“This is the happiest, healthiest and most energetic I have ever been”

This is fantastic! I got an email from Derek in Australia with a husband and wife success story. The journey includes massive weight loss and numerous health benefits, including reversing infertility – and avoiding weight-loss surgery.

Derek began his LCHF journey without his wife’s support, and she was confused and afraid of the changes she started to see in him. After three months curiosity took over:

The Email

Good day Dr Andreas,

I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you so much for all your amazing work. Your page was one of the big keys to my success and in turn my partner’s. After massive weight loss through LCHF we have been able to conceive after years of trying and are expecting a baby in July. We have 2 older boys, however, due to poor health from a Standard Australia Diet we were unable to conceive a third.

Our story is on www.lowcarbisland.com along with before and after pictures. If you are interested we were also featured on the front page of an Aussie Newspaper recently… that is on the ‘In The Media’ page.

Thanks again for your brilliant work.

Kind regards Derek Smith

From Telaine’s Story

Telaine – before and after At the end of 2013, Derek began his Low Carb, High Fat journey without my support. High Fat??? I was a bitter, cynical and honestly a scared woman. I did want him to change and be happy, but I was worried about his health (heart attacks, cholesterol…oh yep I harped on at him). I was confused and afraid of the changes I started to see in him, but in awe at the same time.

Three months after watching his journey from the sidelines, seeing how he’d become obsessed with a lifestyle, and was discovering new levels of personal health and happiness I grew curious. Full story →

From Derek’s Story


I had tried so many in the past but my will power could only sustain me for so long. Inevitably I would end up throwing it all in and gaining back any weight lost along with interest. I was determined to find the best path to optimum health and weight loss. I decided I would not YoYo again. If I was to start a ‘diet’ it needed to be sustainable for life.

After much reading I decided a Low Carb High Fat diet made the most sense to my scientific brain. I went in ‘whole hog’ on Dec 30th, 2013 and expected great things, the results however even took me by surprise.

Within the first two weeks i had noticed major changes in my well being. Full story →

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  1. FrankG
    Fantastic! Good for you and for your family :-) You both look amazing!
  2. usman
    Hey Guys , U look Great the both of you.Congrats.would really appreciate if you guys cud fill me in on your daily diet.Thanks a bunch .
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  4. Matt
    John, you're cynical and completely wrong. I've put friends on the diet who have lost over 100 pounds. That's 3 friends who have lost over 100, and various others with success in the 30-70 pound range (who were not obese to start with). The diet is amazing for fat loss.

    It's not even unbelievable. I'd be surprised if they DIDNT see these results.

  5. Justin
    John, I hope she feels the same way! But seriously, making the connection that they're both the same person isn't difficult.
  6. BobM
    One of the comments he makes is that he's no longer angry. When I was on a low fat, (very) high carbohydrate diet (i.e., oats for breakfast, pasta for lunch, rice and beans for dinner), I would angry for seemingly no reason. Looking back, that was definitely caused by high blood sugar and the concomitant blood sugar crashes that occurred. On a low carb/high fat diet, I no longer have those periods of anger, nor does it feel as if I'm on a blood sugar roller coaster.
  7. Murray
    You're right. LCHF has transformed her (except for the eyes). A poem about her should be added to Ovid's Metamorphoses.
  8. Chipper

    Be careful with these people. He has been convicted of theft. His history would indicate scam artist.


  9. Fran
    Chipper, I see what you mean, just checked out your link and I would recommend other members check it out too as this guy has a history and the website they are publicising is probably making them money.
  10. bill
    Oh noes! Their website makes them money!
  11. Fran
    A little facetious there Bill and unnecessarily so, get a life. Lol
  12. sarah
    Wow so she (his wife) also had liver cancer too....
    So unkind to steal and lie. Disappointing man.
  13. linda
    If they have changed their lives around and learned something from their past lives they should be given a chance.
    I have looked at the website and there is nothing on there that is asking for money, I think its a useful site with some good recipes.
  14. Lloyd
    i am so frustrated. Since going on a LCHF diet approximately one month ago I have gained 4 kg.
    I have spoken to a number of friends on this eating plan and they are unable to point out where I am going wrong.
    Please help
    Reply: #15
  15. Zepp
    My best advice is this, and that you make special attention on the "on demand feeding"!


    In the beginning its quite normal to eat in old patterns!

    It take some time to notise that ones apetite get lower.

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  17. Barbara Simoes
    Lloyd, I find it very helpful to have a carb-counter book where I can look up the carbs in particular foods. I love all foods; I was the weird kid who liked liver and lima beans! Anyway, I still love vegetables, yet I've found that they have quite a few carbs. An onion, for example, has 14 and three grams of fiber for a net of 11. That is more than half of the 20 you want to limit yourself to a day...at least in the beginning. I was sauteing one as a bed for my eggs at breakfast and wasn't losing weight. Once I was more prudent with my vegetables, weight started to come off. I am not eating any fruit now. I do miss it terribly, but I know that until I get down to my ideal range, I don't want to slow down or stop the weight from coming off. I do have salads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I am just more aware of the vegetable carbs I'm consuming. I hope this helps.
  18. Kerry
    Wow! You have both done amazing! I'm on day one, Iv got a good 3/4 stones to lose, tried all the usual diet groups(slimming world, weight watchers) and nothing has helped, Iv an under active thyroid bi-polar, fibromyalgia and m.e, I'm hoping I'm goi g to see great results but more for my health even though I'm heartbroken about my weight, since learning about this diet, Iv relised this could change my whole life and improve my health, can I ask how long before you saw weight loss changes please? I go away in 10 weeks will I notice a difference? Xxxx
  19. Barbs
    You both look FANTASTIC! !! Well done! !
  20. Lisa
    You both do so well on your health journey & business mistakes in the past are mistakes you guys are the ones that deal with it everyday. I dont see why people bring up these mistakes from your past on a post about your health & well-being. business is business but personal health & wellbeing is something 100% different. It saddens me that people post links in these comments about said mistakes. Your lowcarbisland website is NOT about making you money. I have followed it & you guys for a couple of years now. All i can say is keep on keeping on Telaine & Derek :)
  21. Judy Cutler
    Hello Guys,

    I joined several months back and pay my membership every month, but I can't access all of the info necessary for me to go full blast with this program and I'm getting frustrated because I have 80 lbs. to lose and a lot of energy to reclaim.

    Please help me with this and tell me what I need to do to get access to info.

    Reply: #24
  22. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Judy!

    You find all info at the members start page:

    Hello Guys,I joined several months back and pay my membership every month, but I can't access all of the info necessary for me to go full blast with this program and I'm getting frustrated because I have 80 lbs. to lose and a lot of energy to reclaim.Please help me with this and tell me what I need to do to get access to info.

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