“Hello LCHF – goodbye type 2 diabetes”


Yet another story from a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic, who’s doing the opposite of what the health care system recommends and quickly improves his health dramatically:


Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, after having had morning blood sugar levels around 300 mg/dl (17 mmol/l), as self-monitored at home. Changed my diet to low-carb and my blood sugar levels are now consistently below 125 mg/dl (7 mmol/l), and most often at 90-105 mg/dl (5-6 mmol/l). I want to let you know that your website has given me proper information that I would have missed otherwise…

All the best, and thank you.

Magnus Karlsson

I congratulated him and asked if I could share his story on my blog.

Yes, of course!

I am very happy with the results of the diet. Two weeks ago I was 255 lbs (116 kg) and today I’m 242 lbs (110 kg).

Magnus also noted his fasting blood glucose numbers each day when he started. Do you want to see?

Two weeks with type 2 diabetes, where I completely changed to an LCHF diet has produced the following fasting blood glucose results. Started out with high numbers that look really good towards the end.

306 mg/dl (17.0 mmol/l)

252 (14.0)

198 (11.0)

198 (11.0)

140 (7.8)

97 (5.4)

97 (5.4)

108 (6.0)

110 (6.1)

124 (6.9)

missed a day

88 (4.9)

101 (5.6)

88 (4.9)

This result from just changing my diet, and I have also lost a few pounds, which doesn’t make things any worse. Now I just have to maintain these low levels and live with my new diet.

I ended up on Diet Doctor through a friend, who has given me a lot of information on how this works. At the same time I’m finding stories from others, who have been where I am now.

A Strong Start

Going from abnormally high blood sugar levels, that are eating away at the body’s blood vessels, to a completely normal blood sugar. Great work, Magnus!



The other week Magnus updated his story on how he’s doing. Note that a nurse actually mentioned LCHF to him. Things are moving along, even within the health care system:

When 16 days ago, I was given the pleasure to live the rest of my life with type 2 diabetes I didn’t know much about this. I didn’t receive any further information on lifestyle except that a nurse said that LCHF might be my thing and if I eat right I can live with the disease. Around the same time I met Roger Marberg, who gave me really good advice in the very first days on how and what to eat and recommended following the DietDoctor’s website, chock-full of advice. Now, 16 days later, my morning blood sugar stays around 90 mg/dl (5 mmol/l) every morning and I have more energy than I’ve had in many years, as my sleeping has improved.

With exercise and a new diet even this old, tired body has awakened and my clothes are starting to be a little loose after more than 15 lbs (7 kg) have melted away. My goal is to reach below 220 lbs (100 kg) before Christmas, and I will make it happen. On my latest birthday I was 258 lbs (117 kg) and it’s embarrassing to think about how I didn’t take care of myself for so many years.


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  1. FrankG
    Good for you Magnus! Such a dramatic change in your BG numbers and it seems, in your outlook!

    It is so very encouraging that we are now at the stage where you heard about the LCHF approach (even as just an option) from a friend but even more encouragingly from an health care professional! And so early after diagnosis.

    It can be daunting at first (Type 2 diagnosed in March 2003) but it looks as if you are off to a great start!

  2. DonnaE
    My brother had the same results. Unfortunately, he didn't stick with LCHF, and he has regained most of his weight and now controls the diabetes with metformin. I think adherence to LCHF is far easier than adherence to low-fat starvation diets, but it can still be a challenge for some people.
  3. Marg
    I wonder if Magnus is on medication as well as changing his diet? If you're metabolically challenged with insulin resistance, it's more difficult to lose weight than if you're not metabolically challenged. Did his doctor put him on metformin anyway? I wonder.
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  4. Bill
    He does say, in his piece, that the results are from diet alone.
  5. Zepp
    I cant read anywhere that he is on medication.. his diabetes was just diagnosed!

    And if anybody want to talk to him self.. in France.. he got a B&B!


