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Evelyn was in complete denial about her type 2 diabetes, and simply ate whatever she wanted to and took medication. Then one day at a weekend art class, a physician recommended that she should check out a certain website that could help her reverse her diabetes.

She came home and decided to commit to the low-carb challenge together with her husband. This is their amazing story:

The E-mail

I was diagnosed with diabetes years ago. I was in so much denial about having this disease that I can’t even tell you when I started being treated with pills first and then insulin injections. My best guess is probably 10 years ago. My denial continued and I never tested my glucose levels, blindly taking medication and eating whatever I desired in massive quantities.

Fast forward to my husband needing to be seen by a cardiologist, and this doctor recommended a diet to us that he said would help us both with weight loss and diabetes control. My husband and I discussed this diet and did some research, thinking we would start to try and change our lifestyle.

During this period of discussion and research, I went to a weekend art class. The owner of the studio sold some clothing and had set up a full length mirror in the ladies’ room. It was situated so that you could see yourself while using the facilities. When I went back to my table, I commented, “that mirror is going to make me start losing weight. It’s the first time in a very long time that I’ve noticed just how fat I really am.” I also commented on the diet my husband’s cardiologist suggested and that I had diabetes. One of the women sitting at my table commented that while the diet suggested to us would help us lose weight, it would never help us reverse diabetes. She then suggested a website, dietdoctor.com. She continued, stating she was a physician and this is what she recommends to her patients who have diabetes. She further stated that some of her own patients had reversed their diabetes following dietdoctor.com.

I was excited when I got home and told my husband about the new information I had received. We both started reading the dietdoctor.com website to learn more. It took us a few weeks of discussion as my husband was skeptical and uneasy about not following his own doctor’s advice, but we finally decided to commit to the 2-week challenge at dietdoctor.com

We started this journey together on June 11, 2016, and have both seen amazing results to date. My husband has lost 74 pounds (34 kg), no longer injects insulin and eliminated one dose of oral diabetes medication, and is able to walk longer distances without losing his breath. I have lost 22 pounds (10 kg), and have been able to eliminate one of two daily insulin injections. I also feel physically better and have much more energy. In fact, I feel so much better, I had no clue just how sick I was before starting this food plan. My hope is that by the end of this year I will be able to eliminate insulin injections completely.

My biggest challenge has been lowering my glucose levels to normal range. When I started testing, my readings were in the 350 mg/dl range (19 mmol/l). Within a week, I routinely tested in the 160 mg/dl range (9 mmol/l), but that is where I stayed. I finally watched the series of videos by Dr. Fung on intermittent fasting. This was a turning point for me, and I now fast daily for 16-18 hours, not eating after 3 pm or before 8-9 am. This way of eating has helped me get my glucose readings in normal range and eliminate one insulin injection. I do feel I am at a plateau again because without any insulin injections my glucose rises, and I’m now unsure what I need to do to become free of taking any insulin.

My husband and I often talk about feeling cheated out of a healthy lifestyle based on being lied to about what a healthy diet should be. We wish we had known sooner that we could eat food that tastes so good and feel satisfied while losing weight and taking better care of ourselves. We are both thankful to dietdoctor.com and the woman who recommended the website.



Congratulations Evelyn, such an amazing story. We’re always happy to hear that we’ve been able to empower people to get their health back.

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