Keto lunch ideas

Are you working from home? Always late in the mornings? Or maybe just too tired of cooking and prepping lunch boxes every day? No worries. We have healthy options that suit most tastes, wallets, and lifestyles.

Keto lunch for busy days at work

Top 5 easy keto lunch ideas:

Keto lunch for busy days at work
  1. Sandwiches: You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to prepare a keto version of the classic BLT sandwich. Choose you favorite Keto bread and fill it with the heavenly combination of crispy bacon, mayo, lettuce and tomato — or any other toppings you like. More bread recipes
  2. Salads: The beloved Cobb salad never gets old. Prepare the chicken, eggs and bacon in advance, and you’ll throw together this keto meal in just a few minutes. We can guarantee high fives around the lunch table if you decide to share it with your colleagues, family or friends. More salad recipes
  3. Soups: A warm, nourishing soup is one of the most relaxing, feel-good foods. Our favorite Philly cheesesteak soup really does the trick with a browned cheese topping that sticks to your spoon as you dig in. Really, though, is there anything tastier? More soup recipes
  4. Burgers: The healthy ways to make this fast-food favorite are endless. If you love a traditional, no-frills burger, we recommend our simple, yet so tasty, Cheeseburger recipe. Dress ’em up with you favorite mouth-watering toppings. More burger recipes
  5. Wraps: Skip the high-carb options and give our homemade, but easy Egg wraps a go. For the fillings, you can use anything you like — or already have in the fridge. We love these simple fillings like avocado, Creamy tuna salad, Venezuelan chicken salad,  or Smoked salmon. If you’re in a hurry, lettuce can act as a crunchy low-carb wrap. Or, if you’re often on-the-go and struggle with finding keto-friendly foods, our no-cook recipes may be exactly what you’re looking for. All no-cook meals

Keto lunch recipes in 10 minutes or less