How to reverse diabetes and lose 93 pounds without hunger

Before and after

Before and after

What an amazing transformation. Peter struggled for a long time with his weight. He tried every possible diet but always ended up failing because of how ravenous he felt while on them.

At 32, Peter was told he had type 2 diabetes. And, the advice he received after being diagnosed only made things worse.

Finally, out of desperation, Peter searched for dietary resources on Google. That’s when he found Diet Doctor. Here’s what happened:

Peter’s story

Hi Diet Doctor!

First of all, I would like to thank you for all you are doing. The information you and others share were life saving for me.

My name is Peter Szombati and I live in Transylvania, Romania and this is my story. I was a normal-weight child and had normal weight until my early 20s, when I weighed about 185 pounds (85 kilos). Then I started to work at a place were I had to sit a lot and started to ignore homemade food and opted for fast food and soft drinks.

From 185 pounds (85 kilos) in my early 20s, I went to 309 pounds (140 kilos) at 25. It didn’t get any better even though I have tried every possible diet. I always lost some weight but put it all back on in the next months because I was always hungry.

Eventually, when I turned 32, my blood results showed I was a type 2 diabetic. I was always tired, was sweating a lot, was always thirsty etc. My doctor gave me a “type 2 diabetic” guide book. I still have it today, even though it is rubbish. The first picture you see when you open the book is that deceiving food pyramid.

Anyway, I started to live like the food pyramid says (no more coca cola, but orange juice, whole grain breads, low-fat stuff) and my diabetes got worse, I got fatter and more tired than I was before.

Now the problem was that I am also married and have two little boys and a beautiful wife and had no physical or mental power for the entire time. This went on like this until May 2014, with a lot of stress because the way I looked (stress for me) and the way I felt (always tired). In March 2014 my doctor told me that my metformin was no longer enough (taken for 2 years), so that he would have to put me on insulin soon.

I have an aunt who has had type 2 diabetes for some years and she was on insulin and that scared the hell out of me. I didn’t like to poke my fingers all day long for my blood-sugar testing, and now I was going to take insulin shots all the time, and that for life?! I was scared and my weight was at 317 pounds (144 kilos.)

After meeting with my doctor I went home and researched (without a lot of optimism, because the doctor told me diabetes type 2 is for life, I should get used to it) first on google. I was surprised how much info I found by the first hit. Then I started to select the info I found and read day and night. I could not stop reading and the information I found (from you and other professors and doctors) was impressive.

I had started my journey, skeptical but with a positive mind, because I had always liked real food in my past, I just had got disconnected from it for some reasons…

In my first month I lost 22 pounds (10 kilos). I know, it was water. But I also measured my blood glucose levels every day (about 6 times) and realized after just 2 weeks of LCHF that I didnt need the medication anymore, my blood glucose levels went down from 185 (with metformin) to 75 – 90 (with food). My mental and physical energy went from -100 to +500. Since then I am so fit, I guess I never was like this before.

My diet is a very strict LCHF. I’m now a year into my new life and I have lost 93 pounds (42 kilos), I always have energy and am an active husband and father. I found a new passion, I cook together with my wife really delicious foods. I could not have imagined doing this before.

In the past I also had severe sleep apnea and stressful snoring. All is gone. My blood results have all improved. I’m including some before and after pictures.

Thank you for informing people. I also inform by giving the information to my friends, family and to all the people I meet who mention they would like to change. My biggest dream is to become an LCHF-registered nutritionist some day, because I love to speak and spread the truth.

I have watched all your posted videos on this theme, but also the ones of Dr. Volek and Dr. Attia. All are very impressive works on health of humanity and I just hope that the message gets through to people.

With all my respect,



What a fantastic success story Peter, congratulations and best of luck in helping others!

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  2. Stephen
    Congratulations Peter. It is amazing what can be accomplished with a proper diet, isn't it? It would be very interesting to know the reaction of your doctors to your transformation from sickness into health. You would think they would be very interested.
  3. Akosua
    Amazing! What an inspiring man! I hope you do go on to achieve your dream and become a LCHF nutritionist so you can help others to realise that the oft touted food pyramid is slowly making people I'll.
  4. Bernard
    Great story Peter, well done!!!!
  5. Barbara Brown
    What an amzaing transformation. As both a long-time yo-yo dieter, and a 5-year veteran of LCHF, I can tell you that it is sustainable. Congratulations on your loss.
  6. Peter
    Thank you! I hope my story gives others willpower and courage to change, because it is possible. And LCHF is also DELICIOUS!

