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Another Dramatic Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes


Here’s another really fast and dramatic reversal of type 2 diabetes. In eight months, this patient of Dr. Simon Tobin reversed his diabetes and put his HbA1C into a perfectly normal range. Well done!

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How Fasting Reverses Type 2 Diabetes


While many consider type 2 diabetes (T2D) irreversible, fasting has been long known to cure diabetes. In our previous post, we considered bariatric surgery. While extreme, these surgeries have proven the point that the metabolic abnormalities that underlie T2D (hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance) can be fully reversible even after a few short weeks.

Many early studies were done with the heavy-duty Roux-en-Y surgery, which is the heavyweight champions of surgeries. The best weight loss. The most complications. This is the surgery that has ‘Go Big or Go Home’ tattooed on its massive bicep.

surgerycuresdiabetes5But even milder forms of bariatric surgery show the same reversibility of T2D. A gastric band is essentially a belt implanted around your stomach. The surgeon keeps tightening the belt so that you can’t eat. If you try to eat too much, you’ll puke it all back up. Lovely. It ain’t pretty, but it sure does work. Again, long term results are kind of iffy, but short term results are pretty good.

The results of gastric banding versus medical treatment showed a significant and pretty damn good drop in their fasting blood sugars. In other words, their T2D was reversing in a b-i-g way. Those given medicines alone basically stayed the same. They were no better than before.

Gastric banding a 500 pound patient will still reverse 20 years of diabesity within weeks. One of the main questions is why? There are many hypotheses, but essentially, it is the sudden severe restriction of all calories that causes this beneficial effect. This is the same thing as the time tested, ancient healing tradition of fasting. Fasting is the voluntary restriction of food for religious, health or other purposes (eg. hunger strikes). Is bariatrics simply a surgically enforced fast? The short answer is yes. Continue Reading →


The 2 Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes

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Why is the conventional treatment of type 2 diabetes an utter failure? Why do we consider it normal that everyone is getting sicker while on conventional treatment? Simple. It’s because we’re treating this common disease completely backwards.

Fortunately, there is one doctor who can explain this complicated subject in a remarkably simple to understand and even entertaining way: the Canadian nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung. Here’s another treat for everyone who wants more of his piercing insights.

Watch it

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The 2 Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes – Dr. Jason Fung

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LCHF and Diabetes: Science and Clinical Experience

4.8 out of 5 stars5 stars82%4 stars13%3 stars1%2 stars1%1 star0%52 ratings1,172 viewsWhat is the root of the problem in type 2 diabetes? And knowing this, how can we treat it?

Dr. Eric Westman is one of the true pioneers of LCHF, and has treated patients successfully with it for decades. In this presentation, he talks about his experiences, the science behind it, and a practical guide to reverse type 2 diabetes.

Watch it

Watch a new 2-minute highlight above (transcript). The full 46-minute presentation is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

LCHF and Diabetes: Science and Clinical Experience – Dr. Eric Westman

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Fiona Godlee: Pushing Diabetic Patients to Take Insulin Is a “Medical Scam”

Fiona Godlee

Fiona Godlee

Pushing people with type 2 diabetes to take insulin, rather than tackling the underlying lifestyle factors is a medical scam, according to BMJ editor in chief Fiona Godlee:

To put patients on insulin is a big push by industry and the doctors who in turn are influenced by the industry.

The Economic Times: Pushing Diabetics to Take Insulin Is a Medical Scam: Fiona Godlee

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Should This Be Served at a Diabetes Conference?

Sugar, carbs and... sugar

Sugar, carbs and… sugar

These pictures were taken by a reader who attended the ‘Diabetes Epidemic in California – What Can Cities Do?‘ conference.

For a start, they might consider not serving and promoting high-carb foods that send people’s and blood sugar levels on a roller coaster…

Unfortunately, these conference organizers are far from alone in being clueless about the main cause of the type 2 diabetes epidemic. Check the links below for other hilarious or sad examples.

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How to Make Diseases Disappear – Dr. Chatterjee’s Awesome TEDx Talk

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee can make common chronic diseases disappear, like type 2 diabetes. In this awesome new TEDx talk he shares how. It’s not about prescribing drugs – they can usually only cure acute diseases.

To cure chronic diseases we need to target the core reasons that people got the disease in the first place. So there’s nothing “magic” about what Dr. Chatterjee is suggesting – it’s something any doctor could do. If they knew how. But sadly, almost no doctors learn how to do it.

I think everyone should watch this 18-minute talk, it’s truly great. Please feel free to share it!

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“My Doctor Is Very Impressed!”


Low carb often has a great impact on people’s health and weight. Here’s an e-mail I received from a newsletter subscriber recently:

Dear Andreas,

Glad to hear from you. Have been on your diet for six months as well as 16/8 fast and have great results. Have lost 12 kg (26 lbs) in weight (never before!). Glucose level is now an average of 4.9 mmol/l (88 mg/dl) – down from 6.5 mmol/l (117 mg/dl).

All my blood work is perfect! And still drinking 3-4 bottles of red wine per week! My doctor is very impressed! Thank you for giving me the correct information to change my life for the better.

Warmest regards,

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“I’ve Had a Fantastic Journey”

Before and after

Before and after

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Andy came home with a bag full of pills and a booklet that suggested that he could keep eating carbs and sweet things.

But Andy decided to do some research on his own, and stumbled upon a few experts within the low-carb sphere, and decided to dive in to the LCHF lifestyle: Continue Reading →


“My Doctor Could Not Believe It”


We are always very happy to hear from our readers, especially when we’ve played a role in improving their health, as in this brief amazing story from Ed:

Hi there.

51-year old male. Was diagnosed six months ago with type 2 diabetes and with an A1c at 11.6. I was put on metformin by my doctor, 500 mg x 2 daily. I was really confused about the next steps of my life.

Then I came across your site and felt that I should try it. I went on the very extreme 20/30 grams of carbs LCHF and a few days ago I did my blood work, my doctor could not believe it. I have lost 42 pounds (19 kg), A1c is 4.9, HDL is 89, all the numbers are fantastic same as you… Dr. Andreas

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