“I own my life and I have decided to live long and well!”


Before and after

A couple of months ago we wrote about Linda, her new type 2 diabetes diagnosis and the initial success with low carb. But that was just the beginning. This is what has happened to Linda after that:

Hello Andreas!

The first time I wrote to you was in November of last year. I had just found out that I had type 2 diabetes and I was worried, but I decided to do something about it and change my lifestyle. Today, almost six months later, I am happy to announce that my blood sugar has never been better! I take no medications and I’ve lost 12 kg (26 lbs). My new lifestyle according to low-carb has helped me and I feel so much better. I have also become passionate about cycling, words I never thought would come out of my mouth!

The hardest part is getting other people in my life to understand. I don’t eat sugar, but people often tell me “just have a small piece” or “you should allow yourself some indulgence once in a while”. Well, my “indulgence” is to feel great! There is so much ignorance out there! The scariest thing is that doctors and diabetes nurses say the same thing “you can have a little bit every once in a while”. It really makes you confused, and I’m glad that I’ve read so much about this and that I am strong, but not all patients are.

Oh well, this was my update for you. I own my life and I have decided to live long and well! Thank you for a fantastic page, for all the inspiration and knowledge!



Congratulations to your success Linda! It is always inspiring to know how things have turned out.

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