Keto porridge

Keto porridge

Fill 'er up with a new keto twist on old school porridge. It's creamy. It's buttery. It's the perfect keto breakfast. It's ready in minutes. Satisfaction guaranteed any day of the week!

Keto porridge

Fill 'er up with a new keto twist on old school porridge. It's creamy. It's buttery. It's the perfect keto breakfast. It's ready in minutes. Satisfaction guaranteed any day of the week!
1 servingservings


  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp (12 g) chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp (10 g) sesame seeds
  • 1 1 eggeggs
  • 13 cup 75 ml heavy whipping cream
  • 1 pinch 1 pinch salt
  • 1 oz. 30 g butter or coconut oil


Instructions are for 1 serving. Please modify as needed.

  1. Mix all ingredients except the butter in a bowl. Let sit for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Melt butter or oil on medium heat in a small pan.
  3. Pour in the other ingredients and continue to stir until the porridge firms up. Let the porridge simmer, but do not let it boil.
  4. Serve immediately with melted butter like in the picture, or perhaps with our low-carb raspberry jam.


Imagine your favorite variation... might you swap out the sesame seeds for a different type of seed, coconut flour or chopped nuts? Invent your signature version. And sprinkle on your fave topping, too... shredded coconut, anyone?

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  1. B
    recipe for Keto Porridge does not show the amount of oatmeal to use? is it suppose too?
    Replies: #3, #17, #20
  2. Bobbie
    It doesn't contain oatmeal, it's the chair seeds that swell and thicken to make porridge substitute.
    Reply: #5
  3. Keith
    The tip is that you can variate as prefered so a tablespoon of oatmeal can be put in instead of the chia seeds.

    My own experience when first changing over to LCHF 10 months ago was I found a recipe of cream, oatmeal, nuts and berries very filling and it did ease my break from 40 years of sugar addiction until my palate got used to the rewards of keto food. I haven't eaten oatmeal porridge for 7 months now I savour black pudding and eggs soft cooked in 50 grams of butter.

    The recommendation to keep the butter separate from the whipped cream in this porridge is interesting as it gives the porridge a unique flavour and makes it an easy way to eat chia seeds. I will be trying this out.

  4. Sven
    Made this in the morning today. It's quick to make and extremely filling. Nice break from usual eggs as it contains egg but doesn't taste eggy. Also sprinkled on some cinnamon.
  5. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi B!

    It's 0 gram. I guess Keto "Porridge" would be a better name. ;)

    It doesn't contain oatmeal, it's the chair seeds that swell and thicken to make porridge substitute.

  6. Katy
    Tried it this morning, it´s very tasty. But after one hour I´m hungry again :( Even if I took 50 g butter and a bulletproof coffee as side.
    Reply: #7
  7. Katy
    Now 3 hours later I´m not hungry at all... Maybe I was only thinking I´m hungry, now I feel satisfied :)))
  8. Anabela
    I made this this afternoon. It tasted really good. If I want to make a double portion can I just double the ingredients? Thanks for the great recipe.
    Reply: #19
  9. Marcie
    Could this be made with canned coconut milk? I cannot have dairy and planned to substitute ghee (which I tolerate) for the butter but was looking for a good sub for the heavy cream.
  10. Bob
    Be careful with the Heavy Whipping Cream, some creep up to 1g carb per Tablespoon which will end up driving higher than 3g carbs per serving. (according to USDA info)
  11. Janice
    This is amazing and a great substitute for anyone who enjoys a warm porridge from time to time. I made one adjustment: I ground my seeds in a coffee grinder first, then proceeded as usual. I have diverticulosis, so, if I don't want to experience a flare up, I try to avoid any seeds or nuts, if possible. This turned out great! I will be making this again!
    Reply: #24
  12. Miko
    This is very good. But that's not porridge... it's fried eggs with chia and sesame...

    I added crushed walnuts and some rasberrys. Very good. A keeper.

