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  1. Ian
    Dear Diet Doctor Team,
    I have been prompted by my wife to share my short story on this forum, so here goes:
    I’m a 52 year old Male who has never paid any attention to my health but I’ve had no health problem to be concerned about either.
    In June this year I had to complete an annual medical exam for the Company I work for. I assumed I would just pass it like all the previous Medicals I have done. I was only hoping they didn’t give me the Queen’s College Step Test again because nowadays I have one knee that is not too flash.
    After the Medical all was good except the blood test showed high blood glucose. So they booked me in to do more tests. The Doctor reviewing the results of these extra tests told me that he was very sorry but I was a Type 2 Diabetic and I would have to start treatment for it. He prescribed me Metformin and sent me to a Dietitian to get a diet plan.
    The diet plan I received included, eating at regular intervals, bread at every meal, uncooked vegies, no fats or oils, low salt, and no more than 200grams of lean meat per day.
    After 3 days of starving and feeling nauseous from the tablets I started looking for an alternative science. This is when is when I found the Diet Doctor website and started re-educating myself. Before the first week of being diagnoses was over, I had stopped taking the tablets and the diet and started eating LCHF food instead.
    That is now 8 weeks ago.
    In the interim between today and when I started, my wife and I did a two week long motorcycle trip through very hot and dry Bulgaria and Romania. The temptation of ice cold beer and new foods that I hadn’t experienced before got the better of me and I strayed from the LCHF diet for most of the trip. I am back on it now but the 8 weeks period needs to be considered as 6 -7 weeks to be fair in reviewing the results of my progress. I returned to the Doctor yesterday for the 2 months follow up examination.
    Here are a summary of the results from both tests
    Date 16/06/15 18/08/15
    Weight 107.8kgs 91.9kgs
    B/P 145/90 125/80
    BMI 33.8 29
    Fasting BGL 158 86
    Non-fasting BGL 212 134
    BUN 39 31
    Creatinin 0.9 0.7
    Triglycerides 433 149
    Cholesterol 222 195
    Chol. HDL 46 48
    Chol. LDL incalculable 117.2
    WBC 9.5 8.1
    RBC 4.33 4.74

    I don’t have much of an idea what most of the results mean but I did research about the ones listed above. Unless I’m getting wrong info, it appears that pretty much everything is better in the second test when compared to the first.
    I asked the Doctor if I was still a Diabetic. He laughed and said it was too early to tell. He did say that I was losing too much weight and I should slow down. I asked what indication was there that my weight loss was too rapid, he carefully compared the two lists of results again but in the end couldn’t find anything to support his recommendation. I asked what indicators in the results showed him that I was still a Diabetic and again he couldn’t show or explain why to me.
    Despite this lack of acceptance, I have decided to introduce myself as an Ex-Diabetic from now on anyway. Might even get a T shirt made.
    Today I feel really really good. Even though I didn’t have any complaints two months ago I still feel better somehow. Maybe just not carrying a 15kg dead weight with me everywhere I go is part of that.
    Going forward, I will keep to the LCHF food to get rid of more excess baggage down to whatever weight that I end up being, naturally. I have no target weight to hit and I don’t care if my end weight is correct or not according to the BMI index.
    I will still drink the local beers and eat the local foods in any far flung places that I may visit and most importantly I will probably now live longer to visit more of those interesting places.
    Initially everyone who I told I was a Diabetic all said how sorry they were, ‘what bad news’ and similar such statements.
    But in reality it has been the best thing that has happened to me in years. I am truly blessed.
    Had I not had access to the resources that Diet Doctor and other similar groups have provided it would have been a very different outcome. I would have been stuck on the Medical merry-go-round getting fatter and more diseased.
    So thank you from the bottom of my heart and all power to you guys for doing what you do.


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  2. Ian, great work and congratulations on your achievements!

