Guess what the world’s oldest woman had for breakfast every morning?

The world’s oldest woman, 116-year-old Susannah Mushatt Jones, just passed away. She was the last US person born in the 19th century.

What made her live so long? It’s impossible to know, but media reports something interesting:

Ms Jones always maintained that lots of sleep and no smoking or drinking were the main reasons she lived to celebrate her 116th birthday last year.

But perhaps it was due to the pleasures she allowed herself in life too. In an interview with Time Magazine last year, she admitted to eating four strips of bacon with scrambled egg every day.

An earlier article contains more details:

Jones’ favorite dish is bacon and eggs… The 116-year-old woman eats bacon and eggs every morning and her daily regime contains more than one portion of meat per day.

You would expect her to suffer from Type 2 diabetes and coronary diseases and yet, Susannah Mushatt Jones needs no special medical treatments. Doctors have all agreed she is in a perfect physical condition, in spite of the products she eats.

In spite of? Or because of?

Eggs and meat have been eaten by humans for millions of years, making us likely to be perfectly adapted to them. They should thus be perfectly healthy foods, way healthier than most modern processed foods.

It’s likely no coincidence that the fear of animal fats during the last few decades – and the corresponding increase in consumption of processed carbs – have coincided with an unprecedented epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

Susannah Mushatt Jones was perhaps already too old to care about the modern low-fat fad diet. Good for her.

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  1. Apicius
    How funny...after stating that she ate eggs and bacon everyday, including more than one portion of meat, the article states that "in spite of" her eating habits she did not become diabetic. What a stupid statement!!! Diabetes is a blood sugar problem disease. What part of bacon, eggs and meat contributes to blood sugar? Idiots!!

    Perhaps we can blame cigarettes for AIDS, or perhaps blame Apple cellphones for sunburns. Follows the same logic.

  2. Sarah-Jane Simcock
    Omg. They are so stupid to say that eating that way was surprising she didn't have those diseases. C'mon people. Wake up! She was 116 yrs old. Obviously she was doing something right.
  3. Tony
    I agree SJ, since using the HFLC system, not only have I lost 10Kg, my skin has improved, I'm off all medications including blood pressure medication. I'm nearly 75 and going great guns. Love those bacon, eggs and mushrooms for breakfast!
  4. Leroy
    Good for her!

    Plus in her "early years" - up to age 75 when she "retired" - her life was quite active. I mean she was in her teens, 20s, and 30s through the early 1900s to 1930s.

    You know ignorant reporters like this and their astounding lack of knowledge truly makes it so difficult for the real experts (Gary Traubes, etcetera) to get the Truth out - and especially to get it accepted.

    Good for her... shame on the reporter!

