Type 2 diabetes reversed after 26 years of insulin dependence!


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Can you reverse type 2 diabetes after 26 years of insulin dependence? Conventional wisdom says it’s impossible. It can not be done.

Here’s how Barb Mynott did it:

The email

Greetings from India!

My story nearly matches Bernard’s! I was taking 170 units of Lantus a day and a handful of metformin along with meds for coronary artery disease, and a host of other illnesses. I was diabetic for 26 years, this poor old body has Crohn’s disease, Barrett’s esophagus, hypertension, hypothyroidism, esophageal spasm, gastro paresis, both types of arthritis and more… blah, blah, blah… I was taking close to $1200.00 a month in medications. I believe mainly based on inflammatory/autoimmune disease.

I began your program confused thinking I MUST eat all this food and three meals a day and honestly could not do it! Simply could not ingest that much in one day… did not want to! After a month more reading and viewing every offering on your site I began to understand… there is no rule save be smart and cut, cut, cut carbs. Next I joined up and cut down, exactly like Bernard to one meal a day with frequent three day fast and a miracle has happened!

Diabetes – after 26 years of insulin dependence – is gone. The neuropathy in my feet vastly improved. Crohn’s disease, after 45 years of agony, is in complete remission, cardiac issues are resolving themselves. BP is back to a healthy normal, esophageal issues are hugely improved.

I began this journey searching for help to prepare for three upcoming surgeries, a diastasis recti and very large hiatal hernia repair which scares me and I want to be at my best to undertake, a complete shoulder replacement on my right shoulder and a replacement of the prosthesis already in my left shoulder. I think your excellent advice and all the information on your site might just save me! Not only have so many autoimmune and inflammatory issues straightened themselves out, but I have lost fourteen pounds as a side effect. Thanks to you and Dr. Jason Fung my life has totally changed TOTALLY… you are miracle makers!

I would love to see more about the ‘psychology’ of this method of eating stressed on your site. As both Bernard and I said, satiety was immediate but the mental issues of converting were constantly creeping in saying… you should be eating… are you seriously going to eat that fat? Cooking eggs in butter, are you crazy? I think the diet is NO effort but the psychological issues may be what defeat many people! The thinking that you cannot fast or you cannot eat this and that is far harder to deal with than the eating plan!

Also, I am a Registered nurse (retired, I am 64 years of age) and have seen so many years of inflammatory and autoimmune disease killing people needlessly! I would love to see as much research shared on these issues as diabetes because all three in my case were hugely improved by this lifestyle!

I have watched every single interview, course and documentary on the site, it is so very full of wonderful information – you rock! Thank you, and please, keep up the better than excellent work!

Barb Mynott


Congratulations on your spectacular health improvements, Barb!

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  1. Nate
    Congratulations Barb! Wow, I often feel sorry for myself because of having T1 for 50 years with several complications, but I'm humbled by all that you endure and still keep fighting. Keep on going girl!

    I don't know much about psychology but I hope my comments help. I've been eating LCHF for 11 years and will until I die. It is the only way to eat for me because my health is soooo much better now.

    I suppose you have read Dr. Bernstein's book, but, if not, I would recommend it. It was my introduction into LCHF. As I was first reading it, I started yelling and cursing as I read about gastroparesis. I had self diagnosed myself with that complication of diabetes and the ADA diet. Anyway, I started eating LCHF immediately and the next day my frozen shoulders thawed and my trigger fingers relaxed. And many other things slowly got better. My A1c's now average about 5.7 down from 7.0.

    Best of Luck!

  2. Eric
    @ Nate
    Yes dr. Bernstein is the source for T1, T2, and every one who wants better glucose and insulin control

    I have found he is right on the button for sooooo many diet items like his warning and observations of patients eating too many nuts, too much cream, or fruit. I finally decided to obstain and stick with meat, fish eggs and for the most part seaweed.

    The one area he does not cover or not as much is fasting. However Dr. Jason Fung does a great job on fasting and the work of Valter Longo shows the benefits of 5 day fasting on glucose, insulin, white blood cell count etcetera.

  3. Charles Grashow
    Gee - T2D can also be reversed with a very high carb low fat diet as well





    What so anyone here - or does this go against your paradigm??

