Progress: -30 pounds in another 3 months, total -80 pounds on LCHF!

Before & after

Before & after

We recently heard back from one of our weight loss story writers, Jason! Last time he wrote, he had lost 50 pounds, impressive enough that some people thought that his after picture was Photoshopped! And now Jason has lost even more – what are people going to say now?

Here’s what Jason has to say about the past months:

The Email

Hi Andreas,

As I promised the readers here is my 3 month update.

Like I said the last time, my goal was to lose another 30 pounds in 3 months. In the picture I’ve attached I weigh exactly 189 lbs, but 6 weeks ago I started hitting the gym again so I’ve gained a few pounds of muscle, so I feel I’ve achieved my goal which is why people shouldn’t live and die by the scale.

The last 6 months have shown me that low-carb works for even the most metabolically deranged, like I was. All of my health problems are a thing of the past and it’s surreal that it happened so quickly, but when you eat like how we’re supposed to eat I guess mother nature doesn’t mess around.

If people want to know exactly what I did (I’ve made some modifications to my diet and exercise the last few weeks) they can check it out here: The Simple Trick [not ready yet, coming up]

Thanks again for all the great work you do Andreas, all the best!


(Extra note: Yes I did shave my chest
again haha! I wanted to prove that my results are real and not photo shopped, it bothered me that some people thought that and I didn’t want it sabotaging my story because I want it to inspire anyone who was in the same position I was in that they can do what I did).


Another congratulations is in order, Jason! Keep up the good work.

Do you want to try what Jason did? Check out our free low-carb guide and free two-week low-carb challenge.


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