  6. Dana
    You are challenged on fat loss (which is what you're really trying to lose, not just "weight") with insulin resistance because your insulin also tends to be high. The reason LCHF works in these cases is you are eating to lower your insulin level, which allows stored fat to be burned. This is not something you can do as easily with high-carb, low-fat, which tends to aggravate the insulin resistance problem.
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  7. Zepp
    And to that.. its comon that diabetics have a bad regulation and cooperation betwen insulin and glukagon.. then your body give you hypoglycemia.. and glukagon make it hyperglycemia.. a merry go round!

    Its there Metformin do its jobb!

  8. Jan
    To me LCHF is a lifestyle not diet. My husband a Type 2 diabetic has reduced his blood sugars by fully embracing this lifestyle. Reading other blogs and forums many other Type 2 and Type 1 diabetics, also use this lifestyle to improve their health and keep blood sugar readings at a low level.

    I am not a medical person and can only state what I have found and what friends have told me. Obviously if you have any underlying health issues these may need to be taken into consideration*.

    But it would appear the health benefits it can bring to all,diabetic or not ,is getting far wider appeal now.

    Congratulations to Magnus, and all others that have good LCHF news to share.

    If you are reading this and haven't tried the change it can make - why not give it a try*.

    Keep spreading the word

    All the best Jan

  9. hazel
    I also have embraced LCHF. I do not have diabetes, I have kidney disease caused by high blood pressure . Since changing my diet I have lost some weight not a lot but I have been able to reduce my medication by half. Note I have not increased my protein (kidneys) but have reduced carbs and increased fat. I feel good and my husband loves that we are eating fat again and he has lost 10 kilos.
  10. hazel
    Kidney Clinic and GP still promoting low fat high carb...
  11. paulc
    Since diagnosed 18 months ago, I'm now 189 lb having dropped 54lb...

    the weight fell ONLY when I switched to LCHF. While following the official dietary advice from the NHS (The notorious Eatwell plate with it's massive amount of heart healthy "complex" carbs and also minimum fat content), my weight was still creeping up and my sugars were way too high. I wouldn't have known about my sugars still being an issue if I hadn't bought myself my own meter and strips, the NHS refusing to prescribe them for me in what I consider to be a stupidly short-sighted budgetary decision. The evidence that my sugars were still not under control is what caused me to seek out advice on diabetic forums that were NOT toeing the NHS party line with their advice. Dr. Briffa's book "Escape the Diet Trap" helped massively along with Jenny Ruhl's "Blood Sugar 101, What They Don't Tell You About Diabetes". I would consider the official advice given to me by the NHS to be dangerous and completely wrong.

    My fasting BS is now 5.4... it was over 9 at the start... During the day, I can have readings as low as 4.6 before meals and only 5.5 2 hours after..

    My doctor is amazed by my results as the HbA1c and my weight loss doesn't lie, but he's not sure about the long term as he considers it to be a "fad diet" and unsafe for more than a few months.

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  12. Graham_LCHF
    Well done Magnus!


    Your experience with the NHS echos mine in so many ways. The 'official' advice they give people with T2 diabetes is actually making the condition worse. Ditto on the testing strips etc.

    I've been doing LCHF (without exercise - which I do plan to get into) for 6 months.

    The results - HbA1c started at 11.6 - it's now down to 6.7; I lost around 7-8kg (still have around 14kg to lose); my HDL went up (it had been very low at diagnosis), liver function improved, etc.

    Basically LCHF has only had a positive impact on my health but 99% of people working in the NHS are either ignorant of this approach or are pro-actively hostile to LCHF.

    This 'dietary fat = ultimate evil' mythology still rules the mindset of the NHS sadly.

  13. Heather
    Congratulations, Magnus! Impressive results! I have found that the weight keeps coming off with time and by sticking to the LCHF diet. Here's to beating your Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis!
  14. Martin G.
    Hey PaulC:

    I had a very similar experience. I tried a lowfat diet and found myself chugging coffee and energy drinks to stay awake at work. I was napping often. Felt pretty awful and succumbed to eating sweets or bad food often.

    After a 5 month stall at 250lbs in November 2012 I decided to go LCHF. Today I am 188lbs (My peak weight was 300lbs, goal is 150lbs). My starting A1C was 7.1% and I brought it down to 5.1%. I was diagnosed about 21 months ago with Type II diabetes. My doctor declared me disease free last month.