    Replies: #4, #5, #8, #14, #21, #25
  4. Paul TR
    We do not have paradigm here Charles. We observe, learn, adjust; observe, learn, adjust - mostly taking to the account our own experiences or those we know personally. I suggest you go back to the blog of armchair "nutritionists and biochemists" who know all - although have no clinical experience (and probably are not able to draw structure of glucose without looking it up in an entry level college biochemistry textbook).
    Thank you for the papers, we read them already, thank you anyway.
    Reply: #6
  5. robert
    Not eating a SAD diet does a lot of good, the implementation varies.

    The crucial point is, as always, compliance. Some can do low-fat plant-only, others just can't (me included).

    One aspect of this is energy density, another one palatability. I don't see how I could consume the vast amounts of greenery to supply me with the same energy as an average omelet with bacon and some butter. I'd be eating all the time, like a gorilla.

    Reply: #7
  6. Charles Grashow
    You do have a paradigm - it's called Low Carb.

    BTW - did you look at/read the studies I linked to?

    Reply: #9
  7. Charles Grashow
    Look at the studies - diets were not too low in calories - read then comment
  8. Murray
    I read the study quickly. It looks like all four references are to the same study. It was done in Cuba. It offers no explanation of the metabolics or how the diet affects metabolics. Those who could not "tolerate" the diet were not included. It claims total cholesterol decreased 16%, LDL cholesterol decreased 22% and HDL cholesterol increased 97%. Seems a bit strange. Then I love this assertion: "Low fat diets encourage weight loss, whereas high fat diets are strongly associated with obesity, glucose intolerance and increased insulin resistance." Well, one could cite 23 RCTs that show high-fat diet does better than low-fat diet, especially with regard to insulin resistance. It appears this study was "shaped" by a Cuban government seeking to rationalize a meagre macrobiotic diet for its food-deprived population.

    Yes, we have a paradigm here: applied science and engineering. One looks at the science, posits engineered solutions, observes the outcomes and returns to the science to explore the root causes of roadblocks and then re-engineer. And this is repeated iteratively, always seeking recalcitrant experience to test and refine the engineered model. It is hardly controversial that type two diabetes is a condition of poorly regulated blood sugar derived from insulin resistance. Eating less food convertible into blood sugar and eating less insulin-stimulating foods is a plausible hypothesis. In fact, it has shown to work exceptionally well in large numbers of people in a clinical setting. Dr. Fung has gone farther to show the role of fatty liver and fatty pancreas and how LCHF supplemented with sufficient fasting can restore pancreas and liver function and thereby undo insulin resistance and, as a result, the type two diabetes. That is brilliant engineering: the reciprocal engagement of science and experience. Yes, that is the paradigm.

  9. Paul TR
    You can ship me a full room of 'scientific papers' Charles. My work involves helping people affected by metabolic diseases - I see what works and what does not work. And you are right, for some LCHF does not work, but from my experience it is less than 5% of those who we treat. I guess you are within this 5%.
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  10. Bernard
    Great story Barb. Making your story public is a contribution and inspiration to the many sufferers of diabetes and other inflammatory diseases. Now go and enjoy the rest of your life. :)
  11. Frances Lilian
    Fabulous Barb! (so glad the turmoil is over, so glad you are 'on the right track' now, so pleased you 'made the switch').
  12. Bob Niland
    re: ... for some LCHF does not work, but from my experience it is less than 5% of those who we treat.

    One explanation for some of the 5%: circadian mismatch

  13. marta
    So miracle here. Just eat one times and the frozen shoulder right away work well. We are not that lucky. Yes we are heel too....is take hard work. Is a miracle too healing 26 years of diabetes and insuline damage so easy. Is take to my friend 3 years finally. My diabetes only 10 years old and take only 25 lantus one times a day and stop that take me one year. My bs still easy skyrocketing from stress but we getting much better too on this diet. Not with photoshop speed, just normal way. Sorry, l have a bad feeling this all.
  14. Dan
    The reality charles, is that most people here need a SERIOUS kick in the right direction to get there health back. I concur with most here and our dear Dr Andreas that a LCHF diet works, it has improved my health one hundred fold! I am no longer diabetic and dozens of other nagging symptoms I thought were a normal part of growing old have been alleviated.

    However, I do think some LCHF suggestions come across extreme (to the uninitiated) and are even possibly unnecessary if you're looking for a lifestyle change to heal yourself, long term.

    Here is a study I valued that lends support to your post (although I disagree with you on the details), http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/53/6/1647S.long. This study is about obesity and CHD, but as we all know here they should be seen as different parts of the same beast (metabolic syndrome) of which diabetes is a part. The study involved returning a group of Hawaiians to their traditional diet which as it happens was quite high-carb and not particularly high-fat!

