Dairy-free keto meals

No dairy? No problem. Eating keto and dairy-free at the same time is quite popular. It can be pretty powerful for those trying to lose weight. And it is a must for those who don’t do well with dairy. Here’s our collection of top dairy-free keto recipes.

Although most people tolerate butter — and almost everyone can tolerate ghee — always feel free to substitute coconut oil for butter and coconut cream for cream in any of our keto recipes.


No need to miss out on these juicy poultry dishes if you’re trying to avoid dairy. Chicken is oh, so versatile! Make it juicy for lunch, crispy for dinner, turn it into a luscious casserole, a quick keto plate or why not a lovely soup.

Fish and seafood

Liven up any day of the week with this bright selection of fish and seafood dishes. From super simple keto plates to elegant salads and finger-licking fried goods, these tasty and easy-to-make recipes will certainly trigger your appetite.


You can do wonders with the mighty beef. Prepare a keto plate with cold cuts if time is not on your side, go Asian or Italian with a stir-fry or give your tastebuds a proper treatment with a classic keto burger.


Pulled pork. Pork chops. BBQ ribs, meatballs… and we haven’t even mentioned bacon! No matter if you’re looking for a quick breakfast, a filling lunch or a delectable dinner, take a look below.