“I am now an advocate for high-fat low-carb healthy eating”

Virginia had fought obesity and diabetes for decades while constantly feeling deprived.

Then she started low-carb, and this is what has happened after six months:

The E-mail

For decades I have fought obesity and diabetes. I have tried low-carb low-fat diets many times and failed to remain on them. I always felt deprived.

I have been following Diet Doctor for six months and have found success on the low-carb high-fat healthy lifestyle. It has changed my life. I have successfully stayed the course, have been satisfied (no more feeling deprived), and found a new way of life. A healthful diet including fat has made a huge difference.

In six months I have lost 40 pounds (18 kg) and am down two dress sizes. I have also been able to reduce my diabetic meds by half. My goal is to be strict low carb. So far, I have been successful on a moderately low carb eating plan. And, I really appreciate the encouraging emails I received from Diet Doctor leaders. Through them I am reminded to get good fat from meat (instead of dairy and nuts).

The recipes are wonderful, especially the cauliflower lasagna. At one of our family gatherings I made a pan of lasagna with cauliflower noodles, and my sister made a traditional pan using pasta noodles. We told the family we knew we would need two pans to ensure having enough. We both agreed to make a pan using our personal recipes. Both pans were identical sizes. When we went to put away leftovers, we were amazed to see half of her pan left over and my pan empty. Everyone enjoyed it, and they are not trying to follow a low-carb health plan.

I have also been more diligent in reading labels and eliminating high fructose corn syrup from my food.

Thank you Diet Doctor. I thought I was doomed to be obese forever. I am now an advocate for high-fat low-carb healthy eating.



Keep up the great work, Virginia!

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