    All participants benefited with weight loss, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc after just 21 days. Having been instructed to eat to satiety and without being calorie controlled the average calorie reduction was 41% (suggesting their brains were talking to their stomachs again, which is a good sign you're on the mend).

    On the surface this might appear to advocate a nonchalant high-carb diet whilst still healing metabolic syndrome but if you look at what they actually ate you'll see they removed Grains, vegetable oil and all processed food (i.e the stuff filled with grains, seed oils and SUGAR), they ate a lot of fresh leafy greens and nothing but whole, unrefined foods.

    The true message of LCHF is to eat real food, and inform you that products (or home cooked foods) that contain grains, veggie oil and added sugar are NOT real food! By conventional standards any diet devoid of grains could be considered low-carb, the philosophy's high-fat part is to eat fat to satiety, not eat fat for the sake of it, so high-carb is subjective.

    Whilst you're eating acellular starch from grains your diabetes will only get worse! If you're eating a homeopathic amount then, sure, you won't likely turn diabetic, but expect to be hungry all the time and experience fluctuation of blood glucose, not to mention the inflammation, autoimmune issues, dental problems, etc.

    You cannot possibly still believe a bowl of sugar (or equivalent glycemic load of bread or cereal) could be remotely a nutritious as fresh fruit, tubers, even maple syrup, honey and other high-carb paleo foods.

    Stop trying to dissuade folk from reclaiming their health!

    Reply: #16
  15. Eddie Mitchell
    Good grief Grizzly Grashow is back with a vengeance! As usual talking complete and utter tosh. Get carbed up to the gills to reverse your type two diabetes, yes and Lions make good house pets. Have you had permission from Carbsane to be over here?

    Charlie you may the first ever double recipient of the Golden Gezza. http://thelowcarbdiabetic.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=golden+gezza+grashow

  16. Maki
    I know that a bowl of sugar is equal to sugary fruit at least when my weight is concerned. I did try paleo diet, and I had not lost a pound in a week (I did feel better, but I was hungry all of the time). But I loose weight very fast when I keep my diet at 120g of carbs, and not low fat no matter what I eat, and without any hunger.
    Reply: #19
  17. Jo tB
    I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 15 years ago. All interventions I tried (LCHF, Gluten Free, Paleo) didn't work for me. My blood sugars kept fluctuating all over the place despite diligently taking my medications. For years I thought my diabetes diagnosis was incorrect. It turns out I was right. I was recently diagnosed as being Histamine Intolerant and have been put on a low histamine diet. As soon as I eat something that is high in histamines I notice that the next morning my blod sugars are higher and it takes 3 or more days to come down. And I notice that my skin is a lot more itchy than normal. A sign that the bucket is overflowing.
  18. Eddie Mitchell
    You only ever notice a man is bald once, unless he wears a wig.

    The same goes for an overweight person. Unfortunately the media never let up on the overweight person. The term, which I personally hate is obese, to me it is derogatory and hateful. During my life time we have moved on from the jokes about the Black Man, Jews and Homosexuals, but the fat man or women is still a common target. The reality is the negative stereo typing of people regarding race, colour or religion was always based on prejudice, ignorance and irrational fear.

    Imagine having a heart attack and being rushed to a casualty hospital, would you care if the medics were Black, Jewish or overweight? get my drift? it would not cross your mind. No sane person would believe the average person goes out of their way to become heavily overweight, but like the Black person, the Jew, the Gay person, we are what we are.

    Clearly, for so many losing weight is extremely difficult, the person that comes up with a 100% successful way for all people who want to lose weight, would become so rich he or she would be sending welfare parcels to Bill Gates.

    So, I say to the heavily overweight person, cut yourselves some slack. People only ever notice once, and only a bigoted fool and coward, with their own fears and prejudice, would ever make any mileage out of the situation.

    For what my opinion is worth, eliminate sugar completely, dump all highly processed high carbohydrate factory produced foods. Base your meals on non starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds. Add high quality protein such as meat, fish and eggs. Do not fear the fats man has ate since the beginning of time, a long time before the epidemics of heart disease, type two diabetes and all that being heavily overweight can bring.