    For the question about the reaction from my diabetes doctor: After treating me 2 years with metformin and then in march 2014 telling me this was not enough anymore and we need to think about insulin soon - after seeing my results, the reaction was this: " I think you didn´t even have type 2 diabetes at all." WHAT???

    Great work PETER ! Love the t shirt.... Angus would be proud of you.
  8. Sunshine
    Hi Andreas

    This explanation you've given is the best as it shows your direction and good intentions:

    "Giving away EVERYTHING for free means we'll have to sell out to advertisers, affiliate marketers, corporate sponsorships etc. instead. We don't want to do that as we feel it would be selling our credibility.
    On this site you'll instead find 100% ad-free and independent information, no strings attached, supported by our members."

    As long as you intend to protect your readers from corporate vultures, why not tell us this more? Reading this certainly made me feel like supporting you.

    Instead the approach used to "sell" seems manipulative. Enticing readers with what appears to be important and free information only to learn it is not all free. Readers are manipulated to feel pain from not knowing all the information. They then either "buy" and feel relief that the "pain" has subsided (and there's more behind that psychology)... Or they don't buy and then feel the "loss" and therefore more "pain". Hence why they come here and whinge... because they've been emotionally manipulated.... but not by their own choice.

    So, the question is... is there really no other approach you can use to sell memberships? How about selling based on your good intentions? Why use a method that many other profit driven e-businesses use?

    Nonetheless, you do good work with your team and for that I am truly grateful. All the best!

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  9. Dan
    @Peter - you should ask your doctor wether he believes that prescribing Metformin to someone "without" T2 diabetes is malpractice?! That might shake him out of denial. Great story I can tell you're one of the ones that's never going back, that makes me smile! Almost a year in, my numbers prove too that pre diabetes can be put into remission by humble food!

    @Sunshine - I think Andreas provides enough free information for the first steps of any newcomer's journey. Andreas has to put bread on his table too... bacon, I mean bacon!

  10. Murray
    Peter, what a great thing you have done for your boys.
  11. Francois

    I am thrilled by your results. I am sad, though, that most diabetics and obese people still believe the FALSE corporate line (diabetes not curable, sick for life, take your pills or else) and that most physicians do not even brush on the subject of diet and exercise, which are central to diabetes treatment (types 1 and 2). Keep on spreading the news as to how you dramatically improved (and saved yourself from suffering diabetes complications) so that more people just like you will be able to live to see their kids grow. Congrats. You truly are an inspiration!

  12. Birgitta Höglund
    So nice to read your story, Peter :)

    I shared my health benefits on LCHF/Paleo in a guest blog post at Strictly Paleoish last week.
    Hope to inspire a lot of people around the world with my story.

  13. Gabriella
    Great job Peter.
    You can now enjoy your time with your family without tiredness and/or breathlessness. You are an inspiration.
    Kindest regards x
  14. BSC
    Peter's story is impressive. But I just wish we would stop using the phrases "diabetes reversal," "diabetes prevention" and "diabetes cure." These terms are inaccurate, misleading and can be hurtful to patients leaving them feeling blame and stigma for their condition. Type 2 diabetes is 80% heritable and emerges due to defects which are not reversed, prevented or cured by any means known today. While you can heal from the damage wrought by diabetes (somewhat restoring beta cell function) and you can go into remission (managing your blood sugar and metabolic symptoms) we don't know how to fix the underlying defects. Make no mistake, the vast majority of people who return to their old ways of eating will simply have their blood sugar and metabolic symptoms come back with a vengeance.

    Please consider using a more accurate and sensitive term like "remission."

    Reply: #16
  15. Paul TR
    BSC, transcriptional and epigenetic changes associated with T2D are influenced by environment (mostly diet). They ate not heritable.

    Diabetes. 2014 Sep;63(9):2962-76. doi: 10.2337/db13-1459. Epub 2014 May 8.
    Altered DNA methylation and differential expression of genes influencing metabolism and inflammation in adipose tissue from subjects with type 2 diabetes.
    Nilsson E1, Jansson PA2, Perfilyev A3, Volkov P3, Pedersen M4, Svensson MK5, Poulsen P6, Ribel-Madsen R7, Pedersen NL8, Almgren P9, Fadista J9, Rönn T3, Klarlund Pedersen B4, Scheele C4, Vaag A7, Ling C10.
    Author information

