A heart attack was their wake-up call

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After his wife’s dramatic heart event, Chris Pattinson started searching for a way to keep the condition in check using diet and lifestyle. And on the way, he ended up transforming his own health. Here is his inspiring story.

Watch a part of the interview above (transcript). The full video is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

A Heart Attack Was Their Wake-Up Call – Chris Pattinson

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  1. Noel
    Hi doctor Fung... I have been trying intermittent fasting and egg fasting for the last 2 months and have dropped close to 10 kilos . However I have been dealing with a Gout attack over the last couple of weeks. I wonder if there is a link between the fasting, weight loss and Gout
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  2. Keith
    Dr Andreas Eenfeld has a page on gout here.


    Quote -

    "Short term studies show a temporary rise in uric acid during the first few weeks when starting a strict (i.e. keto) low-carb diet. This effect seems to disappear after about six weeks, with uric acid returning to baseline or even lower."

    I believe questions to Dr Fung can be asked in the experts section.

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