“I can’t explain the absolute joy I feel”


Ray had been a type 2 diabetic for 17 years when his doctor finally put him on insulin. Other medications were unable to keep his diabetes in check, and the insulin worried him as it would make him put on even more excess weight.

Then Ray found low carb. Here’s what happened:

The Email


Thank you for your invaluable information provided on dietdoctor.com.

I am a 67-year old who has been a type 2 diabetic for 17 years, I was recently prescribed insulin as my metformin and glycacides were no longer effective in keeping my HbA1c down. I settled on about 50 units of Lantis to control my diabetes, which concerned me as I was advised that the insulin will cause me to put on extra weight. As I was already 104 kg (229 lbs.) this really worried me.

It was at this time I came to be aware of your website. To cut a long story short I commenced a LCHF diet about 7 weeks ago, keeping my carbohydrate under 20 grams a day. In the first few days I had to reduce my insulin intake dramatically, and continued to do this for the first few weeks until on week 4 I discontinued insulin completely and continued with metformin only. In week 7 I have just discontinued the metformin so am taking no diabetes medication at all, and my blood sugar readings remain stable between 5.2 and 6 (94–108 mg/dl). I was able to do this myself because my wife is a registered nurse so she was monitoring me closely.

I am now about to see my GP to advise him what I have been doing and to have HbA1c and other blood tests done. I can’t explain the absolute joy I feel at being able to now control my blood sugar with diet alone. I wish I had known about this 17 years ago when I was first diagnosed.

I should also mention that I have lost 7 kg (15 lbs.) in these seven weeks which is an added bonus. I will now continue this lifestyle change for the rest of my life! Who would have thought that a simple change in diet could have such a dramatic effect. I thought I was well informed about type two diabetes but having read and watched numerous videos and presentations on your website I realise that I knew nothing! I am now looking forward to slowly losing more weight to help in the control of my blood sugar.

Ray Murfitt


Congratulations on reversing your diabetes, Ray! Thank you for sharing your story, hopefully it will inspire others to do what you’ve done.

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  1. Dan
    Way to go Ray!
  2. Euodia Steyn
    14 years ago I began medication for HBP (genetically predisposed). 7 years ago Diabetes 2 was diagnosed and Cholestrol levels were rising with gradual increasing weight gain. Previously my only medication was Trisequence since age 46 and Altroxin for hypothyroidism since age 52. My weight has never exceeded 85 kg with height 1.65m.
    6 months of LCHF llifestyle has caused a Uturn. Blood tests on 25 January 2016 revealed beneficial changes with improved Blood Pressure, Diabetic state, cholesterol levels and weightloss. I am no longer on Chronic medication, other than Altroxin and HRT (Estrofem, my choice i.r.o osteoporosis).
    I am 77 years old. My weight is now 72kgs. My BP this morning 9h00 was 111/78. BG 5.1. (5.4 =ave 30 days).
    My only exercise is 2×2 hrs per week of intensive djembe drumming since 2012.
    I have recorded my BP and sugar readings daily since
    1 Jan 2016 in order to keep my GP informed as this lifestyle was at own risk and I needed to convince him of the benefits for me, since he had expressed his doubt of HF in my condition, prior to my last visit.

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