  5. Linda Lindner
    Funny thing is eating this way has lowered my blood sugars. I am off my pill and almost off insulin.
    I cannot believe how great I feel. So eating lchf in no way contributes to diabetes....that's crazy.
  6. Hazel
    Bacon and eggs = health food. Beware media and "medical" know-nothings.
    In my mailbox this morning:
    Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, May 18, 2016
    Salad May Cause Autism?
    If Johns Hopkins Says So, It MUST be True
    Commentary by Andrew W. Saul, Editor
    (OMNS, May 18, 2016) If you believe the media (and golly, doesn't everybody?), pregnant women should not eat leafy green vegetables. Well, that is the gist of Johns Hopkins' May 11 report that "Too Much Folate in Pregnant Women Increases Risk for Autism" ( ).
    Okay, the study actually targets supplements, but let's take a reality check.
    Folate is an essential B-vitamin. You cannot make it, so you have to eat it. The name is derived from "folium," Latin for "leaf." Think "foliage" and you've got it. And healthy plant-eating animals get a whole lot of it. Folate is super abundant in the diet of all herbivores, from rabbits to rhinos. Large vegetarian animals eat mind-boggling quantities of plants. They eat hundreds of pounds of greens daily, consuming a huge amount of folate.
    Where are all the autistic elephants?
    I happen to be a former dairyman. We had no autism among our calves even though I witnessed copious amounts of folate-laden grasses being eaten by their pregnant mothers.
    And how about those gigantic plant-eating dinosaurs? No wonder they are all extinct. It wasn't an asteroid and it wasn't climate change after all: it was too much folate in their diet.
    As for rabbits, I have watched them give birth. Well, almost. I was observing a very pregnant female and I left to go to the bathroom. When I got back, she had delivered nine young.
    Nice little bunnies. None ever developed autism.
    An equal-opportunity offender, the Johns Hopkins study is also apparently trying to discourage use of vitamin B12. Interesting, that. Vitamin B12 is famously abundant in seafood and meat. Does Johns Hopkins want pregnant women to be neither herbivorous nor carnivorous? I mean, what's left?
    My guess might be this: eating fat, sugar and additives must be the way to birth a really healthy baby. But then, I could be wrong. After all, I am a guy.
    And, I eat like a rabbit and that means lots of salad. Cabbage. Kale. Broccoli. Spinach. Romaine lettuce. Greens. Lots of fresh and raw greens. I also take B12 supplements (methylcobalamin 5,000 micrograms sublingually, twice weekly).
    Should you think my attitude about autism to be a bit flippant, let me assure you that it is not. Back in 1999, I spoke at the same conference as did Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Then and now, learning from him has strengthened my conviction that autism is caused by vaccination, not vitamins.
    Now there's a story the media isn't telling.
    (OMNS founder and editor Andrew W. Saul has no financial connection whatsoever with any supplement manufacturer or any other part of the health products industry. He is author or coauthor of a dozen books, and is featured in the documentaries FoodMatters and That Vitamin Movie.) "

    When will approval of those "in charge" allow the world to be healthy again? Things are changing but there are roadblocks everywhere (radio/tv/"news" papers/magazines/internet).

  7. Paul
    Would love to know what type of bacon she ate ie cheap supermarket highly processed stuff full of chemicals or fresh meat straight from the butcher (and organic). There is a big difference. Any thoughts?
  8. Suzy
    For those reading this who believe in God and not evolution it is noteworthy that God's perfect law to the Israelites says that "whenever you desire it, you may slaughter and eat meat..." Deuteronomy 12:15. If it was unhealthy, God would not have said to eat as much of it as you desire.
  9. Lori
    Thank-you. That is so very true.
  10. Yolande
    I am close to 79 years old I eat eggs and bacon the one from my butchers do almost every day.I am in perfect health walk for 1 hour and over that almost every day.I mow my grass without a tractor and do my thing I need to do .
    Reply: #12
  11. Frank Lane
    It is not about nutrition that gives us a happy or long life; it is about the compassion we share with each other, including the animals. I would rather live a compassionate year than a lifetime of causing suffering to animals. Animal agriculture is a holocaust of terror and suffering that we ingest and become.
    I love my animals and would never eat them or their friends.
    Have you ever rubbed a pig's belly, they love it, but hate being tortured to death.
    I am a Christian.

    Meat is murder.

    Reply: #13
  12. Apicius
    Wow! Good for you, Yolande!
  13. Apicius
    You are totally welcome to enjoy smoked salmon, pasture raised eggs fried in grass fed butter, along with grass fed full-fat cream cheese and a handful of nuts for breakfast.
  14. Patricia
    I would love to have scrambled eggs and bacon every day for breakfast, but eggs make me sick. Just getting over the last time I "accidently" ate something with egg in it.
    I loved eating eggs up until I found out that it was them, that caused so many of my visits to the doctor.
    So instead, I have the bacon by itself.
    Poor Frank hasn't read the bible, please do. Meat eating is okay, hurting animals is not.
  15. 2 comments removed
  16. tammygail2000
    Frank, I am a Christian also. But there are certain animals on this Earth that were created for one purpose and that is to feed man and woman and their off- springs. And not all animals are design for the slaughterhouses, they are here to give lonely humans companionship too.

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