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John’s progress

John experienced amazing benefits on a low-carb high-fat diet already when he started in August. As more time has passed things just keep getting better! Here’s an update to his previously sent-in success story:

The email

Good afternoon, Dr. Andreas,

I started LCHF last August and quickly shared my story with you. It has such an amazing effect on me. I thought you might like a small update.

I’ve since had three diabetes tests which nicely show the effects of LCHF on diabetes. The first test was taken the day after I started, with a reading of 87 mmol/mol, then 37 mmol/mol three months later and finally 32 mmol/mol three months after that. I’ve attached an image showing the results.

I’ve also attached a progress photo, which I didn’t really have when I contacted you last. In the first image I’m wearing a 5XL tee shirt, the last mage is a 2XL.

At my last diabetic check the nurse was very interested in my results and how I achieved them, apparently it’s rare to see such a drop. So I explained the Diet Doctor methodology to her and pointed her at your website. I’m rather hoping she’ll pass it on to her other patients.

Thank you again for your amazing site, it has transformed my life. The mental clarity it’s given me has directly led to a promotion at work, the physical change has reversed my type 2 diabetes and reduced my weight by 70 lbs (31 kg) and I’m happier than I’ve been in my adult life.

Thanks to you and all the team,


Congratulations John – I’m very glad to hear that LCHF works so fantastically for you!

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