  15. Eric Anderson
    More evidence for FAT every day. Eric

    High Blood Sugar Makes Alzheimer’s Plaque More Toxic to the Brain

    High blood-sugar levels, such as those linked with Type 2 diabetes, make beta amyloid protein associated with Alzheimer's disease dramatically more toxic to cells lining blood vessels in the brain, according to a new Tulane University study published in latest issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.

  16. alan
    no bread along that dish of goodies?..
  17. eddy
    Today for me is a workout day , a few hours in the gym, so I started out right
    I made a three egg omelette with a 2tsp of butter, 3 tablespoons of cheddar cheese and some precooked broccoli, with two peaces of crispy bacon and as a small bonus for myself I had one piece of whole wheat bread made by a local German Bakery buttered with real butter.

    I do not suffer from gluten allergies or celiac disease or any other allergies which would exempt me from this choice. I enjoy carbs in moderation. I say moderation. I do not live in the extremes and would have a difficult time adhering to any type of diet that became oppressively restrictive.

    So now I go off to enjoy my workout on a well energized breakfast. I read somewhere in the morning Eat like a king, in the afternoon eat like a prince and in the evening eat like a pauper. Not bad advice.

    Reply: #19
  18. craig castanet
    Wow. what a wonderful website. this democratization of information via the internet can change and undo damage so fast. but Dr. sinatra is right. the old doctors may have to die, to improve medicine. and the young doctors will probably grow a brain and change their dogma. websites like this are creating the critical mass to change the world. the statin drug companies are afraid. get ready for the p.r. machines to come after the lchf proponents.
  19. bill
    Because without that bit of toast your:

    "...three egg omelette with a 2tsp of butter, 3 tablespoons of cheddar cheese and some precooked broccoli, with two peaces of crispy bacon..."

    would be so:

    "...oppressively restrictive."

    As I said, just go away eddy.

  20. Sophie
    This plate looks absolutely delicious.

    You really don't miss bread once you shed the habit.

  21. Dee
    Hi, i am in the UK. i was diagnosed type 2 about 2 and half years ago. i also have various other conditions like IBS, Asthma,COPD,spinal spondylosis, and over 6 yrs ago was hospitalised with what they thought was a heart attack,which I was then told was a warning NOT a HA. now being told by new drs at my GPs surgery ,going by letters etc from that hospital that it WAS a HA. yes i know confusing.my type 2 was treated by diet alone. i had stopped smoking while in hospital (still dont smoke now) and went upto 14stone over the nerxt 18months. after being diagnosed type2 ive slowly lost weight till im 12st. )9lbs less than when i came out of hospital)and for a year (upto last xmas) my fasting bloods were below 7, sometimes as low as 3.5. then for 4 different reasons ,from last september to boxing day, i had to take steroids 1 course of 6 tablets a day for between 4 & 7 days.each month ...for 4 months. most of the courses pushed my FBS up to around 7.5 to 8 but the last lot sent them up to over 12. i was devastated.thanks to that and in spite of the doc/diabetic team at my surgery, agreeing it was the steroids that pushed my FBS up so much,they have insisted on me going on metformin SR 1 tablet twice a day. ....because they dont know what my bloods are doing the rest of the day.... my doc said.i retorted no you wont because you wont give me the strips to find out...i can only just afford those for my fasting blood sugar to be done.. but they would rather fill my body with chemicals before giving me the test strips. they dont think a type 2 needs to test. is what i get from them. i find their attitude completely ridiculous. how will they know if my type 2 is reversed? do they care? they will just say its the metformin doing it.ive been told i should forget about the steroids pushing it up. how can i when the next time i get a chest infection ill be bunged on them yet again.it is so frustrating and i find myself getting so angry which wont do my blood pressure any good. this diet though, i can understand why it works. while my bloods were so high and whilst waiting for the steroids to get out of my system, one GP told me to eat a low carb diet. i tried... and could not keep my eyes open at all. plus felt lousy too. so thought sod this, and upped my carbs more. and almost immediately i stopped being so tired. today, i had 2 slices weight watchers wholemeal bread with benecol margerine on them. 1 cup of decaf tea (I have acid reflux so drink decaf drinks)sweetener and skimmed milk. plus 1 slice honeydew melon. for breakfast. lunch was a tin of big soup chicken and veg with 2 slices weight watchers white bread .no marg. and 1 small banana. all afternoon ive been dropping asleep. till at about 5pm i gave in and had an hours nap. i appreciate that at 71 i am GOING to feel a bit tired but this was beyond normal tiredness. but whats the point of following this diet above if the docs are intent on being in big pharma's pockets and keeping us on metformin etc even if , as i feel, there should be no need of it. my daughter says im obsessed with this. but i feel its my body and as such should be allowed to study my conditions myself (I was a nurse years ago so comes naturally to me anyway)and how they make me feel so i can take informed decisions on what should/should not happen to my body and what should/should not be put into it.my FBS this morning was 5.1. its been back below 7 again since a few weeks before i was put on metformin. was on 1 tablet daily for 3 weeks. was put to 2 yesterday.but because my Hb1Ac had shot up to 81 (was 61 previous to that) and included the months i was on steroids with high BS's, they feel its necessary. whereas i would be happy to take metformin while on and for a few weeks after, taking steroids, i dont see why i should need to be on them permanently. is my reasoning correct?or am i just being a stubborn old woman?
  22. Gerald Scheuermann
    I am trying LCHF diet. Not sure about all of the terms like WOE. What is a WOE?
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  23. Zepp
    Its not a LCHF terminology.. its often means distress!


