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Faith’s turning point came when she visited the doctor’s office and a blood test showed that she had type 2 diabetes. To her doctor’s surprise, this served as great motivation to change her diet and lifestyle.

When googling, she came to realize that the Atkins diet was the best to use for diabetes reversal. And after having followed the low-carb diet for two months, she was ready to return for new blood tests…

The E-mail

I too was told I had type 2 diabetes 18 months ago. I treated these news with great excitement (which took my doctor by surprise!).

For years and years I knew I was a good 25 kg (55 lbs) overweight and like so many before me, I tried every diet under the sun but I was always hungry and angry having to eat either so little or such boring food, I would give up the struggle.

When the doctor told me I had diabetes, this was the turning point I needed and a challenge to change this verdict around. An appointment was made for me to see the diabetes nurse in 2 weeks… in the meantime, I googled lots of questions about type 2 diabetes and found it was possible to reverse diabetes through diet… and of course Dr. Atkins was mentioned as the very best method PROVEN to reverse type 2 diabetes.

The appointment soon came up and when I visited the nurse I explained I had done homework about how I could reverse this through diet. She wanted to put me on pills but stood back (I think with tongue in cheek about my diet… yes, you are a know-it-all… that sort of look). She booked me in for a blood test 2 months down the line to see IF my diet was working.

Was she ever surprised… I religiously stuck to 20 carbs a day, lost 12 kilos (26 lbs) and my bloods were back to normal (just… but I DID it).

I have regained 2 kg (4 lbs) in 18 months as I have slipped a bit and probably take 40 carbs on some days… obviously I cannot do this and must get back to my 20-30 carb intake.

I have my “carb glasses” on for everything I eat. Luckily for me, I love all the food one is allowed to eat and drink!

When I NEED to have something I used to love things like chocolate-chip cookies or ice cream, pancakes, scones, jam or drink snacks. I googled the Atkins or keto-diet alternatives… there is a recipe for everything you desire which is extremely low carb. I do not go without anything.

My diagnosis came about purely by chance as I asked for a routine health check one is entitled to every 5 years, so a comprehensive blood test was ordered. If I had not had this blood test, I never would have known I had diabetes. I look at all overweight people now and realize most of them have diabetes and do not know about it.



Congratulations on your great success with losing weight and reversing diabetes, Faith!

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