Soft keto seed bread

Soft keto seed bread

Here's a good keto bread option, baked with almond and coconut flour. It's compact and very satisfying. One or two slices with plenty of toppings will go a long way.

Soft keto seed bread

Here's a good keto bread option, baked with almond and coconut flour. It's compact and very satisfying. One or two slices with plenty of toppings will go a long way.
20 servingservings


  • 1 cup 250 ml (125 g) almond flour
  • ¾ cup 175 ml (100 g) coconut flour
  • 513 tbsp 80 ml (50 g) sesame seeds
  • ½ cup 120 ml (75 g) flaxseed
  • ¼ cup 60 ml (30 g) ground psyllium husk powder
  • 3 tsp 3 tsp (15 g) baking powder
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp ground fennel seeds or ground caraway seeds
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp salt
  • 6 6 eggeggs
  • 7 oz. 200 g cream cheese
  • ½ cup 125 ml melted butter or melted coconut oil
  • ¾ cup 175 ml heavy whipping cream
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp (10 g) poppy seeds or sesame seeds


Instructions are for 20 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Take the cream cheese out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature, that way it blends better.
  2. Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C).
  3. Mix all dry ingredients, except the seeds for the topping (poppy or sesame seeds) in a bowl.
  4. In a separate bowl, whisk all remaining ingredients until smooth.
  5. Add the dry mixture to the batter and mix thoroughly. Place the dough in a greased bread pan, about 4 x 7 inches (non-stick or use parchment paper).
  6. Bake for about 45 minutes on the lower rack in the oven. Prick the bread with a knife to see if it's ready, it should come out clean. Take it out of the oven and remove the bread from the form.
  7. Remove the parchment paper and let the loaf cool on a rack. If the loaf is allowed to cool in the form the crust will be soggy.
  8. Serve it freshly baked with your favorite toppings.

Serving suggestions

This bread is great for toasting and can also be used to make your favorite sandwiches. Fill it with bacon, lettuce and tomato for an awesome BLT or serve it as a side to your favorite low-carb or keto soup.

Storing the bread

This bread needs to be stored in the fridge or in the freezer. When stored in the fridge it keeps up to 5 days. If you want to store it in the freezer we suggest slicing it before doing so. Place a bit of parchment paper between each slice to make single servings easier. Thaw the bread in the fridge or in room temperature and then toast it for best flavor.

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  1. Shari
    It only calls for 1tsp Salt. Maybe you used a Tablespoon? I once made a cake and added 1 cup instead of teaspoon of salt. LOL
  2. Luzm
    Hola . Con que reemplazar el psyllium?
  3. Christine Fitzgerald
    Excellent bread. Best tasting I've found in 3 years of a keto WOE. Thank you
  4. Vanessa
    The bread is amazing!! Better than anything I’ve ever bought at the store. This was my first time making bread and not just Keto bread but it was easy and it tastes amazing. I used a silicone mold (9x5) and sprayed with non-stick butter flavor. Since my mold was bigger than what was recommended, my loaf was smaller but wider. I was able to easily cut 20 slices. The bread has a slight crisp but is so soft on the inside.
  5. Gil
    I followed the recipe to the tee, and this bread is awesome !!
  6. Aldrije
    If unsalted butter is supposed to be used, the recipe should state that. This recipe just says “butter”. Here in the US, “butter” means salted.
    Reply: #170
  7. Janet
    In the oven now but more like a batter than a dough and had to use a tin twice the size than the one stated. Hope it comes out okay!
  8. Teresa
    Can this be made in a bread maker? Are there any changes that need to be made?
  9. 1 comment removed
  10. Cheryl
    Hi Roydon did you get a response to what constitutes heavy whipping cream? I have just been using thickened cream? Not sure if that is ok. I am not aiming for a keto diet - low carb only. Cheers
    Reply: #161
  11. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Heavy whipping cream is usually 35-40% fat.
  12. daphne
    doesn't give the net carbs ?
    Reply: #163
  13. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Click the Nutrition tab under the list of ingredients. That carb count is the net carb count.
  14. Chris
    Hello there, In the UK, double cream is close to 45-50%.

    Do you have to whip the cream before incorporating in the mixture?


  15. mariana rodica horvat
    excelente ... muy buena y rica este pan...gracias por la receta ....
  16. Anne w
    Oh my it's good! Mine came out like grocery store sliced bread. Maybe because I sifted? Fabulous
  17. Kathi Creed
    turned out excellent but i knew when I looked at the mix it would call for a bigger pan. I used a regular sized loaf pan and cook time was perfect.
  18. Clare
    Can you use almond meal (ground almonds) instead of almond flour?
    Reply: #169
  19. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Almond meal is much coarser than almond flour and will result in a gritty texture in baked goods.
  20. Angel
    One could reason that if coconut oil could be subbed that the butter is sweet cream and unsalted. Coconut oil is not salted.
  21. Robeil
    I'm shocked this bread came out so delicious...
    I initially forgot to add the eggs and had already mixed wet and dry ingredients but I beat the eggs and added them to the mixture. What a sticky mess the dough was, I had to use my hands to mix it all then slop in the pan lol... I would recommend using unsalted butter as I find it slightly salty. I might also try coconut oil but I do like the buttery taste of it at the moment.
    The measurements should definitely be by weight in grams as I'm using my scale more since eating Keto and it would make the bread more accurate for everyone.
    This bread reminds me of a beer bread I used to make before Keto.
    I will make it again...
  22. Alison
    Mine turned out grey in colour and pretty solid. Nothing like the picture.
  23. Caro
    I just made the bread today and used ground flax seed as the body absorbs it better than the whole seeds. This is definitely better than any bread I have ever baked, including whole wheat bread made from wheat we grew on the farm and milled it before baking it.
  24. Kelly
    Has anyone used coconut cream instead of cream in this recipe??
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