50 great ideas for
low-carb and
keto brunches

Do you have friends and family who are curious about your low-carb or keto life-style? Invite them to a brunch and let them taste the delicious food that a low-carb way of eating is all about.

A brunch is a great way to go from three to two meals per day. That can be helpful if you’re doing intermittent fasting or if you like saving time and money on shopping, cooking and doing dishes.

We have listed 50 of our best brunch recipes so we know there’s something here for everyone. If you’re only looking for keto recipes check out our keto brunch page.

Low-carb brunch recipes



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For even more ideas on what to eat, please see all of our low-carb recipes:
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  • Keto baked bacon omeletMon
  • Keto Thai fish with curry and coconutTue
  • Keto Indian cabbage stir-fryWed
  • Keto tuna plateThu
  • Keto steak and broccoli stir-fryFri
  • Keto coconut salmon with Napa cabbageSat
  • Keto Asian meatballs with Thai basil sauceSun