Butter-fried cabbage

It’s Friday and time for another keto cooking video! Today we’re making the perfect keto side dish: butter-fried cabbage.

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Written recipe: Butter-fried green cabbage

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  1. Lisa
    Butter in the States does not have that deep golden yellow color.
  2. Angela
    Try Kerrygold brand of butter. It’s extremely yellow! It is more expensive. I found it at Aldi’s for about $1 less than at Walmart.
  3. Molly
    I make this all the time with onions and serve with kielbasa.....so good!
  4. Stephen
    I don't know what the problem is but though I have broadband of 100Mb speed, the overwhelming majority of the videos I play from your site constantly freeze and jump. The sound is fine. Any suggestions to mitigate this are welcomed?
    Reply: #5
  5. Chad
    You can select a different resolution (the gear icon to the right of the volume in the video window its now under "quality") perhaps a different browser (chrome, internet explorer) you can have the fastest internet connection in the world with a slow computer and it won’t help since the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.
  6. Maria
    I love the cooking videos?,bravo Andreas,this just keeps on getting better and better! Muy bien hecho?espero el nuevo video con anticpacion.
  7. Emma
    I make this all the time, but just shred with a knife...even easier!
  8. Joe Rubalcava
    I like the butter fried cabbage.I like to add some fried pork and red chile pepper to it, cook it like stir fry then when served put some sesame oil on it .it's great
  9. Meri Crago
    I make this all the time. I also add some fried bacon and garlic. In fact made some last night. Yum
  10. Nancy Hardin
    Love the videos! It is great to see a site evolving right under your eyes. The recipes have a more U.S. look to them, which give them more appeal to the whole family. We also like those that remind us of The Frozen North. How about making the old logo a real person? Andreas would fill the bill
  11. Antoinette
    Add a splash of vinegar for acidity and complexity, and it’s a comfort food.
  12. Judith
    I'll try it--but I'm what is known as a "strong taster" which means that all the cabbage vegetables taste bitter. I do wish you had more non-cabbage recipes or suggested substitutes.
  13. Kathi
    Do it with Ghee!
  14. Judi Gibbs
    OMG, I would never have believed this would be so delicious. We have made it twice now and going for a third. This will be a go-to for me. Simple and delicious. THANKS.
  15. SteveM
    Great with onions and cheese...

    Agree with Molly above. Better with onions. Also, Poles make pierogi with cabbage, onions and cheese among other things. A low carb alternative to that delicious dumpling is to heat or reheat the sauteed cabbage/onion mixture in a skillet and right before serving top with a white un-aged cheese like farmer's cheese, cottage cheese or ricotta. Season with cracked pepper. Cover briefly to warm a bit and serve.

  16. jo
    I am new to this but I thought I read to avoid cooked onions as they release sugar content.
    Reply: #18
  17. Susan
    I notice that veggies are fried in butter, Yum! But can you also steam them and then put butter on them. Please advise, thanks.
  18. Cindi
    Jo, think of onions as more of a condiment or a seasoning. The small amount used in recipes is not enough carbs to worry about. I kind of use tomatoes the same way.
  19. Kathy Herrick
    I tried this tonight and I loved it! Up until now, I thought cabbage belonged in coleslaw and with corned beef, but I have a great new spot for it now
  20. Richard
    Made just as the recipe required...added a bit of olive oil so the butter wouldnt burn...scrumptious!!
  21. Miss Dee
    How about coconut oil? May l add sliced sausages or fillet fish/chicken?
    Reply: #22
  22. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    How about coconut oil? May l add sliced sausages or fillet fish/chicken?

    This recipe is highly customizable! Those would be good options.

  23. Jim Colegrove
    I like diet doctor because it organizes thoughts and information.
    For instance, cabbage, which I love, has much sugar. That is why it is a popular vegetable to ferment, sourkrout(sp?)

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