“So happy to know that all I have done for the last year not only worked, it worked well”


Amy attempted to get her diabetes and weight under control with the Atkins diet, but got very tired of being constantly hungry and feeling poorly so she decided to give up.

At a checkup later on, her blood sugar came back worse than ever, and she realized that she needed to use either diet or doctor to get her health back. Fortunately, she found Diet Doctor – the best of both worlds:

In January 2012 my A1c was 7.7%, using the Atkins induction phase and part of his 45 grams of carbs per day meal plans. I was constantly starting the day with fasting blood sugars in the 140s (7.8 mmol/l) or 150s (8.3 mmol/l). Even the lower carb attempts I made then did not help. Sometimes I was over 200 mg/dl (11.1 mmol/l). I would be starving by lunch, even if I ate breakfast, and be shaky by supper. I felt bad all over.

By 0ctober 2013, I’d come to realize that starch and sugar were serious problems and eliminated some of them, but not all. It did not last very long — not only was I addicted, I got tired of living meal to meal and being constantly hungry. Soon I gave up and went back to my old, carb-filled habits.

Fast forward to October 2015… I felt weird one morning and since I had not been checking my blood sugars for over a year, I decided to start there. I was almost 500 mg/dl (27.8 mmol/l)! I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t really want to do anything either because I was miserable the last time I tried. But this feeling was also miserable.

My husband insisted that I do something, either by diet or doctor (and medicine). I decided to give low carb another go but went searching for new information… and I found you, Diet Doctor, the best of both.

I quickly learned why the other way of low carb had not worked for me… just removing some sugar and starch from my diet was good but not enough. So I eliminated them and, this time, added healthy fat and protein. From your website I learned not to be fat-phobic anymore and I learned the importance of protein. I also learned to not worry so much about calories, just focus on real food.

I do much better when I stick with the strict/keto kinds of foods and only enjoy liberal occasionally. I do not have cheat days anymore, not even for birthdays (I am mother of 5 — so there are lots of those). I make my own low-carb treat to have instead (or just fast during the party).

One major culprit I found was the non-dairy coffee creamer we had been using in our coffee. I never realized it was made of corn syrup solids. Even though the sugar/carb count is listed as very low, it is made of dried up corn syrup = pure sugar. My blood sugars proved it. During coffee (no food) they would shoot up 200+ mg/dl (11.1 mmol/l)… not shoot up to 200, I was starting the day well over 150 mg/dl (8.3 mmol/l) and would hit 300s (16.7 mmol/l) and 400s (22.2 mmol/l) quickly. I quit coffee altogether for awhile. I also quit Diet Coke and a fruity, Splenda-sweetened vitamin water.

One thing that has become helpful is to calculate my average fasting blood sugar for the month, that way I can better see my progress – since day to day fluctuates (partly because of my monthly cycle, partly because no two days are exactly alike).

Here is a graph to show how I progressed with low-carb:


From October 2015 to February 2016, I only used LCHF. In March 2016 I started occasionally fasting with the 16:8 schedule (only two meals) a few days per week, since I hadn’t yet reached my goal of starting the day much nearer to 100 mg/dl (5.6 mmol/l).

In mid-June I started walking about two miles a few days a week, and then increased it. In August 2016 I modified my fasting days a little and only ate once a few days a week.

After calculating the averages for November I realized I had walked much less that month than the months before, but everything else was basically the same…

When I finally got brave enough to go to the doctor for blood work at the end of November, I could not believe my ears when the doctor told me the results… A1c 5.0%! All the liver and kidney markers were excellent as well. Then she leaned over and said, “Now, how are you doing this?” So I began to explain my LCHF/fasting/walking protocol. She kept nodding and took notes on most of what I said. I gave her copies of some things from various low-carb sources that I had printed for reference and she gladly accepted them. At the end, she told me not to change a thing and come back in a year. I am so glad she was receptive and did not try to talk me out of it.

I am so happy to know that all I have done for the last year not only worked, it worked well… all without medicines.

Many of the ailments and pains I had before are gone, even some that I had accepted as part of aging (I am 42).

I reached my goal weight early on and have since lost even more (170+ lbs down to 145 lbs – 77 kg to 66 kg).

I’ve gone from pants size 16 to size 9/10.

I rarely eat more than twice a day (usually 1 meal and 1 snack or just 1 meal and no snack).

I do not walk every day (but walking definitely helps).

Whatever I eat fits into the LCHF plan (with the exception of these things: Splenda, store-bought salad dressing, French fried onions, and occasionally fried chicken).

I closely monitor my blood sugar to know how any new recipe or product affects me.

I no longer crave foods like I used to, I enjoy my meals without feeling enslaved to food.

I can also enjoy NOT eating without getting shaky or feeling dominated by a fasting schedule… if it works out that day, fine. If not and I need a little snack, that’s fine too.

All I’ve learned from your site and sites like yours is helping me teach my children how and why to make better choices for themselves.

So, thank you. I could not have had this success without finding your website and learning what was and wasn’t working.

