“Ever since that day I’ve been eating LCHF and no doctor in the whole world can ever change that”

Before and after

Before and after

Peter suffered a horrible headache that nearly made him faint, and he was rushed in an ambulance to the emergency room. At the ER he was quickly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He was sent back home with the advice to “eat like you’ve always done and take your medications”.

Then, after some time he listened to a presentation by a coworker about low-carb, and he immediately decided to try it, even though newspapers had stated it was “life threatening”. This is where he’s at four years later:

The E-mail


My name is Peter Andersson and I am 52 years old. Four years ago, in the middle of the summer, I was struck by a terrible and increasing headache. I nearly fainted from the pain and was taken to the emergency room in an ambulance. They were able to pretty quickly note that I had diabetes type 2. My blood pressure was 190/120 and my blood sugar was 18 mmol/l [325 mg/dl].

Because of the headache, they were concerned that I also had intracranial hemorrhage, but after two days of testing I could go home. In retrospect, it feels like quite a horrible experience: before I was discharged I got to meet a diabetes nurse for 10 to 15 minutes.

She adviced me to “eat as usual”, take my medications, read a couple of colorful brochures from some pharmaceutical company and track my blood sugar with a used blood sugar meter that I could take home.

Back at work in August, my boss informed me that a colleague from Linköping who had heard of what had happened wanted to come and hold a presentation about diet and health as early as the same week.

I thought that it sounded amazing but I already knew what to eat and the importance of movement, the dietitian had already told me about this at the hospital.

The colleague came and the first slide he showed contained four letters, low-carb. I didn’t know what LCHF was at the time but I had read a couple of headlines from newspapers that stated that it was life threatening.

The presentation made me very interested and afterwards I decided immediately that I should try this! Ever since that day I’ve been eating LCHF and no doctor in the whole world can ever change that. I was able to manage my blood sugar very quickly, I started to feel great and within six months I had lost 20 kg [44 lbs]. During these past four years I haven’t had a single cold, no sore throat, no headaches (I used to suffer from tension headaches). I haven’t had a bloated stomach or felt the need to stuff myself with food, instead I am pleasantly satisfied after meals.

I have also picked up running after 15 years of no exercise. I now run at the same pace as I did during my active career as a soccer player. I can however add that my doctor still wants to put me on statins and blood pressure meds as a “preventative” measure.

I want to thank one of the members of team DietDoctor: my colleague and friend Fredrik Söderlund for the presentation that changed my life.

Peter Andersson


Congratulations Peter, this is a very inspiring story!

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  1. Mary-Ann
    After reading this inspiring story, wonder if it would be possible to create something like a pdf file with 7-10 slides that explains briefly the benefits of LCHF that one could share with family and friends and then if they are interested they can be directed to this website for a host of information. I think for some, the vast amount of information can be daunting at first.
    Thanks for this great site..I visit every day for inspiration. Down 17 pounds and counting.
  2. Brenda E
    One of the things that was most surprising when I started LCHF was how in just one week all my muscle stiffness disappeared. It had been so bad that I had trouble bending over and lifting my leg just to put on underwear. If I sat for 10 minutes and then got up, I would hobble until I could work the stiffness out of my muscles. We won't even talk about getting out of bed in the morning. I thought this was just one of the things that happened as we get older. Wrong! I had no idea that this was all due to my diet. For me, this one thing alone is worth staying off the carbs. I have increased my exercise because now it is a joy to move, where before it was painful. I don't think this benefit is touted enough on your website. It was a complete surprise to me.
  3. RT
    Hi Peter, and congratulations! I know I don't need to tell you this, but forget those statins! In fact, if your doctor still wants to give you statins, I'd fire him.
    Reply: #5
  4. Hilary
    thats a wonderful story, its great to keep hearing how eating this way dramatically enhances peoples health and wellbeing. i love this way of eating ?
  5. Fredrik Söderlund
    #3 RT: Dont worry, Peter is off ALL his medications and do not have any second thoughts about it! ;-)
  6. Nick @ LIHF Living
    Well done Peter! A story not entirely dissimilar to my own..

    For me, what is amazing is not necessary Peter's weight loss but this comment from his doctor:
    "my doctor still wants to put me on statins and blood pressure meds as a “preventative” measure." This "blanket medication" of the over-50's attitude is starting to become more & more mainstream, especially in the UK where I believe there is a BIG government push for this. Where do you draw the line? "I'm gonna put you on anti-depressants, just in case you're feeling a bit sad on Mondays"??

    It strikes me that physicians are simply acting in the interests of "Big Pharma" rather than their patients these days and this MUST stop.