    This is not rocket science, it's plan old common sense. "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." Hippocrates. Over two thousand years ago those words were uttered by the Father of medicine, they stand good today. Never has the food we eat had greater influence over our lives. Traditional foods and healthy eating has been usurped by the multinational food giants. Do not become a victim of poor dietary information. Eat the food we evolved from, the less man is involved, the healthier the food.

  19. Christoph
    Then stick to it. What's works best for YOU is the right diet for YOU.
  20. Eddie Mitchell
    With respect Christoph, whole fresh food works for everyone I know. For me as a type two diabetic, to my always been very slim non diabetic Wife, to our Grandchildren. Us low carbers are not trying to re-invent the wheel, we are just going back to a time people ate real food. A time before type two diabetes was a growing problem for teenagers.
    Replies: #22, #23
  21. Christoph
    You shouldn't forget one important thing: everyone has his/her stance that can't be ignored. You got to have a premise to work with. As a BA-historian I can confirm that because I studied scientific theory. Like here: we have a Low-Carb-basis to work with.
    Does it mean we have a paradigm? Not really. We only have a basis to work with, nothing more. As long as science shows positive results it's correct. If not then you have to deal with the new data, Hegelian triad thesis-antithesis-synthesis.

    To your studies: some of them are really interesting but High-Carb compared to Low-Carb mostly they show this: both avoid processed food. So the primary focus should lie on that.

    So if Low-Carb or High-Carb does work for YOU... then what's the problem with this nice story?

  22. Christoph
    Absolutely. Completely agree with you.
  23. Christoph
    P.S.: For some less fruit, for some more fruit. Depending on the carb-tolerance. Didn't mean anything else. ;)
  24. Eddie Mitchell
    "Hegelian triad thesis-antithesis-synthesis" Sorry Christoph you are clearly operating on a far higher tangent than me, but I think we are singing from the same hymn sheet.

    The best of luck and health to you and yours, and all who produce and visit this great blog, even Charlie boy.

  25. François
    Strange this macrobiotic diet article creeps up regularly on this blog. I recall a few months back making some comments about this "diet". It is a strange combination of oriental philosophy and esoterical western principles dressed as nutrition. Almost any diet is better than the SAD, but one's mind should start questioning the validity of the article when one reads:"Low fat diets encourage weight loss, whereas high fat diets are strongly associated with obesity, glucose intolerance and increased insulin resistance." which is totally false and contrary to the findings of at least the last 15 years. Over and over again, high fat diets have outperformed low fat diets non only on weight loss but also on health parameters. Nobody can prevent anyone to believe in anything, be it strange, unscientific or utterly false. So Charles, feel free to believe in the macrobiotic diet. But please, stop sharing this nonsense.
  26. Maki
    It is the fruit that makes me not buy into just eat real food, and everything will be fine. I had tried just eating real food, and it doesn't work, but adding a slice of whole wheat bread to my eggs (just 15g of carbs + tomato it is less then 20) doesn't seem to affect me negatively at all. I definitely don't see any effects of gluten on my appetite as long as my total carb number is in check. I can eat pasta (heavy sauce) or pizza (allot of cheese, and salami) as well, and I have no problems with that. You should check how proportions of macro had changed traditionally people were eating 3x less pasta per dish, and about the same amount of sauce, and more fat, it worked then why it wouldn't work now? (Of course that only applies when you aren't diabetic)
    Reply: #28
  27. Bill
    If you want to get an insight as to why people with diabetes get no better take a peek at Diabetes UK website, most of it seems to be a bit patronising and quite frankly, in my opinion, bad advice anyway. But I took at at the suggested recipes section:

    Skewered Fruit with dips (made with sugar). Total carb 38 grams per serving

    Mackerel Salsa Wrap. Total carb 40 grams per serving

    Blackeyed Bean and Feta Wrap. 36 grams per serving

    If I understand correctly dividing by 4 gives the equivalent in teaspoons of sugar.......

  28. Chris the Barbarian
    Well, if you can handle that diet, good for you. Most people can't handle Sugar, Grain, fruits (even only in moderation), Dairy, Nuts, ... so they shouldn't eat it.
    Reply: #29
  29. Maki
    If you can't handle it then get out of the kitchen, j/k. If you can't handle it, then don't eat it, but many people assume that they can't handle grains just because low carb diet works for them. It is the same with "safe starches" many people had found that they can include them, add more carbs to perfect health diet levels, and that it doesn't make them gain weigh. I am just saying that people shouldn't be so dogmatic about diets, and experiment to see if it works, especially when somebody has a hard time sticking to diet, adding starches, and a piece of bread makes lower carb diet much more palatable.

    btw. my point with fruit is that you can't say that the diet is just about eating whole foods, and limit fruit. Fruits are whole foods so if you must restrict them then clearly the diet is about something else. Also people were eating starches, and grains before obesity epidemic.

