“The nurse wanted to award me a gold medal”


As a 68-year old man Bibbe carried some excess weight, suffered from high blood pressure, felt fatigued and his vision progressively got worse and finally he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Quite common.

Here’s what happened when he tried low carb.

The Email

Hello Andreas,

Here’s my happy success story. I am a 68-year old man, who for the last 20 years has been about 20–35 lbs. (10–15 kg) overweight. I am on medication for high blood pressure and have long had a slightly elevated blood sugar.

In the fall of 2015, I felt tired and experienced foggy vision. In mid December I saw my family doctor, and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with a fasting blood sugar of 153 mg/dl (8.5 mmol/l) and a HbA1c of 10.6% (92). I was prescribed Metformin. My blood pressure was 160/180. I weighed 206 lbs. (93 kg) and am 6′ tall (183 cm), and was about 20 lbs. (9 kg) overweight.

I had already previously read up a lot on LCHF, among other places at Diet Doctor, and decided to begin a low-carb diet.

It has worked very well for me and I have eaten a relatively strict low-carb diet. My numbers after six weeks on low carb are as follows:

  • Weight: 185 lbs. (84 kg)
  • Blood pressure: 138/78
  • Fasting blood glucose: 86 mg/dl (4.8 mmol/l)
  • HbA1c: 6.0% (42)

The nurse was just as surprised as I was and wanted to award me a big gold medal. I can add that I have exercised very little. The nurse had no objections to my diet, but they need to stick to the official guidelines. One more thing – all this time I have practiced intermittent fasting according to 16:8, which has worked nicely for me.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank you for the health work your doing.

Low-carb greetings,


Congratulations on reversing your diabetes! Thank you for sharing your story, hopefully it will inspire others to do what you’ve done.

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  1. tony
    Bibbe, accept the big gold medal, you earned it and you deserveit.

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