    Genetics, epigenetics, and environment may together affect the susceptibility for type 2 diabetes (T2D). Our aim was to dissect molecular mechanisms underlying T2D using genome-wide expression and DNA methylation data in adipose tissue from monozygotic twin pairs discordant for T2D and independent case-control cohorts. In adipose tissue from diabetic twins, we found decreased expression of genes involved in oxidative phosphorylation; carbohydrate, amino acid, and lipid metabolism; and increased expression of genes involved in inflammation and glycan degradation. The most differentially expressed genes included ELOVL6, GYS2, FADS1, SPP1 (OPN), CCL18, and IL1RN. We replicated these results in adipose tissue from an independent case-control cohort. Several candidate genes for obesity and T2D (e.g., IRS1 and VEGFA) were differentially expressed in discordant twins. We found a heritable contribution to the genome-wide DNA methylation variability in twins. Differences in methylation between monozygotic twin pairs discordant for T2D were subsequently modest. However, 15,627 sites, representing 7,046 genes including PPARG, KCNQ1, TCF7L2, and IRS1, showed differential DNA methylation in adipose tissue from unrelated subjects with T2D compared with control subjects. A total of 1,410 of these sites also showed differential DNA methylation in the twins discordant for T2D. For the differentially methylated sites, the heritability estimate was 0.28. We also identified copy number variants (CNVs) in monozygotic twin pairs discordant for T2D.

    Taken together, subjects with T2D exhibit multiple transcriptional and epigenetic changes in adipose tissue relevant to the development of the disease.

    Reply: #19
  16. someguy
    Could you provide an exact diet he ran? I would like to see more examples of what is eaten day to day.
  17. Nisse from Sweden
    Congrats Peter. Hope your story can help other diabetics to find the right way.
  18. BSC
    PaulTR. I find it strange that you would suggest that T2 diabetes is not heritable. The results of Genome Wide Association Studies on the subject seem pretty compelling that T2 is both polygenic and high heritable. Helpful resources on this matter would include Williams Textbook of Endochronology 2011, and the 2014 International Textbook on DM, DeFronzo et al.

    As I said before, there are many people that claim that you can prevent or reverse diabetes but the science does not support that. I don't disagree that environment and lifestyle are an element of how genes can express and how T2 diabetes can progress to the point where your blood sugar gets out of whack, you become overweight and suffer metabolic disturbance. But there is no evidence that you can undo the expression of these genes and the damage that comes from their expression. It is just inaccurate and misleading to use the term "reversal" because it implies that once you have suppressed the symptoms of diabetes you can just go back to your old life. You can't. Please use the term remission.

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  19. Paul TR
    BSC, how many T2D patients, you think, visiting their family practitioners - say as an example, today (07/17/15) in the State of Massachusetts, or in the whole of USA or Europe - have family history of T2D ?.
  20. Amanda
    Paul TR

    Never commented before but have spent years reading and researching etc. I believe in what you say to be true.

    I believe that it is largely environmental (lifestyle and diet related).

    Sometimes I underestimate the lifestyle change required to turn my health around; that is to stop doing what caused it in the first place; ie, high processed carbs and refined sugar, stress and lack of activity. Obviously it is for life, so what. It is worth it.

    Eating in excess ( esp. Carbs?) Will of course increase the fat in and around your organs. Were else is to go?

    I admit I crave carbs, due to the dopamine high in the short term but is not worth the long term consequences and serious complications of poor health and early death.

    A very active lean non diabetic friend of mine and I regularly practise 'IF' (intermittent fasting) which I do icw with LC. When done on a regular basis, I have found that this eliminates my two main symptoms of thirst and sugar in the urine. This practise translates to one moderate meal a day.
    I guess that I am using up my fat stores, I feel
    Light and energetic and happy. I still have plenty of energy for activity. If I am ravenous and have truly earn't the need to refuel I sometimes will have a snack of say some nuts or half an omlette, till dinner. I an skinny fat so icw with weights and other activities, ' IF' seems to have been helpful. My lean friend, who is ripped says he too has benefited in his chosen sport and a little weight loss. Dr Jason Fung also talks about fasting but we both have trouble sticking toa fast above 20 hours due to the initial hunger you feel. Apparently the hunger leaves after 2-3 days but much longer, it is generally recommended that it be supervised and with complete rest.

    I believe that we can completely overcome this set of symptoms with a permanent diet and lifestyle change. Come on people you can do it!
    For starters try being with a friend(s) in nature more, go for interesting nature/bush/forest walks, climb or ride or swim if it is safe for you to do so. KEEP TRYING UNTIL YOU FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU AND YOUR LIFE. YOU CAN DO IT .. AND YOU ARE WORTH IT.


