“This is my year of change!”

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Susie’s blood sugar was ever increasing. She had thrown in the towel, believing her type 2 diabetes was out of her control.

However, when it became clear that she risked going blind she decided to do something, and eventually found the ketogenic diet. That was the start of her year of change:

The Email


I have been a diabetic probably most of my adult life but was diagnosed in 2000. I never could seem to control it for more than a couple months at a time. My blood sugar numbers kept climbing so I stopped really caring.

Then in September 2016 I had a hemorrhage in one of my eyes from retinapathy. I ignored it. The second occurred in December and I went to see my doctor who referred me to a retina specialist. I had mild version and it could be treated. This was my wake up call. I needed to do something. I started having laser treatments on my eyes so that I wouldn’t go blind in ten years. Something had to change!

I start with the diabetic plate method because I knew I was eating too many carbs and not enough vegetables. I then went from high-starch veggies to lower-carb veggies. Then I found the keto diet which led me to your site. It has been quite helpful.

I started at the beginning of the month of March. I don’t follow the 2-week challenge but I did start using your recipes and following your guidelines. I had retina surgery (detached retina) in the middle of the month and my endocrinologist changed my medicine which I ended up having an allergic reaction to. All of this put a hick-up in my progress but I wanted to share my progress. I also spent a week eating too much fat during my learning process.

I have been taking metformin, januvia (switched to trulicity for a week of hell), and lantus. I was on 140 units of lantus and the doctor (whom I started seeing) was appalled and wanted me off that much insulin. Mind you, with all of this I was still waking up with sugars in the 200s mg/dl (11.1 mmol/L) and bedtime readings in the 300s mg/dl (16.7 mmol/L). By the end of the month I was at 50 units. My doctor said it was the second biggest drop he had ever seen and the only person who topped me did so because he gave up his 8 sugary colas a day. I also lost 15 pounds (7 kg).

I have readjusted my diet again (after my too high-fat week) and things have begun to drop again. I’m down to 40 units today. I hope to be off of insulin before the end of the month. The doctor said that if I keep this up, I will eventually be off all my meds. Being stuck at home without transportation while I recovered from my surgery helped. I couldn’t cheat. All I had was what was in my pantry.

This is my year of change!!! The one I’ve dreamed about for so long.



Congratulations Susie to your fantastic success!

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