“Fat was the key!”

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At the age of 42 Aaron was developing type 2 diabetes, after having struggled with his weight forever. He felt hopeless and afraid.

Searching the internet Aaron found his way here, and this is how it changed his life:

The Email

Hi Andreas,

My name is Aaron and I just wanted to say thank you.

Your site literally changed my life.

I am 42 years old and have been struggling with my weight for about 20 years. I have tried almost every diet over the years. Always losing but then gaining more than I lost.

In the last 2 years I developed hypertension and pre-diabetes.

Last January I felt hopeless and afraid. I was on three hypertension medications and had a A1C of 6.2. My doctor wanted to start treating me for Diabetes. On January 17th I found dietdoctor.com. I immediately started a restricted low carb/high fat diet based on the info on your site and Dr. Eric Westman’s e-book.

Today I am 25 pounds (11 kg) lighter, off my meds and just found out yesterday my A1C is already down to 5.5!!!

I fast at least 12 hours every day without even thinking about it. I eat 2 meals a day and I am never hungry. I am still losing weight.

I have tried low carb many times before but always tried to stay low fat. Fat was the key!

I am a member of your site I’ve watched every video!

You guys seriously rock.

Thanks for everything!



Congratulations, Aaron! Reversing diabetes is a great achievement. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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  1. tz
    This is the big thing - if I can give any one piece of advice it would be to eat fat when you are hungry - eggs, meats like bacon, drench veggies in butter or oil, pork rinds. That will really help short-circuit the carb cravings suppresses the appetite so you can burn your own accumulated fat. (the only other thing is to eat enough salt as you need more and it helps the carb-flu).

    Too many people still think of "calories" or because of the media have a negative view of fat. I still do to some extent for some things - I don't like non-crispy skin-on chicken or large veins of fat in my steak for example. But that was a matter of finding something I did like so I would eat just a little and my appetite would turn off like flipping a light switch very quickly.

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  2. Liz
    Congratulations, Aaron! I love this site too. So many inspirational and instructional videos. Plus, this site has delicious and easy to make LCHF recipes. I am hoping for more two week challenges!
  3. BobM
    TZ, have you seen this?


    The above is written by a man from Sweden who lost over half his body weight. He generally eats 1-2 meals per day. He does some interesting things, though, like adds butter and homemade mayo to his meals. Because of him, if I have a steak or chicken or anything that might be "high" in protein but "low" in fat, I add butter to it. I add butter (from grass-fed cows if possible) to everything. I've also started to add homemade mayo more too, although I try to avoid Omega 6 fats, so I keep to olive oil or avocado oil, and I'm going to experiment with making mayo from other fats like bacon fat.

    For me, I've learned after 30+ years of low fat to love the fat in steak and choose the fattiest steak I can, but I realize not everyone is like that. I also eat chicken skin, skin on salmon, bone marrow, etc.

    And if I eat out, I try to add butter to everything.

  4. Judy
    This is a reply to BobM and a congrats to TZ
    How do you know what is a fatty steak? I go to the restaurant and order their steak, but it isn't teeming with fat. Then I ordered more butter for my green beans and it comes to you in a small container of very soft butter and I wonder if it is really butter or something they pass on to you as butter. They always say it is butter.

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