  7. Lisa Wilson
    OMGOSH ... all our stories sound the same! 51 years old here...I'm on week 15 of my 2-week challenge. Haha. Still going strong and down 17 pounds. So happy. Energetic. Headaches have almost disappeared. Skin cleared (until this week. Acne at 51? Grrr.).I'm trying NOT to weigh myself and use a pair of pants as my unit of measure. I feel amazing that I can comfortably wear a pair of pants today that I could not button in April. Peter, you are an inspiration to keep going. You look fantastic, but more than that you look healthy and happy.
  8. Sally Johnson
    Down at least 65# since August 2015 , don't have a scale but my size 4 jeans are loose so I think I've lost a few more pounds.
    But the most important improvement is how terrific I feel all day and night, every day and night. No bloating after meals; no pain in joints; no stomach growling; no hunger. If a doctor told me to take meds because I'm old and at risk, I would laugh and fire him or her, because there is nothing to thank for how good I feel other than the way I've learned to eat thanks to this site, these doctors, and my own determination to find a way of living that works for me...LCHF. I'm 72; most of my life I suffered all the problems that come with S.A.D. diet including bouts with cancer, elevated BP, stroke, divertulosis, migraines. To be well at my age is unusual, but what I'm sharing here is true. My present doctor is an M.D. but holistic and helps rather than hindering; I only found him after I had begun LCHF; he does not toe the conventional medical line of bull.
    For those who read this and don't believe, be brave and begin LCHF. If you are strict, in about one week you'll feel wonderful.
  9. Sherry
    Has anyone experienced cholesterol levels shooting up? I went from 220 total cholesterol to 325, LDL went from 110 to 225. Even with my triglycerides improving (67) I'm too concerned to continue with HFLC, thoughts?
    Reply: #12
  10. Alan
    Typically, I have observed that the LDLc goes up, but so does the "good" HDLc. Having a high HDL and low triglycerides is the opposite of a metabolic syndrome (low HDL, high triglycerides, pre-diabetic or diabetic with hypertension). LDLc is typically calculated from a formula that uses the total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. LDLc is the amount of cholesterol carried in LDL particles. LDL particles are not all the same. Small LDL particles are bad, typically going up with carbohydrate consumption. Large, buoyant, "fluffy" LDL particles are thought to be benign and go up on an LCHF diet. So, your lipid profile may not be a serious issue.
  11. Florence
    Congratulations Peter, so happy for you, also all those who have done so well with improving their health. I turn 70 in December and I was very impressed with Sally Johnson you are truly remarkable.
  12. bill
    Unless you got an NMR test, your LDL
    was probably just calculated, and
    likely incorrectly. See Ken Sikaris's
    videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyzPEii-wo0
    to start.
  13. 1 comment removed
  14. Bob
    I really appreciated this story as well as all the others on this website. They are truly inspiring. Peter's before after pictures are worth the proverbial 'thousand words'. I too have changed my lifestyle going to LCHF and also doing super slow high intensity weight training once a week. I am into my 15th month of this lifestyle change, having gone from 250lbs to my target weight of 190lbs and at age 56 have never felt better or been as fit as I am now except when I was in the military as a younger man. I lost most of the weight during the first seven months and am just maintaining now. I went from a 42" waist to a 36", really closer to a 34"now. I have had to change my complete wardrobe which has been very expensive but obviously totally worth it. Several years ago, I had my annual physical and my doctor said if I didn't make some changes he would put me on high blood pressure cholesterol meds. I have always vowed to myself I wouldn't take any meds if I could help it. This, more than anything prompted me to make changes in my lifestyle. The reality is LCHF is the only way to go. It is so easy to do and maintain. At this point, I don't even think about what I will eat, I already know what is and is not acceptable. Its so obvious. My last physical was December 2015, my doctor said, 'I don't know what you did, but keep doing it'. I explained LCHF and he totally was on board and said he was going to look into this. (I passed on this excellent website to him).. He wrapped up by saying.."Don't come back for two years" How cool is that? For all those contemplating this life-style.. Go for it! You won't be disappointed.
  15. Helen Batting
    I went on LCHF about 16 months ago. My husband chose to as well, but he cheats with beers etc. I lost 22 kgs he lost 12 (in 7 months but we are stable since then)
    He is 78. His esophageal ulcer which bled and made him anemic has totally healed - so avoiding major surgery. His cholesterol is 3.1. The physician says he'll live to 100 now.
    I have no arthritis - which crippled me before. I can exercise again. All my migraines vanished. I love my new shape, my pain free life and I love cooking LCHF because anyone can make delicious food with cream! (and all the fresh natural produce, of course). I have control of my weight, my health and I will NEVER go back to that old life despite everything anyone says.
    Thank you for inspiring so many people with this wonderful lifestyle

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