    Reply: #30
  30. Murray
    Biology is all about rates. Plainly the dietary guidelines that came out in the early 1980s, to increase significantly the amount of dietary starch by eating 5-11 servings of starch per day and to reduce fat consumption tipped the balance for a lot of people. Also, not accumulating body fat is different from shedding body fat. I can eat thousands of calories of fat per day without gaining weight (surplus fat passes through into the feces), but I don't lose any weight when I'm eating loads of fat. I don't gain weight drinking so-called bulletproof coffees, but I don't lose weight either. To lose weight I would need to ditch the butter-enhanced coffee. For most people who have surplus body fat, they got that way eating carbs at a higher rate or concentration than their metabolism could handle, so shedding weight would require eating fewer carbs than the rate at which they would not gain weight. But until you have figured out your personal rate thresholds, and how they vary with exercise, etc., easier just to avoid the starchy and sugary foods.
  31. BobM
    Maki, I think you're confusing Paleo with low carb, high fat. Both eat whole foods but fruits and the like are limited on low carb. Personally, the only fruit I can eat is a few berries. If I eat anything else, my blood sugar shoots through the roof. As for wheat, I can eat a very little amount every once in a great while. Otherwise, I get acid reflux (never have this on low carb), more allergies, etc. Wheat is very, very bad for me.
  32. Peggy Holloway
    My sister was diagnosed with Type II in 1999. She began following a low-carb diet soon after. She has continued to deal with elevated first morning, fasting blood sugar but has avoided spikes. Readings drop during the day and seem unrelated to food consumption. Because HgA1C has remained high, her doctor has prescribed many of the common medications including insulin injections.
    It has been very frustrating to see her unable to control her BG levels with the same diet as I have successfully used to avoid Type II, which runs in our family and which I am sure I was headed for before I also went low-carb in 1999.
    Last week, my sister suffered severe stomach pain and was admitted to the ICU with blood sugar above 500. She was to see an endocrinologist and "dietician" and I'm not sure what will come of that. For her, the dietary changes did not work. We have no idea why not and I am upset and angry.
    Reply: #33
  33. Chris the Barbarian
    Unfortunately, this diet doesn't solve the Problem for every one, just most. I am really sorry your Sister still has problems despite the dietary changes.

    Maybe you should look what exactly she is eating? For some, Nuts and Dairy (Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt, Cream, ... except Butter) can cause many problems. Give Intermittent Fasting a Try, 16:8 is usually a good starting point. Cook only real food, don't buy any convience Products. Read the labels! There are so many hidden carbs.

    Or, maybe, she even will be better on a different Diet, there are many possibilities.

  34. MerryKate
    Peggy, I hope the doctors are able to figure out what is wrong with your sister. Having an underlying health problem can lead to uncontrolled blood sugar regardless of the diet. That may be the issue in her case.

    In addition to Chris' good suggestions, I would ask which low-carb diet she's following. Some don't do a good job of encouraging people to eat healthfully, but allow wheat, high dairy intake and too much processed food. A really troubling development are the Atkins tv dinners, which serve everything from pasta to pizza, and claim to be 10-12 net carbs. There is nothing healthy about them. If a person ate them regularly, they'd probably be dealing with serious blood sugar swings.

    As has been said several times on this board, the best diet is eating whole foods rather than processed, with a focus on leafy veggies, good quality meats, eggs, fish, and the occasional fruit, and very limited dairy. It's a good place to start.

  35. Loretta
    I've been on a LCHF diet for 6 weeks now. I found the foods that trigger higher spikes in my insulin and blood glucose levels: dairy, berries, and too much protein. With any diet, you have to tweak things to work for you. Now that I know what these things do to my insulin and BGLs, I just eliminate them from my diet. It took trial and effort though. I still know that the LCHF diet is the best one for me. I've lost weight, my A1c has come down from 9.2 to 7.2 and my depression has gone away. I was on 150 units of insulin per day. Now I just take Janumet twice a day. My morning numbers are higher, but they come down during the day AND I know what causes those morning highs now. I am no longer concerned about it. I am LCHF for life now. I will never go back to eating sugary, starchy, dairy, and processed foods.

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