Dr. Michael Tamber, MD

michael-tamberDr. Michael Tamber, MD, is part of the Diet Doctor medical review board.

Dr. Michael Tamber is a board-certified endocrinologist practicing near Seattle, Washington. Why has Diet Doctor asked this physician to review its content? The answer is that Dr. Tamber is known for his intense skepticism of any “extreme” health claims; he’s also skilled at analyzing medical literature, recognizing bias, and debunking unsupported assertions. To its credit, Diet Doctor recognizes that the successful challenge of longstanding nutrition dogma must be coupled with fierce internal scrutiny.

Dr. Tamber received his B.S. in biology at Cornell University, earned his M.D. at Tulane, completed his internal medicine residency at Dartmouth, and thoroughly enjoyed his endocrinology fellowship at Scripps Clinic. He has been named one of Seattle’s “top doctors” numerous times, including in 2017 and 2018.

In his personal life, Dr. Tamber is an avid exerciser. Depending on the day of the week and time of year, you will find him: paddle boarding along the coast of Puget Sound; hiking/snowshoeing/snowboarding in the Cascade Mountains; running/skating/biking on a local bike path; or jumping up and down like a maniac in his backyard, courtesy of his favorite high-intensity interval-training videos.

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Potential conflicts of interest

Dr. Tamber is compensated by Diet Doctor for his medical review services. He has no financial relationship with other nutritional or any pharmaceutical companies.


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