Low-Carb and Keto Summer Celebrations

Low-carb and keto summer celebrations

The summertime is filled with special occasions and reasons to celebrate. But how do you do it without eating tons of carbs?

Maybe you’re planning a get together for 4th of July? Treat yourself and your loved ones to delicious and healthy food. Recipes that allow you to feast while still maintaining your weight.

Below you’ll find inspiration for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and even desserts. We’ve got the perfect dishes for your buffé and wonderful condiments for your barbecue.

We hope you’ll find everything you need to make a real feast. If you don’t, please leave a comment and we’ll try our best to make keto versions of your favorite dishes.

All of us at Team Diet Doctor wishes you a lovely summer!

Our summertime favorites

That’s it!

Are you looking for something else specific, without too many carbs? Check out all or our searchable low-carb recipes.

What to drink

Do you wonder what to drink during summer celebrations, especially when it comes to alcoholic drinks? Fear not, just use our guide: