Low-carb and keto summer celebrations

Low-carb and keto summer celebrations

The summertime is filled with special occasions and reasons to celebrate. But how do you do it without eating tons of carbs? Well, we will let you in on a secret… it’s pretty easy and super delicious!

A successful grill in the backyard, a lavish buffet for entertaining, easily packed treats for a picnic, fresh and light summer desserts. Treat yourself and your loved ones to delicious and healthy food. Recipes that allow you to feast while still maintaining your weight. Below you’ll find all the inspiration you need to get cracking!


Easy summer grilling

How to plan a successful backyard barbecue? Here’s everything you need to keep you, your guests, and your grill happy. Go for a classic keto burger or grill some hot dogs. Get your meat on with some excellent salmon or beef skewers or keep it vegetarian with roasted peppers, grilled onions and halloumi cheese. Don’t forget to try our barbecue condiments and the obligatory coleslaw for an extra refreshing crunch on the side.


Generous summer buffet

Expecting guests for some serious summer entertaining? Then look no further! These affordable dishes are easy to prepare ahead and will certainly steal the spotlight once the hungry crowd arrives. The season’s fresh ingredients will do you a big favor, so try Kristie Sullivan’s Southern tomato pie or our tasty keto vegetable pie as a vegetarian option. The bacon-wrapped sausage appetizers and pimiento cheese meatballs will please all the carnivores. Some refreshments are in order as well, the summer calls for some invigorating iced tea.


Picnic on the beach

Make the most out of the lovely weather and pack a portable picnic to enjoy on the beach… or why not, organize an impromptu picnic in your own backyard. Fuss-free, easy to prepare, easy to pack and even easier to carry. Treat yourself to a majestic keto BLT or a gluten-free wrap stuffed with your favorite cheese and veggies, bring a Caesar salad or crunch on some juicy stuffed mini bell peppers. Have some low-carb chia pudding if you’ve skipped breakfast and try our low-carb granola bars for dessert.


Light summer desserts

Bursting with summer flavors, our dessert recipes have something in store for each member of the family. Refreshing fruit-infused ice cream and popsicles for the little ones, supreme lemon-lime poppy-seed cheesecake and vanilla panna cotta for the gourmands and a simple whipped cream with berries for the most basic needs. Whip them up in a few minutes, then sit back and enjoy the taste of summer!