1. smc
    Disappointing segment in many ways. The good doctor, if he does truly understand the science behind LCFH paradigm, spoke timidly, barely hinting at the health benefits of limiting carbs and eating good fats. The "juice diet?" Really? Why did he mention that? On the other hand, the dietician was completely clueless, far behind the scientific curve, proclaiming happily that any diet was just as good as any other -- if only you stuck to it. I suppose this is the multi-cultural approach to science: all viewpoints are equally good. Nonsense. This doesn't work in science.

    The only health parameter discussed was weight, as if this measure alone were sufficient to determine the overall health of a human being. Nothing at all about the numerous adverse biochemical results - and their consequences to health -- that come about from excess sugar in the blood.

    Most of us here at the DietDoctor site have evolved scientifically far beyond the almost childish level of discourse evident in the discussion in the video clip. I know, baby steps. But maybe presenting the actual truth of the dietary situation/health equation would be palatable to many thinking people.

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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    A few minutes of a news segment on morning TV is not necessarily the place to advance the scientific knowledge of well-educated interested people. I think the doctor did well under the circumstances. The dietitian? Yeah, sour grapes. "So the diet we've prescribed for decades as everyone got fatter is the LEAST effective for weight loss? Well who cares about effectiveness?". All in all a nice segment.
  3. smc
    I guess I get frustrated that the popular media is so far behind in their knowledge. And we know what this lack of understanding about diet is doing to the health and lives of so many millions of people.

    Several years ago I was first introduced to LCHF by two ( at the time) startling lectures: one by David Diamond and one by you. Each was forthright, without equivocation, honest about the health implications of the rotten standard Western sugar-drenched diet. Those lectures set off a cascade of learning leading to subsequent dietary changes which changed the lives of me and my family. Our health has improved dramatically. We passed on this knowledge to many of our friends. So thank you for your honesty and courage. It can't have been easy to go against the overwhelming tide of accepted dietary dogma.

    I get frustrated but do admire your patience with these dunderheads.

  4. Jacqueline
    Unfortunately this message is very challenging to far too many professionals. The same old arguments and opinions are repeated and the truth about nutrition, when it does make the airwaves, is always challenged by some so called expert expounding old ideas. I was pleased that Dr Chaterjee was allowed the last word on this occasion, but saddened that the BBC just had to wheel out the opposition. No wonder people are confused and are not enjoying the many benefits of LCHF.
  5. chris c
    Be fair! Professor Susan Jebb is one of the few dieticians who isn't fat


    She has made a good living and gained much Authority from trotting out cliches, why would mere science interfere with her status? After all, Rules are far more important than Outcomes. So are Incomes, look at who finances the BDA


    Nevertheless it's good to see another doctor talking sense, albeit briefly

  6. michael pollard
    Although there was an emphasis on low carb on both programmes I watched, there wasn't a mention of healthy saturated fats replacing them. It looks as if that would be a controversial step too far for the BBC.

    Going to the BDA website gives a fairly accurate pointer as to their stance when you see their 'Strategic Partners':

    Abbott Nutrition


    Danone Dairies

    Danone Waters UK & Ireland

    Nutricia UK

  7. Mary
    Needing tips how to control weight after thyroid surgery.
    Thanks in advance
  8. stephanie
    This doctor needs to watch Dr. Bergman from the US. He is on the right track he is just missing one more item and that is the nervous system. The nervous system is where the blood oxygen becomes compromised. That is where he will find the cause of the inflammation.

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