Low carb & keto summer celebrations

Summer is a time for outdoor gatherings and celebrations, and we’re looking forward to grilling, picnics, and refreshing desserts! We’re here to help you master summertime the low carb and keto way!

Easy summer grilling

Are you planning a backyard BBQ? You can’t go wrong with classic keto burgers and hot dogs for a casual event. If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated (but easy), how about the salmon or beef skewers? For the veggie-lovers in your crew, bell peppers, grilled onions, and halloumi will make a delicious meal.

Sauces make everything better, so be sure to check out our barbecue condiments and the obligatory coleslaw for that extra refreshing crunch on the side.

Build a summer buffet

Do you pride yourself on being the host with most? Then, look no further!

If you’re planning to host a summer-themed buffet, we can sing the praises of Kristie Sullivan’s Southern tomato pie or our tasty Keto vegetable pie. Both of these show-stopping dishes make use of the season’s freshest ingredients.

For the carnivores on your list, we’re pretty confident that the Bacon-wrapped sausage appetizers and Pimiento cheese meatballs will be a hit.

Beach or backyard picnic

Pack a beach picnic, or even a backyard picnic — it doesn’t matter where you are when you’re in good company and have good food!

Sink your teeth into a majestic keto BLT or a gluten-free wrap stuffed with your favorite cheese and veggies.