    Reply: #21
  13. Allison
    This is great! I didn't have sesame seeds, so I subbed pumpkin seeds and some unsweetened coconut. Added a little bit of Swerve to sweeten. This will become a regular thing for me!
  14. Netty
    Some people are saying it contains eggs? Can you use single cream or a lower fat cream?
    Reply: #23
  15. Louise
    This was good. I liked it better than the other keto porridge recipe offered. This is definantly a keeper for me! Thanks!
  16. Fats
    I tried this recipe and sadly I’d did not appeal to me. It’s not that it’s bad, i t just wasn’t to my taste. Easy , creamy though, so worth a try.
    Reply: #22
  17. Una

    recipe for Keto Porridge does not show the amount of oatmeal to use? is it suppose too?

    Oats is still carbs with 100g = 64 and chia are not at 100g = 5.

  18. Una
    I'm sticking to bacon and eggs for a fortnight as per told on the two-week starter plan and now wondering how on earth I'll be able to eat three meals a day! Bought the best and freshest eggs. Asian whatever it's called for lunch which was delicious for tea last night but it's supposed to be chicken tonight! 11am and feeling happily full.
  19. Carol
    If you want to make a double portion, just triple the ingredients. DUH!
  20. Una
    No oats- too many carbs!
  21. Una
    No oats- too many carbs! And certainly not my idea of porridge. More like more eggs with chia and sesame seeds! 😆
  22. Una
    Maybe better as a pudding with some fresh raspberries!
  23. Una
    Yes it's egg!
  24. Una
    Anything has to be better than scrambled eggs every single morning!
  25. Deanna
    Thank you for this! Great change from bacon and eggs for me this morning. It is very tasty!
  26. Natt
    Love this recipe!

    I use chia and hemp seeds and top with some little toasted almond flakes. It's my favourite through the autumn and winter, especially as there's an endless supply of cream in our house (My dad makes his own butter).

  27. Kayleigh
    Hi, so I added this directly into myfitnesspal and the chia seeds alone are supposed to be 5g carbs and sesame 2g, the whipping cream I used was only 3g so in total it was 10grams??? Why so different to the grams used in the recipe? Can anyone shed some light?
  28. Kayleigh
    Ahhh okay so! I think that the measures on the recipe are off? One tablespoon of chia seeds do not weigh 8grams, I’d say thats more 1/2 tablespoon. How are these portions converted? Gutted just spent half of my daily carb intake up on breakfast. Grrrrrrr. Now I have to readjust meals. This keto malarchy as quite difficult! 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Reply: #29
  29. Nikki
    You need to subtract the fibre from the total carbs to get the net carbs, myfitnesspal doesn't do that for you. Chia seeds have so much fibre there are no usable carbs and sesame seeds have half their carbs subtracted as fibre. Use a scale for more accuracy in measuring.
  30. susan
    Really good / interesting recipe. Resisted this for a while as couldn't understand how this wouldn't taste like an omelette, but when done right then tastes great - not eggy - and bearing a great resemblance to oatmeal consistency, which I have really missed. Having done it twice, I think the secret is in letting it stand - I forgot this the second time and it was definitely more egg-tasting than when the chia seeds were left to develop. I totally love this site despite it's US-centric measurements and ingredients. Google is the best way to overcome the cultural differences! There's always a website handy to convert any weight of any ingredient and I've also invested a few sets of cheap measuring spoon sets. Thanks a lot!!!
    Reply: #38
  31. susan
    oh and a one-person portion served with a small handful of defrosted frozen berries kept my appetite at bay for about 5 hours, which is unusual for me (I like my food!). Finally (honest) I used coconut oil not butter cos psychologically I needed to divorce this from an omelette. Worked well for me but I know not everyone can tolerate coconut. That's it - sorry to wang on.
  32. Lisa
    This was so good!! Didn't have sesame seeds so used about half amount of flax seeds in it's place, and sprinkled a tiny dash of stevia (next time I think I'll leave it out) in along with more butter as suggested. Topped with a couple blueberries. Loved it and will make often! Kept me full along with a coffee with a drizzle cream for a good six hours.