“Within three months of starting a well-formulated ketogenic diet, all flares were gone!”

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Can a ketogenic diet alleviate some skin conditions, like acne and other similar conditions? It was the case for Sailor, who has not had flare ups of her Hidradenitis Suppurativa after becoming keto adapted.

The email

I suffered with Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) for over 20 years. Essentially a network of boils in the sweat glands (for me, the arm pits) that don’t drain, last for months and form connection of a network of boils.

Within three months of starting a well-formulated ketogenic diet, all flares were gone! Yes gone! I have been free of hidradenitis suppurativa for over six months now.

I choose a high-fiber and low-carb ketogenic diet – tracking net carbs. I make sure I have lots of fiber-rich keto approved veggies and greens and keto-approved chia puddings and other foods where the carbs are essentially almost negated by fiber – as I count ‘net carbs’ using cronometer for free.

Some suffering with HS are offered surgery and told there is no cure. I started keto to manage my pre-diabetes and PCOS, and whilst both of these are now treated, eg. good blood sugar and regular period, the unexpected side-effect of keto has been to cure my previously thought to be incurable skin/endocrine/autoimmune disease hidradenitis suppurativa.

Try keto – what do you have to lose – think about it. What do you have to lose. Go keto. Fat is where it is at.



Fantastic, Sailor! We’re very glad to hear that a ketogenic diet has had such an amazing impact on your health.

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A ketogenic diet for beginners

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  1. Agnes
    Do you eat dairy?
  2. Kim Fales
    Hello, I came across your page while googling if there was a link between HS and a ketogenic diet. I've had HS for 14 years and it has always been linked to my menstrual cycle. Recently it got a lot worse, I had to go to the Dr. Around that time I began eating low carb to lose weight and realized I could try keto. Last month I had one cyst and it was pea sized. I know it's early to tell for sure but I'm thrilled to tears that this may be a solution.
  3. James Bader
    It's a solution, Kim. Stick with it. (No dairy in that Keto diet. )

    The American diet in some people causes autoimmune issues, and that's what HS is.

  4. Bernita
    Can PCOS patients have dairy?
  5. Stephanie
    I know dairy is bad because of everything that’s done to it these days. What are your thoughts about organic grass fed A2A2 Raw Milk for a keto diet to battle IBS and HS?
    Reply: #6
  6. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I know dairy is bad because of everything that’s done to it these days. What are your thoughts about organic grass fed A2A2 Raw Milk for a keto diet to battle IBS and HS?

    For most people, milk will have too many carbs to be a good part of a ketogenic way of eating.

  7. Victoria
    I have HS. I was told that there was no cure. I was prescribed Spironolactone, which helped to make my breakouts less severe. After several months on the keto diet, my breakouts stopped completely. My case wasn’t as severe as some. I’ve read that suicide rates are high for people with severe HS, because of the pain and shame of the boils. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome. The doctor who diagnosed me said I had one of the most severe cases she’d ever seen, and that surgery was the only solution. Shortly after starting the ketogenic diet, my symptoms were 99% reduced. I wish the mainstream health industry would promote low carb diets for these conditions that are aggravated by inflammation. But there’s no money to be made by doing that, so I’m afraid it will never happen. I’m so happy that I found Diet Doctor.
  8. Ellie
    OMG THANK YOU for posting this story!! I've had HS since my late teens (I didn't know what it was back then) but I would only have a minor flair-up of a single boil every few years, and I was far thinner @ 130lbs. Fast forward, I'm now in my mid-40's and +60 pounds. The most recent 30 pounds of that just in the past year... and with the weight gain came severe HS flair-ups. I've literally had one deep boil in a very sensitive area draining for 4 months, combined with many others in the same general area. Due to the area, any kind of cardio or high physical activity (walking, running, biking) is extremely painful. I've seen my doctor twice about it, and both times he's put me on antibiotics, but he said if this second round didn't clear it up then I need to get surgery. This is when he diagnosed me with HS. It's affected my life very negatively, so in combination with my weight gain and not fitting into ANY of my clothes aside from sweats and stretchy tops, I decided to try Keto a few days ago and so far so good... it seems like something I can keep up.
    I'm currently in my first day of feeling like I've got Keto Flu, so to help me push through it I arrived here to read some success stories. Your mention of having your HS cleared up has me elated!! I knew losing weight was supposed to help reduce the HS flairs, but your story has hit me so personally... it's given me so much hope. It's embarrassing to talk about, so thank you for putting it out there for those of us who suffer in silence.

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