called the same.

    Subra, I had my blood cholesterol checked twice since I went on the diet and my numbers look good, in fact, better than what it was before I started the diet. As long as you get rid of the sunflower/rice-bran/vegetable oils, that are commonly used in India in the pretext of good heart-health, and switch to the good old oils like coconut, mustard, ghee, butter, etc, you should be fine.

  18. G2
    I have been following the LCHF diet on and off for the last 2 years or so. I do like to control my carbs as much as possible but am not strict as I was last year. This web site has been an inspiration to my journey into good health.
    Last week, after my test results, the doctor asked me to come off the diabetic medication altogether as my numbers was very good. We will monitor this again in 3 months and if the number is same or less I will come off the diabetic meds altogether. Yippee. I am not going to be lax on this diet at all but continue in the current low carb diet. I am now looking adding resistant carbs to my diet although the science is not very clear on the benefit of these carbs.

    The only downside of the test was that the LDL was a bit higher than the normal range. As doctors go, She wanted to prescribe me the statin drug. We agreed that to monitor this until the next test in 3 months. Now to work on reducing LDL.

  19. Cassandra
    Nothing of any substance to add here save for the joy I get thinking about Ani's improved health and extended years to be there for his beautiful children. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations.
    Reply: #21
  20. Ani
    Thanks Gail
  21. Ani
    Thanks Cassandra
  22. Ani
    I will surely get back with another report in a few months’ time! And I can see the effects on me, improving with every passing day!!!
  23. Khalida Manzoor
    What do you do when you have a fatty liver? Surely high fats would aggravate it? I have terrible pain in my right side.
    Reply: #25
  24. Zepp
    Its LCHF and fasting for fatty liver!

    "Curbing carbohydrates is more effective than cutting calories for individuals who want to quickly reduce the amount of fat in their liver, report UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers."


    If its NAFLD.. its becuse of high glycemic load/hyperinsulinemia.. its the same way one make fatty goose liver.. force feeding grains!

  25. donna
    I have recently signed up as a member but don't know how to log on to site can you please email me with directions. Thanks
    Reply: #27
  26. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Just emailed you.
  27. Mohit agrawal
    The story of Ani is good but can't be digested, in March 15 Hba1c levels were 7.2 and in April 15 it had come down to 5.7. We know Hba1c calculates average of 3 months therefore the months considered in teport of 4th April wer Jan Feb Mar. He started diet in March. Jan and Feb average was 7.2, thus to reach 5.7 his levels in March should have been 2.6 i.e. hypoglycaemia and no one can live normal with such low glucose.
    Reply: #29
  28. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    It's not quite an average over three months, the last month has more impact than the first one.

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