80 pounds lighter and no medications

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Stephen Thomson did the “impossible”, and reversed his diabetes using a strict low-carb diet.

His story is nothing short of miraculous. In this interview he talks about how he did it – and things he wishes he would have known earlier. Watch the full interview above (transcript).

Table of contents

  0:24  Stephen’s story
  3:23  How did you do it?
  5:46  What’s your secret?
  6:34  What can you do today that you couldn’t do before?
  7:15  What do you wish you would have known earlier?
  8:23  Where do you start?

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  1. Jatin
    The most important points Mr. Thomson suggested are amazing,

    1. Support from family. Now I can feel the opposite as I had to break a barrier in family that grain floor isn't a nutritious diet.

    2. And secondly, it's a common phenomena that not in India (my country) and in the west, Doctors can't just believe that LCHF can improve diabetes and reduce weight,

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