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In a hurry? Too busy? Traveling? Or maybe just not in the mood for cooking? What ever the reason, we have the solution. Our easy keto no-cooking meals are perfect for times when spending even the slightest amount of time by the stove seems too much.

One thing to keep in mind though. When buying ready-made food, make sure to check labels as some products may contain sugars and starches.

Learn how to stay low carb or keto when you don’t want to cook



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  • Crunchy keto chicken drumsticks with coleslawMon
  • Keto cauliflower soup with crispy pancettaTue
  • Stuffed keto cabbage casseroleWed
  • Keto Thai fish with curry and coconutThu
  • Keto pork chops with cabbage casseroleFri
  • Keto hamburger patties with creamy tomato sauce and fried cabbageSat
  • Saffron-flavored fish soup with aioliSun

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  1. david
    What checks/tests are there to tell if your body is in Ketosis?
  2. Elle Renegar
    I have loved this site from day one.... your mission, your passion, and the depth and bredth of the available information. You continue to grow and make this lifestyle change less of a challenge.
  3. Tony Horton
    you say about low carbs but what about the salt content in the meats and fish that is smoke which is not good for you being a diabetie it is hard to keep to the diet when you have this condition

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