“I am no longer on the diabetes spectrum”


Rosemary was in shock after her doctor diagnosed her with type 2 diabetes. The minute she got home, she started researching what her diagnosis meant and how she could reverse it.

After a while, she discovered Diet Doctor and low-carb. She talked to her specialist diabetes nurse who gave her three months to try and improve her blood sugar readings. This is what happened:

The E-mail

In April 2016 I had my annual blood test check – and was called in to see my doctor. I had such a shock when she diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes, because there had never been any suggestion of high sugar levels in my blood previously. She wrote out a prescription for Metformin and asked me to collect it immediately and start taking it every day.

I immediately went home and googled diabetes, what it meant, what I could do… and came across your invitation to try the LCHF diet. I went shopping the next day and bought what I would need for the following week.

I was given an appointment to see the specialist diabetes nurse in two weeks time. At this appointment, I told her that I hadn’t taken the Metformin but that on this LCHF diet I had already lost 8 lbs (4 kg) in weight and that I preferred to give the diet a chance, rather than take the medication. She agreed to give me three months, at which point I would need further blood tests. Those blood tests were taken three weeks ago – and the results proved you correct!!! I am no longer on the diabetes spectrum, my blood pressure is no longer high (tablet strength reduced now) and I feel so much healthier. I have now lost 22 lbs (10 kg) in weight and no matter what, I shall stay on this diet always.

However – my cholesterol reading is 6 (whatever that means!) and too high, I am told. I was immediately prescribed a statin – which I previously said I was very reluctant to take. So once again, I have asked for three months grace in which to adjust my diet, cutting down on the ‘bad’ fat and including soya products and sterol-based spreads and yoghurts to replace the high fat ones I have been eating. I feel confident that, even at 71 years of age, I can balance my diet to balance my body – much preferable to using medication.

My doctor is not happy and has warned me severely that I am putting myself at great risk for of into the correct way to combat diabetes.

My grateful thanks to you, sir, for publicising the LCHF diet and prolonging the lives of many hundreds, nay thousands of people, who would otherwise be taking gradually increasing doses of Metformin and statins in the vain hope of improving their health.



Congratulations to the weight loss and diabetes reversal Rosemary! It’s always fascinating to me how doctors can get worried by their patients losing weight and reversing type 2 diabetes, just because they didn’t do it the way they were told…

A total cholesterol of 6 is quite normal, and in general it says very little – if anything – about the future risk of disease. Furthermore, older women with high cholesterol tend to live longer lives… so maybe it’s a good thing that it’s not lower?

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