Low-carb meals for families

Low-carb meals for families

Planning, shopping and cooking food for an entire family is often a time-consuming task. When starting low carb you could find yourself increasing that time, cooking different things for yourself and the rest of your family. It does not have to be like that.

It’s important to remember that what you should eat on a low-carb diet is real food. And real food is good for everyone. At the same time, for most growing children there is no need to eat strict low carb. So feel free to add a variety of vegetables to their plates and a fruit for dessert, if you like.

Also, if you are breastfeeding you should probably stay above 50 grams of carbs per day yourself, as your requirements are increased (breastfeeding on low carb).

What are your thoughts on cooking low carb for the entire family? What’s your go-to dish that all of your family loves? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Chris
    Hi, We have four children 9yrs through to 17yrs as well as my wife being a pescatarian. We have been following the LCHF diet since November 2014 and it has had a few challenges, one mainly being getting everyone fed at times. I've found for the five of us that eat more than seafood we'll usually be happy with roast chicken with a creamy cheesy vegetable mix of broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini. My wife may just do an omelet with smoked salmon. The other dish that everyone loves if fresh salmon pan fried with the same combination of veggies. The kids like to make smoothies a lot consisting of milk, cream and crushed ice sometimes with berries. And lastly a favourite of everyones is strawberries and cream. We probably go through 8-10 litres of cream a week, I use a fair bit in my home made espresso coffees which tend to be my breakfast as the cream is very filling.
  2. Yanina
    Hi DietDoctor! Thank you very much for this family section. I think low carb is great but I struggle to decide how to apply it for my family. My daugther is 8 and a very picky eater. My husband loves fruits. This family section is a great starting point for me. Thanks!
  3. Tobias
    One of my main problems is that I as LCHF eater need only every 8-10 hours something to eat while the rest after 3-4 hours. But I have to cook and prepare it and sit with them ... And then they always demand carbs and don't eat what I prepare. ... Frustrating!
  4. Rich
    we have just started to explore the LCHF diet and I hope this section helps. one major struggle is preparing 1 meal everyone can eat even my son who is 8 and has food allergies to milk and eggs. We have noticed most items have dairy in them in some form.
  5. catherine
    are the carbs calculated here net carbs or total carbs?
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  6. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Catherine

    Netcarbs (Total carbs - fiber)

    are the carbs calculated here net carbs or total carbs?

  7. David
    Hi some great recipes, however is there a way that you can exclude ingredients from a search.

    For example whilst I love cheese my wife does not (a bit of a problem) so the ability to exclude that in a given search would be really useful.

  8. Diane
    Hi team, and thanks so much for this site and for all the wonderful recipes and info it contains. I’ve been eating LCHF for at least 7 years now. I’m in my 60s and after about a year, I got sick of adding carbs for my husband. I just stopped and he never missed them as this way of eating is so very tasty. He dropped weight and has now eaten this way ever since. When our grandchildren come to stay, we feed them just as we would feed ourselves - all from these yummy recipes, because it’s just fresh real food. What is interesting is that they don’t often ask for snacks, and will often just eat 3 good meals a day ...... much like we did as children 50 years ago. They’re also calm and energetic. All visitors also get fed from your recipes and they’re so often amazed at the tasty filling meals they receive (there’s been a few converts along the way). However, this is our norm now. We’re both healthy active slim and 60+. I really am grateful for how easy your recipe section makes cooking and eating so varied and delicious. Thank you all.
  9. Diane
    Oops! Sorry....certainly didn’t mean to “report” my comment ?? obviously some things at 60+ I’m not so good at ?
  10. Christina
    We do low carb as a family with a 4 year old who loves carbs. We give him real food carbs only.

    I did several diets before and my husband while supportive didn't like the food. This diet however he loves the food. I used to feel guilty for eating fat and I missed it I never felt saited. This is not a diet but a lifestyle.

    I love the site and the recipes. I love that we can rate them but I wish we could comment on them about things we did differently.

    Thank you for making an informative site with all the experts.

  11. Janet
    I’ve been keto for six months and have slowly been dropping high processed carbs off my shopping list (along with the rolls around my waist). Cereals are gone now and my kids are ok with it. They and my husband are all slim, so it’s harder for them as they don’t get the most obvious benefit of this diet like I do which is the weight loss. But I’ve told them about the health benefits, so they have been pretty accepting. I still make them rice and pasta and still allow sweet treats but only after a healthy dinner. I just tried your fish casserole recipe using frozen barramundi and my 13 year old said I knocked it out of the park. It was so easy too! My request for the family section is quick easy lunch box ideas that kids can put together themselves.
  12. Aleesha
    My 5 and 2 year old boys love the diet-doctor bacon-wrapped meatloaf both hot at mealtimes and cold with tomato sauce for the next few days in their lunchboxes.

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