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Neil visited his doctor for a routine check up, and came back home in shock. His blood sugar was worse than ever, and his doctor consequently wanted to prescribe more medication for his type 2 diabetes. Instead, Neil decided to take back control of his life and health.

After searching on the internet for ways to lower his blood sugar naturally, he found Diet Doctor and decided to change his way of eating drastically to real LCHF food:

The E-mail

Just over six months ago I came across dietdoctor.com and it has changed my life!

On February 12th, 2016, I visited my doctor for my 90-day check up (had a stent installed nine years ago, so every three months I go in), and he reviewed my blood work, I was crushed, my HbA1C was 7.2 and glucose was 150 mg/dl. I was terrified, as my doctor was ready to prescribe more medication to combat my rising blood numbers. I refused the new script, as I am already on metformin. I decided to take control of my life!

I have always been heavy, I have a big build and big bones, I have never ever been thin, but, you have to play the cards God deals you :) But, I am also a huge foodie and love to try anything new and different, this is a bad combination and most certainly was becoming deadly. Also, I was experiencing neuropathy in my legs, feet and hands. After googling “how to change my blood sugar naturally” for several days I found this site… thank god.

I read every story that was available. I found that nearly everyone was just like me. I signed up and took the “2-week challenge“. I was astonished, I went through the keto flu, I drank more water than I ever had (still do!) and lost 12 lbs (5.4 kg), all without feeling hungry or counting calories. This is the first time in my adult life and doing many different diets, that I was actually successful!

On February the 22nd 2016, I weighed in at 325 lbs (147 kg), I have never shared this information :P On August 22nd 2016, six months of strict LCHF (less than 20 g carbs), I am down to 285 lbs (129 kg) and all this time, I am not hungry, not counting calories nor exercising (a fat man’s dream lifestyle!!!).

I will continue this lifestyle (it is NOT a diet) and I have not decided on a goal weight, but I will know when I reach it.

Now, the follow up, I visited my doctor, on August the 12th 2016 … HbA1c 6.0, glucose 112 mg/dl, total cholesterol is now 152 (!!!) down from 275.

I can not enough express my gratitude for this website, its members and advice and recipes, I visit here regularly and shall continue,


Congratulations, Neil, on your success!

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