Quick & easy keto breakfasts

Quick & easy keto breakfasts

Are you in a hurry? Do you want your keto breakfast to be finished in 5 minutes or less with minimal effort or no cooking? Check out our super simple low-carb breakfasts that will fill your tummy and speed up your morning routine.

The fastest keto breakfast is no breakfast, but these delicious alternatives come pretty close. Some can be ready in just one minute and will keep you satiated for hours.


Essential breakfast ingredients

Choosing what to have even for a quick breakfast usually depends on what ingredients you already have on hand. To make sure your refrigerator and pantry is always ready for a quick bite, here are a few items that are worth stocking up on. They are not only delicious and satisfying but versatile and often recurring ingredients in our keto recipes.


  • Eggs: No matter if you’re going for a classic omelet or a traditional boiled, scrambled, fried or poached version, eggs always come handy when it’s meal o’clock. Not only they taste good but they are also one of the most versatile protein-rich foods and the perfect base for countless instant breakfasts and brunches.
  • Bacon: Insert here what you just read about those yummy eggs and now add some bacon! Another basic yet versatile ingredient that will take all your fried eggs to the next level and helps to sneak in some extra fat to keep you satisfied.
  • Avocado: Being one of the most beloved keto kitchen staple, the avocado does not need much attention or preparation. You can just spoon it out straight from the shell, sprinkle with lemon juice or your favorite spices and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can combine it with your scrambled eggs, add it to your keto plate and consume with other goodies like cold cuts and salmon.
  • Cheese: They come in all shapes and sizes and we love them all. Choose a massive block, sliced, shredded or cream. Feta, parmesan, cheddar, Brie or mozzarella. Make some quick cheese roll-ups and enjoy cold or incorporate into your omelet or scrambled eggs. Nothing beats the taste of melting cheese in the morning.
  • Cold cuts: It’s always good to have a selection of various sliced meats in the refrigerator so you can pick and choose depending on what you’re in the mood for. Rost beef, deli turkey or ham, some lovely slices of prosciutto or smoked salmon will be in the spotlight when you’re not yet awake but certainly in the mood for some meat.
  • Olives: A delicate fresh flavor packed with healthy fats to perk you up in the mornings. Go for a few pieces of green or black olives, excellent with cheese and cold cuts. Unpitted olives tend to taste way better, however if you don’t have time to fiddle around, feel free to go for the unpitted delicacies.
  • Butter: Butter is your best friend when it comes to completing your meals with a quick fat kick. You can mix it with boiled eggs or prepare some flavored butter using herbs and spices, parmesan or blue cheese, olives or even bacon! Prepare ahead and store in your fridge, so you can just enjoy when your alarm clock goes off.
  • Coffee: If you love coffee, this will certainly be the most important thing for you in the mornings. You can either use some cream in it or butter it up for the bulletproof version that is guaranteed to keep you satiated for hours.