Keto success story: “I can tell you it has been a Godsend to me”


Everything has gotten better since Tim went on the keto diet; he looks better, feels better, and has reversed his type 2 diabetes naturally. Absolutely fantastic!

In this success story, he writes about what it was like to get his health back:

Tim’s story

I have adopted a new lifestyle. This lifestyle is low-carbohydrate high-(“good”) fat (LCHF). I am never hungry, and I don’t have cravings for junkie foods like chips and candy bars because I am virtually satisfied all the time. I find myself going for long periods of time without a need or desire to eat. Now, I am only eating once a day, so I go from the evening meal to the evening meal the next day without hunger. I have to admit that some days I will have a few macadamia nuts for a snack.

Some may try to say that the LCHF diet is unsafe. Even so, many who came before me can attest to the fact that everything has actually gotten better, and some have been on the lifestyle for 40 years or more. There will always be naysayers that want to rain on the parade for one reason or another. I can tell you it has been a Godsend to me. I look better; I feel better, and the diabetes has been reversed with absolutely NO drugs.

I was determined to get off all the drugs which I had been prescribed. I understand now that doctors are taught to prescribe drugs to address health issues. Doctors are trained to address symptoms, NOT causes! They do not have the time to address lifestyle changes to restore health. Since they only get a very small fraction of nutritional training (some doctors have said as a little as four hours) I don’t think their nutritional advice carries much weight, and dietitians are indoctrinated to follow the guidelines they have been trained to suggest.

For some, the change will come too late. I pray that you are not one of those too late to get the help you need. There are a number of medical professionals who are joining the cause to stop obesity and diabetes by suggesting the LCHF lifestyle. I can tell you from personal experience that there is an answer to obesity and the plague of diabetes, and it does not include starving yourself or taking massive amounts of drugs.


Tim’s website


Thanks for sharing your remarkable transformation with us Tim. I agree with you. When I was in medical school, type 2 diabetes was not a condition we could cure with nutrition. It was a condition we could only manage with drugs. That seems ridiculous now, especially with so many amazing stories like yours. Keep up the great work!
/ Dr. Bret Scher, MD


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