Which Breakfast Is Healthier?

Which is healthier for you? High carb with granola, orange juice and low-fat yogurt, or low carb with eggs and bacon?

Ivor Cummins and our video team went to West Palm Beach to ask people what they consider healthy. You can watch the full video above (transcript).

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The correct answer

The correct answer to the question – at least for people who are insulin resistant (obesity, type 2 diabetes etc.) – should be the low-carb breakfast.

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  1. Elias
    Isn't it unhealthy to eat eggs every day?
    Reply: #2
  2. Gentiann
    Why do you think it's unhealthy ?
  3. James
    My Dietitian told me I could consume up to 4 eggs a day and it would be fine. Consult your Dr. or Dietitian to find out what's best for you.
  4. Wren
    I think it depends on how you cook them. If you fry them in lots of oil the worse they are for you. But you like them that way try to change the oil to healthier option and try not to drown them with oil in the pan. You can by these low calorie oil spray bottles in most grocery stores. If you're looking to avoid frying your eggs try poached eggs.

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