    We at Team DietDoctor would love to share your story to inspire others. Do you want to send us two great pictures (before and after) and your story to

  3. June
    Thank you for your testimony. I agree with you - finding out that I was diabetic has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  4. Lynda
    Wow! What a fabulous testimony to the health value of eating LCHF. I'm now on this journey myself as I was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic and given the usual nonsense advice to "avoid sugar and eat low fat". And told, of course, that this was a progressive disease and that most people went on to develop full-fledged diabetes. The advice my doctor gave me was that the best way I could help myself was to "lose weight".

    I am so grateful for websites such as The Diet Doctor which is full of so much good information and wonderful testimonies. Very motivational. Good on you, Ian!!

  5. Alice
    Hi all
    I am starting my first day on lchf diet after 30 days on intermittent fasting 19:5.
    As I did not record my weight when I started IF on the 30th December 2015, I can't say if I have lost any weight. My current weight is 85.5kg and I am 5.1f tall. I was diagnosed in 2003 t2 during my daughters pregnancy but didn't fully understand what this meant so naturally did not take it seriously. Furthermore, I was under the misguided perception that the medication will cure me! How wrong I have been.
    In December I had what I will describe as my worse crisis ever. I woke up with intense headache- although I have had these before, this was the worst. My bsl was 15.9mmol. At the time I was on metformin 2 tabs twice daily and attavastatin 1 tab daily. I also developed severe thrush. The first doctor I saw didn't think the thrush was connected to diabetes but a reaction to menopause as I seem to be entering that stage in life (48 years). She put me on a cream don't recall the name.
    After a week with no improvement I insisted on seeing another doctor who checked my records and announced that my previous test showed a significant rise in my hba1c was high ( taken some 6 months or so before that date)
    I was immediately placed on an additional tablet as I had refused to be started on insulin although told was was had experienced some complications including constant pain and numbness in the legs, pains under my feet and blurred visions.
    That was my trigger. I started researching seriously and came across dr fung's videos. I never thought I could fast but glad to say I have done 30 days and counting. I must say it's harder after 12 mid day as although I get very hungry, I am able to focus more and my mind is very clear. I have more energy and when it's time to break my fast I don't feel hungry at all.
    My plan is to start on lchf from tomorrow in an aim to loss 3 stones in the year and hopefully reduce my medication or stop talking them. My bmi is 37.1.
    What would e suggest as I best way to incorporate both methods with my goal in mind.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated
  6. art
    how can i watch the complete vidio by dr ron rosedale
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  7. If you are a member then you can watch it here:

    how can i watch the complete vidio by dr ron rosedale

  8. Alistair
    Hi there -

    I'm actually using my husband Alistair's log in to post this issue.

    We have been following the LCHF diet for just over three weeks now. Alistair is tall and (at the moment) 69kg which I think is probably too thin to be honest. He was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes around 14 years ago, and of course, was given the standard protocol to follow.

    It didn't take us long to figure out that bread, pasta and the likes just sent his insulin readings skywards, so we devised our own eating plan, organic meats, green smoothies (very low sugar), salads, etc. The thing that was missing was the fats.

    So, in the last three weeks we have embraced the LCHF diet and I believe we are following it religiously. But, we can't get his sugar readings into the single -figure range, which is very frustrating for him.

    I'm wondering if you might have some suggestions to turn this around.

    Many thanks,


  9. Luz
    Please could we have lots more information about Type 1 and how best to live with it . ? The LCHF has been a real break-through for me as a Type 1, I just feel that its effects on Type 1 should be analysed as thoroughly as its effects on Type 2, and on obesity with and without diabetes.
  10. Luz
    Great presentation on Type 1 and complications. Please could you find research on the psychological effects of Type 1 and/or Type 2 diabetes and strategies for dealing with burnout and/or rejection of proper self-care. I have a sense that LCHF, exercise, IF are all helpful in these situations, but would like to hear an acknowledgement of burnout as a symptom, rather than as a failing on the part of the patient or doctor.

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