Mats lost 66 pounds: “Keto works”


Mats was suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, excess weight and sleep apnea. But then one day he fell in love – and was introduced to the keto diet:

In the spring of 2017, I met my girlfriend Mia, who has been on a keto diet for seven years.

I did not have a particularly healthy lifestyle and was at 220 pounds (110 kg). I was on two blood-pressure medications, statins for high cholesterol. I was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I had high blood pressure and snored heavily. I was suffering from sleep apnea. I was tired, lacked energy and was depressed. It was a good thing that I had a dog, so I did take walks.

When I met Mia, I was curious about her way of eating and she told me about the health improvements you could experience from the diet. She has read up a lot on keto and has followed Diet Doctor since she started a keto diet seven years ago. She made med realize that I could get rid of my health problems and have more energy. When I started I noticed that it was pretty simple and results came quickly. I stayed satiated longer and had more energy. I started going to the gym. I came off my medications and after eight months, I had lost 66 pounds (30 kg)!

All thanks to the keto diet and a lot of love. I will continue to eat this way, as I have realized that this is a lifestyle that probably saved my life.

Mats Berghäll


Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing, Mats!

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  2. Jane Coleman
    It has been a year since we started the keto way of life... each of us are 2 to 3 stone lighter and more importantly my partner has not had to inject insulin for a year 😊
  3. Gill
    Great job Mats, very inspiring.
    I am happy for you that you found health and love, it doesn't get much better than that. Best wishes for your future.
  4. Carla
    I am 45 days in and your story is inspiring. I also had about 70 lbs to lose! I have 50 left! I needed to see this today!
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  6. Tasha
    How does everyone lose weight but me!! Geez this is frustrating. Keto since January and no pounds lost only gained. Even when I count calories and eat no more than 1200 I do not lose.
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  7. russell
    Hi Tasha! I can understand your frustration--time and time again, I'll hit a "plateau" that seems like no matter what I do, those numbers on the scale won't budge in the right direction! The trick is to keep investigating, keep learning, keep trying to figure out what's holding you back from getting the results you want. First thing I would point out is that calorie restriction DOES NOT WORK. Your body is hard-wired to reduce metabolism when there's a calorie deficit. So, first place to start is STOP starving yourself. I don't know your body size, but 1200 calories is a stingy way to nourish your body. If you feed yourself the right foods and eat until you're satisfied, then your body will eventually learn that there's plenty of nourishment coming in, and it doesn't need to hang onto those fat stores "just in case there's even less food".

    Second, different things within a low-carb, high-fat diet trigger weight loss for different people. You'll have to experiment a bit. Some people cut out dairy and the scale starts to move. Some people are snacking more than they realize, and once they start eating 2 or 3 really satisfying meals, they're not hungry between meals and snacking just doesn't happen. There's also such a thing as "carb creep", where you THINK you're eating very low carbs, but when you add it up, it's way more than you thought. So instead of counting calories, be super-strict with carbs and see if that helps. You could also try intermittent fasting. I totally understand the frustration--but instead of seeing the lack of weight loss as super-stressful (which, by the way, too much stress can stall weight loss), try to see this situation as a really interesting puzzle that you get to solve just for you. Maybe it's as simple as getting more sleep!

    And finally, here's one of my favorite diet doctor videos that I like to re-visit whenever I'm stuck:

    Here's to YOU, Tasha! Can't wait to hear your success story!

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