Also “thank you” to these people as well (that I found through your site):

Thank you again for all you do,
Amy Moore


A word about Splenda… I know you disapprove of sweeteners (natural or artificial), I’m not trying to change your mind. I admire anyone who can do without completely. I was a carb-sugar addict. Now regular sweets are too sweet for me. I also realize the dextrose in Splenda translates to glucose in my body and so I use very little. I am experimenting with Swerve and stevia and reducing Splenda in my coffee and low carb treats. All that being said, what “sweets” I get now is tiny when compared to what I used to eat – a whole pint of ice cream in one evening… regularly. Simply put, I did not want to imply that my LCHF was perfect by not mentioning that I use it.


Congratulations to your great success, Amy!

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  1. Gregory
    That's a great story Amy, it gives me some hope for the next years goal, A1C @5. Iv'e been on a low carb diet since last January I didn't have the A1C done at the time but, Total Chol was 243, HDL 31, Trigs 258 LDL 151. and an elevated B sugar of 165 after fasting. Dr wanted me on statins etc. but took a year and now I know my A1C is @ 6... and & blood work did go up.. Total Chol was 271, HDL 50, Trigs 111, LDL 199, that went up but I think I'm happy about the trigs. Not to sure where the HDL/Trig ratio # is. I see a Chol/HDLC of 5.4 and a non HDL col. of 221. I really need to take the fasting this year more serious. because I'm guessing my big enemy is 'elevated sugar' and what it will do with my Chol. in my veins... these holidays bumped me up to morning glucose levels from 135 to 165. So I have to get serious.

    Thanks Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt these stories are going to help.

  2. Vern
    Your an idiot! It's calorie ignorance and not knowing calorie intake
    Replies: #4, #6
  3. Apicius
    Please help support Dr Fung and Dr Wortman and 200 other Canadian doctors who signed petition to change dietary guidelines in Canada. You don't need to be Canadian to show support...sign at this site:


  4. Apicius

    Wow! Why so angry? Perhaps some bacon will help cheer you up.

  5. 1 comment removed
  6. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Please show some respect Vern.
  7. Amy
    Years ago being called an idiot might have upset me, but I am all the proof I need that calories in/calories out isn't the whole picture. I grew up counting calories only and have many food quantities memorized from the American Diabetes Association lists of food exchanges. I learned them years ago when my sister was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Actually, I now consume more calories in my one meal than I did most days eating junk food. Protein and fat are extremely calorie dense foods. Low fat/low calorie (aka high carb) foods were staples for years,but I still did not lose much weight. I tried many times to lose weight--eating less and moving more-- before diabetes became evident. Once I was diagnosed with diabetes and then started LCHF, the weight (which was no longer a goal) came off much easier than ever...even eating more food. I am not angry about being called an idiot, however I am angry about decades of bad information that I was taught at school and by dieticians about calories, exercise, and fat that people are still blindly accepting as correct.
  8. Karen
    I started eating LCHF way of eating on January 1st, 2017. I had spent the last year of my life feeling so sick and tired. Whenever I ate carbs and sugars I would want to sleep within an hour of ingesting them. By the time December rolled around I was ready for a change. I started searching the internet and came across lots of great info. I am just eating two meals a day and not feeling hungry in between them. My partner has started this new way of eating with me. He does get hungry from time to time so I have a dish of boiled eggs in the fridge for a quick snack to kill the hunger before bed. After 4 days only I am down 8 lbs and not wanting to nap during the day. I am no longer bloated and my clothes are not clinging to my body anymore. This is not a diet for us but a new way of eating for the rest of our lives. I crave no sugars or carbs anymore. Looking forward to eventually getting off my blood pressure and diabetic medication.
  9. Jackie
    Congratulations Amy!
  10. Mellisa
    being a type 2 diabetic for many years, one of the hardest challenges for me is keeping my blood sugars balanced, and about 3 weeks ago I heard a radio show about a new plan that helped many reverse their diabetic condition, I subscribed to his plan out of curiosity ,will mention it below and my blood sugars have never been better, It is possible to reverse diabetes,by making some small diet and lifestyle changes.... http://medicationdiabetes.com
  11. Barbara Cihlar
    Inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story, Amy, particularly because I now walk too. When I was first diagnosed with T2D in 2015, my bs was 12.4. Had so much inflammation in my body they thought I had leukemia. Following LCHF, I was able to bring my bs into normal ranges within 6 months. My Docs were gobsmacked, to the point where they ran my labs twice, thinking they'd made a mistake. Weight just dropped off me and now I'm a size 9/10 too. Simply amazing. Before, I would stress while shopping, was ready to start using a motorized cart. Speaks volumes about my quality of life at that time. Walking wasn't something I thought I could do. Starting slowly and despite neuropathy, I decided to try. Today I easily do 15 miles a week usually 20-26. Love starting my day out this way. I've seen more beautiful sunrises than I can count now and I'm mindful that every step I take is a gift from people like you and our LCHF community.

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