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The Diet Doctor app gives you access to everything you need to lose weight and improve your health with a low carb or keto diet.

The welcoming home tab is your hub for tips and evidence-based information. In the recipe tab, you can explore our catalogue of 1,000+ free and delicious low carb and keto recipes, all complete with nutritional information that you can trust.

Want to know how many carbs, or how much protein, are in common foods? Our visual guides make it easy to see and understand.

All this content is backed by Diet Doctor, and the world’s leading experts on low carb and keto. Download the app today!

Available in English, Swedish, and Spanish, the Diet Doctor app provides free access to 1,000+ recipes. You can search by category or by name, view nutrition information, ingredients, and cooking steps. You can easily adjust the number of servings for a smaller portion or crowd-worthy amount.

But if you’re a member you get even more! You’ll love our Daily Routine, where you can track your progress with the simple weight tracker. You’ll also get three delicious meal suggestions per day. If you don’t like a suggested meal, you can easily replace it with another. Plus, there are videos that answer common questions and bite-size articles that provide guidance, tips, and inspiration for your journey to better health.

Wondering what to make for dinner? You can generate and edit a personalized meal plan, or browse and edit our set meals plan. Then you can add personal notes to recipes, save your favorites, and watch recipe videos.

Smart shopping lists update automatically as you adjust servings, and you can add custom items (staples like coffee or paper towels) to make your hand-held list complete. There’s an option to share your list with a friend or family member, and the shopping list even works offline!

Check it out for free! Like our recipes? Consider joining Diet Doctor Plus. As a member, you’ll get access to premium app features, plus our full video library, meal plans, weight loss programs, and much more.

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