The success on low carb continues


Before and after

Andy wrote to us earlier, explaining how low carb has helped him improve his diabetes and lose weight.

And apparently, things just keep getting better a year down the line:

Hi Andreas,

Well, it’s one year on from my type 2 diabetes diagnosis and since you posted my story on your website, I thought I’d send in a quick update on my latest results. The table below shows the comparison.


My diabetes nurse has agreed that at my 6-month review, if my HbA1c continues to drop, I can come off Metformin.

Just over a week ago, I got to meet you at the PHCUK Conference in Manchester, where I was working as a volunteer. I just wanted to say thanks again for the work you and your team do, and how much I enjoyed your talk at the conference.

I have also attached an updated photograph of the new me.

Best wishes,


Fantastic Andy! It’s great to hear that the low-carb lifestyle continues to work so well for you and improve your health.

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  1. Lynne suman
    I went to we'll womens clinic put me on carbon diet kept diary of food I ate for 2 weeks and I was 100 per cent honest I went to appointment and got weighed he couldn't belive I not even list 1 once of weight I was absolutely gob smacked to say the least he asked to keep my diary sheet to show his managers cause he couldn't belivery it I'm 55 years old never been big but I weigh 11 stone now and I hate it waisted my time so after a month I stopped going I eat swhen I'm hungry may be once a day and I still weigh exactly same as I did 6 months ago don't work like they say find my own way now

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