“My blood sugar was normal… after seven days with LCHF and exercise!”

Before and after

Before and after 7 days

Linda was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and immediately decided to make a change. In just seven days she’s had amazing results.

This is a great story that shows how fast people can improve their health:

Hello Andreas!

Just wanted to tell you that last week I was told that I have diabetes, likely type 2. I thought to myself that I no longer have a choice.

I’ve followed the low-carb diet earlier, but sadly, I fell off the wagon and started eating sugar. When my doctor notified me that I have diabetes, I decided that I had had enough! I no longer had a choice.

Today, only seven days later, I went to the diabetes nurse and my blood sugar was normal… after seven days on low-carb and doing some exercise! No meds needed and I feel so satisfied, I’m going to continue and also lose some weight.

Thank you for all the information about LCHF and for your page!!!



Fantastic, Linda! Congratulations to you and good luck on your continued healthful journey.

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