“I am amazed at the results”


Having struggled with his type 1 diabetes and slowly gaining weight over the years, David Fleming finally got things under control when he tried low carb:

The Email

I am amazed at the results. As a person with type 1 diabetes, I have been slowly gaining weight for years. I knew the regular insulin injections were a key factor in this – but I was told I needed to keep injecting. On your eating plan I have used only about 15% of the insulin I previously used and have lost over 4 kilograms (9 lbs.). My blood glucose readings have been the best they have in many years in just two weeks. I finally feel I have control again and plan on adopting the LCHF eating as a long term approach. It has been so wonderfully freeing for me. Thanks so, so much.

FYI – I am an Executive Manager who is often provided sandwiches for lunch at work meetings. One simple step I have adopted is I empty the sandwich content onto a plate and throw the bread away. Then I just eat those contents with a fork. No fuss lunch with far fewer carbs!

David Fleming
Sydney, Australia


Congratulations to you, David! And thank you very much for sharing your story with us.

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