“My doctor could not believe it”


We are always very happy to hear from our readers, especially when we’ve played a role in improving their health, as in this brief amazing story from Ed:

Hi there.

51-year old male. Was diagnosed six months ago with type 2 diabetes and with an A1c at 11.6. I was put on metformin by my doctor, 500 mg x 2 daily. I was really confused about the next steps of my life.

Then I came across your site and felt that I should try it. I went on the very extreme 20/30 grams of carbs LCHF and a few days ago I did my blood work, my doctor could not believe it. I have lost 42 pounds (19 kg), A1c is 4.9, HDL is 89, all the numbers are fantastic same as you… Dr. Andreas


Congratulations Ed! That’s quite an improvement, I guess most doctors simply never see anything like it (as they only treat type 2 diabetes with drugs).

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