“I feel great and am so much happier, healthier and active!”

Before and after

Before and after

When Jennifer went in for a blood test, the doctors didn’t even believe that she had been fasting because her sugars were so high! She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Amazingly, her doctor told her to ignore the diabetes guidelines and instead eat an LCHF diet!

After eight months, she’s made great progress and her doctor calls her “the poster girl for LCHF”:

The E-mail

Dear Andreas,

My name is Jennifer and I have changed my life due to your website and advice! I first started to follow the LCHF diet in February this year (2016) and while I have by no means finished I feel as though I have now done so well and achieved so much that I would like to share my journey with you and others.

I discovered I had diabetes in my pregnancy, I was 20 weeks pregnant with twins and they measured a little big so I had the test and was just on the borderline. Cue entering the diabetes system in the NHS. If only I had known about Diet Doctor and LCHF then.

I was given all sorts of dietary advice, mostly involving eating low fat and lots of rice and pasta and sent off to measure blood sugars. No matter what I did following the advice my bloods where constantly spiking after meals even though I followed the advice to the letter.

Fast forward to post babies I was told that I needed to be tested after the twins were born as it’s 50/50 as to whether I would continue to be diabetic or if it would go away. Blood test was done in 2010 and not hearing anything back I assumed it had gone.

This year in January I weighed 251 lbs. (114 kg), every month a few more pounds would creep on. I was ill all the time, each cold would turn into a bad infection. I was beyond tired. I was thirsty all the time and felt very hot. The worst thing was struggling to find energy to look after my active twin boys.

So I went to the doctors who ordered a fasting blood test. The results were so high they didn’t believe I had been fasting! After three more tests I saw the doctor who diagnosed diabetes type 2. In the mean time I had been doing some research and discovered your website, I walked into the surgery prepared to meet opposition but I was very lucky. My GP had a daughter who was also diabetic and told me to ignore the NHS advice and follow LCHF. I did have to take metformin.

Three months later I was back 42 lbs (19 kg) lighter and the blood tests showed my sugar levels were normal, so no longer diabetic! Stopped taking the metformin and kept at the diet.

So now it’s eight months since I started the diet and I have lost 90 lbs (41 kg). I am back in my ‘skinny’ clothes and telling everyone I can about your website. I have got lots of others involved. I will never go back! I feel great and am so much happier, healthier and active! My supportive GP is so proud of me and says I should be the poster girl for LCHF!!!!

Thank you so much for all you do to help it’s invaluable and life saving,

PS: My husband and I own a tapas restaurant and have adapted loads of the dishes to be low carb!


What a fantastic story, Jennifer! We’re so glad to hear that more and more doctors abandon the outdated and useless advice for a more effective approach that works for diabetic patients all over the world.

Also feel free to visit Jennifer’s tapas restaurant. It’s called Dos Amigos and is located in Leeds, UK.

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  1. Marianne
    Well done Jennifer. Your story gives me real inspiration.
  2. 1 comment removed
  3. Laurie
    How do you maintain your weight after weight loss on a LCHF diet please I never see articles on that subject in this site
    Reply: #9
  4. Debra
    Well done. Can you share a typical days diet please ?
  5. Kat
    Such an inspiration!
  6. Roderick
    Well done jennifer another amazing inspirational story about LCHF. I have managed half of what you have done at 50lbs+ and really loving this way of eating. Very sad we do not have the education in every day life from Doctors or Government that this way is even possible. My blood results show decrease in Total cholesterol (HDL up LDL down) in just 5 months, my body mass down from 32 to 25.4 so I am really pleased with my results but always love to read and listen to other peoples success stories. I look forward to the rest of my life eating this way, I don't see it as a diet but rather a way of eating for life, now I have discovered what creates my weight issue, I feel more responsible now I have the tools to combat my weight and addictions. Never seem to have any addictions anymore, though do enjoy my egg, bacon and sausage!
  7. meg
    @laurie: you continue to eat LCHF. this is a lifestyle for better health & disease control/prevention/remission.
    The weight loss is a by product.
    Some people can never eat many carbs ever again and feel food.
  8. Annette
    Jennifer. Your experience and weight loss is AMAZING! Well done you!
    I found the Diet Doctors website in January after seeing a weight loss article about different diets in a post Christmas magazine. I opted for the easiest diet with the most weight loss and its been a life changing success.
    So far I've lost just over 3 st on LCHF and for the past few days have been trying the 16:8 fasting technique as my weight has plateaued.
    I only weight myself once a week so it'll be interesting to see if my weight loss is moving again.
    Eating breakfast is a habit rather than a necessity for me as I'm never hungry first thing in the morning and the 16:8 fasting suits me fine.
    I do have a question for you Jennifer....were you slimmer before having children as you mentioned that you fitted back into your 'skinny' clothes?
    As a child my mother always told me that I wasn't fat just well covered!!!
  9. Nicky
    It becomes you everyday way of eating... you realise how bad the other foods are for you. Very simple change over. Buy what's good for you, eat when and until you are satisfied.
    Hope that helps you.
  10. Francoise
    Well done Jennifer! Lucky you to have a GP who believes in the power of LCHF.
  11. Lynn
    I too would like to know how to maintain. I can't stay on the strict diet as I have now lost more than I wanted to but don't want to go back to food cravings by eating more carbs. I am sticking to around 100g of carbs a day - eating as I did but adding in fruit and bread and the occasional treat. Is this ok?
  12. Shirley
    Thank you for sharing your story Jennifer, you are a real inspiration. Congratulations!

    Laurie - I think you're missing the point if you think that LCHF is just another diet that people go on and then off. For most people this is a long-term, healthy lifestyle choice. Dietary choices are of course a personal thing and some people tolerate carbs better than others. Consequently some people may choose to reintroduce small amounts of their favourite carbs for special occasions when they've lost the desired amount of body fat. Others may find they simply have no need or desire to reintroduce carbs and their health is better without them. There's no one rule fits all for lifetime weight maintenance and good health. Hope that helps.

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