    Read this instead.. in plain english!


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  24. Gazelle
    Magnus- Thank you so much for sharing your story. I, too, was given the pleasure of living with Diabetes, type 2 this week- one day before Thanksgiving. I was so scared when I heard the doctors words, I sat in the parking lot in shock for about an hour before I could drive home. I have been a frequent reader here on the site for almost a year but always found some excuse for not actually starting the LCHF diet. If I had started eating this lifestyle a year ago I probably could have avoided this wonderful diagnosis. I am so inspired by your story, It made me feel like I could beat this. I have my first doctors visit with the endocrinologist in 2 weeks and Im hoping that I will be able to report numbers similar to yours and avoid beginning medication.


  25. Margaret Christy
    I have been on LCHF for 2days blood sugar levels down to 5-2 5-6 normally 8 to 9
  26. Jade
    Hi there, can anyone give me some more info on lchf lifestyle for type 2 diabetic that doesn't need to lose any more weight? In fact, would appreciate any info on lchf and putting on weight for type 2 diabetic :) thanks in advance
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  28. Roberta Mazzoni
    Hi, ihave been doing the hflc Keto diet for 4 wks. now. I am diabetic,am 74 yrs old. I'm terribly frustrated at the fact that I have not lost a single pound.However, what is very good news,is my blood sugar has dropped to low 100's,and I went of the metformin myself just to see if it was for real. but I can't figure out why no weight loss.HELP Roberta
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  29. Jenn
    Second link is broken.
    Reply: #30
  30. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Jenn!

    Try this one instead_

    Second link is broken.

  31. Maryvonne
    Hi Roberta,

    I've just started this myself, but from what I understand even though the blood sugar comes down, you are still very insulin resistant which makes it hard to get at the fat and so you don't lose weight. It takes a long time to reverse the insulin resistance.

    I am 66 and going through the same thing and I've been on LCHF diets for years. I always stopped after awhile and went moderate low carb because I didn't lose any weight and got so discouraged. Even now, it is very, very slow, but I have started intermittant fasting and I hope this will make a difference. Keep trying and maybe add some fasting and see if it makes a difference!

    As I said, I am new at this so if I am giving wrong information, please someone chime in with the correct advice.

  32. Lisa
    In this lifestyle, WOE means Way Of Eating.
  33. John
    I came home from work. My glucose level was 121. I ate some celery with cheese and some Salami. 1.5 hours later I checked my levels again and it was 156? WTH?

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