  21. Dianne
    Good for you.
    I am allergic to Metformin.
    Diabetes can be changed without medication and the recommended diet:
    Your plate consists of 50% vegetables without carbs; 25% carbs; and 25% protein.
  22. Tamarah
    Peter your story is remarkable. I encourage your plans to spread the message and educate. It is a daunting task there are many doing it now but people just doesn't seem to be accepting of it . I try on my own and people think I am crazy . I don't get it . We all must continue spreading the word . I use this website as a tool,, and tell people to come here in hopes of them seeing stories like yours and saving their own lives they are the only ones that can do it .
    God Bless
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  24. Mark
    Awesome Peter. Your story has really inspired me. I'm in late 50's with weight of 319. Currently no diagnosis of diabetes but am slowly falling apart. I'm especially low on energy, joints hurt more and more from carrying this load, and I can't do so many simple things I want to. I'm going to turn it around. Thanks for your motivation. Good luck with your dreams!
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  25. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    You can be our success story not-too-long from now Mark! :)
  26. Peter
    I wish you all the success on LCHF Mark! You will see, it works and you will automatically start a new life! Dont get scared away from the first weeks, while "low carb flu" may appear. Get through that "flu", Diet Doctor has some remedies for them also. Get us informed about how you feel from time to time! Since the post of my story I lost again about 5 kg: Feeling great and full of energy like always since I have started LCHF: Wish you can get all this benefits too!
  27. Christine
    well done peter i was told i had type 11 in feb this year i refused the medication and asked if i could try there diet which was low fat did this for a few weeks lost some weight was was starving then went online found the Diet Doctor and thought i need to try this my starting weight was 83 kilos now its 69 kilos not had my blood work done yet when i was told i had type 11 my fasting blood sugar was 167 now most days its between 80 & 100 when i test it myelf so quite pleased with that im just going to keep this way for the rest of my life .
  28. John
    In my home area, at present, there is a sudden, big drive to reduce obesity in young children. Guess what the recommended diet consists of... Yes that's right! The stupid, low fat, food pyramid of course! I am heartily sick of seeing so-called expert nutritionists on the TV espousing low fat, and low sugar diets. Well at least the sugar part is right, but when will they stop demonising saturated fat? It makes me so angry when I know what a high fat/protein diet did to my flab!
  29. Alan Hooi, NTP, Malaysia

    Maybe you should read more about the hormone Insulin, and Leptin. And also the enzyme mTor (Mammalian Target of Ramapycin). Diabetic is Not a Disease Blood Sugar. Cholesterol is Not the Cause of Heart Disease. Look up on Dr. Ron Rosedale's website.

    To Diet Doctor, great work. Keep up the good work.
    Metta (Loving Kindness)

  30. Daniella
    Congratulation Peter! Gratulálok! :)
    I am starting this diet now and I can't wait to see all these changes
    Greetings from Hungary :)
  31. Daniela
  32. Mark
    I commented on this site back in August of 2015. I played with LCHF for about 2 weeks and before I knew it was back on the carb merry-go-round. In January my wife and I both started the 2-week challenge. Since then I have lost 50 lbs and she has lost 18; she's reached her goal weight while I still have another 80 or so to lose. I've taken some before and after pics to post at a later date. Needless to say, we're so happy with this lifestyle and have no concerns about ever changing the way we eat. We've eaten non-LCHF along the way, whenever we are invited out we always eat what the host prepares. A couple of times we've had cravings, and usually feel gross after indulging them. Regardless, we usually bloat a couple of pounds and quickly lose it once returning to real eating. We love that we eat the skin on all our chicken and the fat on all our steaks. We add butter to all our veggies and regularly eat buttery scrambled eggs with bacon. FYI, my weight loss averages out to about 1 1/2 lbs per week, nothing dramatic but very effective. I'm now fitting so many old clothes and have had to give away all my 3X and 4X shirts!!! It's a great plan. Thanks Diet Doctor!!
  33. Marianne
    Fantastic transformation Peter. Thanks so much for telling us your story. It really gives hope. Keep up all the good work you have done and enjoy life :-)
  34. Sogie Ebolo
    Very encouraging and inspiring testimony. I started my 2 weeks ago, but I miss it at times. With this your testimony, am determined to go fully into LCHF. Am type 2 diabetes as well, I have to fight it out myself to be healthy and make My family healthy as well. Thanks Peter
  35. Stephanie
    Well done Peter and also a well done to Mark and his wife from the comments section!
  36. Bunny
    What if you are vegetarian ?
    Reply: #38
  37. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor

    Have a look at this:

    What if you are vegetarian ?

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