This Is Low-Carb Cooking

This Is Low-Carb Cooking

Are you just starting a low-carb diet, or do you want new inspiration for cooking some absolutely delicious low-carb meals?

Do you wonder what to have for breakfast? Or for dessert?

Here’s our big new guide:

This Is Low-Carb Cooking


  1. Jane
    Thank you for your lovely recipes. I've enjoyed cooking many of them.

    One thing I would like to see if some ideas for take-to-work light lunches. After I did your low carb challenge, I found cooking double in the evening and eating leftovers for lunch the day after just too much food! So now I have something lighter for lunch, but am running out of ideas. Here's my current fallback options:

    1) Cold frittata (six eggs, chopped up red pepper, some cheese and sometimes bacon bits fried in butter. Makes four portions)

    2) Tinned mackerel in tomato sauce.

    3) Tinned tuna mixed with homemade mayonnaise and olives.

    Always accompanied with salad (cucumber, tomato, spring onion (scallion)), often with a few sunflower seeds sprinkled on top and always with some olive oil poured over the top or homemade mayonnaise stirred in.

  2. Jane
    PS: Would be great if someone has time to go through and sort out the metric conversations. Things that should be measured in weight are converted to volume -- e.g., 60ml of olives? This is due, I'm sure, to the weird American cup system, as recipes are converted from Swedish into American and then back to European.

    There is also some weird conversions to "dl" measurements, which I had to look up because it is not a measurement used in cooking. It stands for decilitres, which is multiple of 10 millilitres. So in the creamy chicken casserole for two, I'm supposed to put in 2dl of cream. That means 20ml. Surely, it should be 200ml?

    Would also be grateful if you put in the Rutabaga recipes which vegetable I'm supposed to be cooking: swede or turnip? It confuses me every time. Still loving the recipes, despite the odd niggle (I muddle through and they still taste great).

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